Exit: White Power; Enter: Volksfront Australia

Two things.

First, the federal government has defunded the ‘Building Community Resilience Grants program’. Inter alia, this means the Exit White Power program has been defunded.

White Supremacist Recruitment to go Unchallenged
3rd of June 2014

White supremacy groups are currently operating in Australia and attempting to recruit new members. Cuts announced in the federal budget will mean Exit, the only program focused on countering this recruitment, will be unable to continue its challenge to white supremacist ideology.

Although white supremacy groups currently attract a minority of Australians, the growth of such groups across Europe in recent years indicates the need for vigilance. Additionally the terrorist attacks by Anders Breivik in Norway in 2011 demonstrate that extremism based on white supremacist ideology has the potential to grow and result in violence unless preventative action is taken.

Exit is the only not for profit program in Australia dedicated to preventing the recruitment of individuals by far-right extremists. It works to undermine white supremacist recruitment through debunking myths and conspiracy theories and providing forums and dialogue challenging white supremacy ideology. Exit targets young people who are most at risk of extremism and in the past six months alone over 10,000 individuals across Australia have accessed Exit’s online resources.

In Australia, countering violent extremism is a long-term, ongoing challenge which governments, community groups and individuals need to work together to overcome. Exit is run by All Together Now, Australia’s only national charity that has the sole focus of addressing racism. Its work has been funded by the Attorney General Department’s Building Community Resilience Grants program since Oct 2012. The Exit project depends on government funding in order to reach individuals across Australia who are at risk of joining white supremacist groups.

The Building Community Resilience Grants program, on which Exit depends, was cut entirely by the Federal Budget released on May 13th. Without this funding, Exit’s ongoing challenge to white supremacist recruitment in Australia will be unable to continue.

Secondly, in happier news, Volksfront Australia is having a gathering this weekend in NSW. You may remember VF from such websites as ‘Anti Antifa Australia’ or ‘Heathen Noise’: both are run by VF leader Chris Smith.

Last year, the Southern Poverty Law Centre’s Intelligence Report (The End of Volksfront?, No.152, Winter 2013) covered the seeming end of Volksfront — in its US home as well as in those foreign countries, like Australia, where VF has (had) a presence. Why Chris & Co have responded to former leader Randal Lee Krager‘s command to disband the organisation by telling him to piss off is unknown, but since its re-emergence VF has extended from NSW to ACT, QLD and WA, placing VF in direct competition with the Hammerskins for bonehead recruits. Anyway, if you’re not going to the Mutiny farewell party on Saturday, you may wanna pop on a Viking hat and join Chris & Co to drink some mead and eat some goat.


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6 Responses to Exit: White Power; Enter: Volksfront Australia

  1. patrick says:

    I see the role playing little wanna be thugs are having another party, lol. I would say that the reason Chris Smith continued VF in Australia despite being told to disband is because he could not handle going back to being a nobody. He needs VF to make himself feel like a man, when in fact he is just another tosser playing games. Without VF he is nothing. The neo nazi skins are despised by all here, both on the left and on the right. No one likes them. No real Nationalists want anything to do with these wanna be nazis.

  2. Powerfull Owl says:

    There is a bigger problem here than VF/white supremacists. The ‘conspiracy theory industry’ is being manipulated by vested interests above the ‘left v right’ paradigm. White supremacists want all non-whites dead or gone. The Church of Scientology is a satanic organisation which aims to remove all non-Scientologists. (See ‘Bare Faced Messiah’). L. Ron Hubbards’ son gave an interview to American Playboy in March 1983. The son said his father and all top level Scientologists were, (and still are), satanists. Their ultimate goal is a planet ‘clear’ of non-believers. Those involved in this conspiracy include Duncan Roads, owner/editor of Nexus magazine, and Robert Pash, foundation editor of ‘New Dawn’ magazine, Dennis Stevenson, the convenor of the Inverell Forum for the past 17 years, among many others. Roads was a supporter of Peter Alan Sawyer, who subverted the League of Rights and others for the benefit of the Church of Scientology. The right wing ‘freedom movement’ came under the sway of these Scientologists and their conspiracy theories. Remember the ‘black helicopters’ conspiracy? The author of that genre of myths was also a Scientologist. So, your ideological skirmish with the VF/white supremacists goes back to the days when Pash was a nationalist white power organiser, a ‘pastor’ in the Christian Identity Movement, a supporter of Lyndon LaRouche, a supporter of Moammar Gaddafi, and, more recently, a supporter of North Korean communism. The Australian freedom Movement has been subverted by the Church of Scientology since the late 1980s. The whole ‘left v right’ contest is actually more complicated than you think. Some of those mentioned above are betting on both horses in a two horse race. Their goal is to reduce the Earths’ population to those they approve of and your name is not on the invitation list.

    Powerfull Owl

  3. patrick says:

    @ powerful owl. LOL, you talk of conspiracy theories then go on about the Scientologists, can you actually provide any proof to back up your statement. As for the Christian Identity movement, they are considered a joke even among other WN. They actually claim to be the real Israelites of the bible. The nationalists I know consider them to be wanna be Jews. Christian Identity is an offshoot of British Israelism and its supporters are considered to be delusional idiots.
    Scientology is just a money making scam, so in that regard it is no better than American White Nationalism which is also just a money making scam

  4. patty says:

    Volksfront in German is a Communist movement, funny how Welfie never knew that isn’t it?

  5. patty says:

    Patrick, no real Nazi wants anything to do with any of the uneducated and ignorant Nationalists in this entire country, so your point is?

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