Anti Antifa Australia, Chris Smith & Volksfront Australia

A number of people have contacted me today expressing concern regarding the publication on the image and video hosting website Photobucket of an album containing photos of various presumed anti-fascists. The collection has been published by ‘anti-antifa’ and promoted on Stormfront.


For anyone who cares, ‘anti-antifa’ is the creation of a neo-Nazi skinhead named Chris Smith. Smith is the leader of a tiny grouplet called Volksfront Australia and sells sea shells by the sea shore neo-Nazi muzak via his distro ‘Heathen Noise’. Formerly based in Sydney, Smith is now in Queensland.


While he elected not to attend the failed rally organised by Australia First in support of Golden Dawn a few weeks ago, Smith is obviously upset at the result, and publishing photos of those who expressed opposition to the rally — along with their partners, friends and children — is seemingly his way of lashing out.

Silly bugger.

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I live in Melbourne, Australia. I like anarchy. I don't like nazis. I enjoy eating pizza and drinking beer. I barrack for the greatest football team on Earth: Collingwood Magpies. The 2024 premiership's a cakewalk for the good old Collingwood.
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17 Responses to Anti Antifa Australia, Chris Smith & Volksfront Australia

  1. patrick says:

    Did the anti antifa actually take these photos or did they just lift them off facebook. If they actually took these photos, then charges of stalking could be used against them. If the photos were lifted off facebook, then Smitty needs to get a fucking life. Obviously he has no problem posting photos of antifa, just has a problem about facing them man to man. Typical nazi coward.

  2. @ndy says:

    Most if not all of the photos are sourced from Facebook. One or two may have been taken by one of the nazis who attended the rally. The album seems to consist of a somewhat random assortment of photos of anyone Smith has determined expressed opposition to the AF rally. And yes, Smith certainly had an opportunity to smash the cowardly Communist homosexualist drug-abusers on May 2 but preferred to stay away.

  3. patrick says:

    Is it just me, or does anyone else find it amusing that all these neo nazis tend to spend a fair amount of their time on Facebook which is owned by a Jew. I also find it funny/hypocritical that these nazis would accuse others of being drug addicts when they are constantly photographed with a beer in hand or they are talking of being at the pub.
    I notice that the Stormfront members still can not prove that an old bloke was put into hospital after being king hit with knuckle duster to back of the head. Have they forgotten that lie already? I have heard that too much drinking affects the memory, lol

  4. I Would Just Like To Say says:

    Having seen said pics of anti-fa ferals posted on that bucket thing I damned near lost my lunch but for a Herculean act of will to keep it down. You people really are the least of god’s creatures. Frankly, I think if Hitler came back in a time capsule and had you all selectively managed out of the Australian population, his actions would meet with universal applause.

  5. @ndy says:

    Why don’t you write your thoughts down on a postcard and send it to yr Mom?

  6. patrick says:

    @ I would just like to say.
    No matter what you think, Hitler would most likely have put most of the neo nazis into one of the camps due to their chronic alcohol addictions. What would Hitler say about certain Australian neo nazis being allied to a group of American neo nazis that include a self confessed Rock Spider as well as an American federal informant. Yeah I can just see how the public is going to react to that, so go ahead, post the info you have on the feral antifa. No matter what you say about the antifa, remember that there are things that can be posted about the neo nazis and connections to certain types that the public will not be happy about

  7. inglourious_basterd says:

    Whether the photographs were taken by someone at the rally or sourced from Facebook it is still stalking because the material is being used to threaten or harass.

    The NSW Crimes (Domestic and Personal Violence) Act 2007 covers it nicely.

    Meaning of “intimidation”
    7 Meaning of “intimidation”

    (1) For the purposes of this Act,
    “intimidation” of a person means:

    (a) conduct amounting to harassment or molestation of the person, or

    (b) an approach made to the person by any means (including by telephone, telephone text messaging, e-mailing and other technologically assisted means) that causes the person to fear for his or her safety…”

    Having one’s photograph on a neo-Nazi website would most certainly give the subject an apprehension of harassment or molestation.

  8. patrick says:

    It is interesting that Smith and his mates claim that the antifa are cowards and communist homosexual drug abusers, yet it is the neo nazis that when put in jail end up in the protection wing along with other sexual deviants. Dane Sweetman and Patrick O’Sullivan both spent time in the dogs yard. I am not aware of any antifa that have asked to be put in the dogs yard

  9. Nugget says:

    That’s more likely because Sweetman and O’Sullivan are police informers.

  10. patrick says:

    @nugget, Sweetman may have been an informant, but it was well known that he liked other young prisoners. He was/is the type of hollywood nazi as portrayed in the TV series Oz. However, unlike Oz, nazis who rape other prisoners do not get away with it in Australian prisons which is why he asked to be put in the dogs yard

  11. Rev.Patrick says:

    Since you allow what is posted on here Andy you held responsible for it. So when these anonymous fuckwits such as ‘Nugget’, ‘patrick’ etc write slander, it comes down to you. I’m not going to bother with an internet argument going back and forth (as you keyboard commies seem to enjoy).

  12. patrick says:

    @Rev Patrick, what slander? Sweetman raped other younger prisoners, that is a known fact among the Melbourne underworld. Why do you think that B+H are also called Bitches and Handbags? It is a well known fact that B+H/C18 was founded by a gay porn star (Nicky Crane) as well as a drug dealing police informer (Charlie Sargent). The Australian skinheads are a fucking joke. Kenneth Stewart (Hammerskins) served as a mercenary for ZOG in Afghanistan. Hell he even posted pictures of himself holding a machine gun online, yeah that’s real tough. Who would ever have imagined that an Australian Hammerskin would be working for Israel helping them to install their favorite opium dealers back into power. So much for the skinheads’ supposed hatred of drug use. One of Australia’s top skinheads worked for the world’s biggest opium dealer, he must be so fucking proud of himself.
    As for you calling yourself a Reverend, exactly what are you a Reverend of, lol. Creativity, lol, yeah well it just so happens that another Australian Reverend of Creativity, a certain Rev Campbell, is known to be associated with a certain group in America whose members include a registered FBI informer as well as a self confessed rock spider. So you Creativity boys are not doing yourself any favours.

  13. Rev.Patrick says:

    You really enjoy rambling utter shit ‘patrick’.Im not going to bother replying to that ranting drivel you spilt out onto your keyboard.Perhaps you should stop hiding behind a keyboard.Now run along.

  14. patrick says:

    Interesting how nazis keep saying that others talk shit, yet they are incapable of proving it. I am still waiting for proof of the old bloke that was allegedly king hit with a knuckle duster as the nazis on Stormfront claimed.
    I notice that Rev Patrick has not denied anything said, he will claim it is slander, or say that I am talking shit, but he does not deny it.
    Creators seem to be the most cowardly hypocritical of all the hollywood nazis, hell they can not even organize a rally at which more than a handful turn up. Bet they get bigger numbers to their music gigs and BBQs. Aussie skinheads always carry on about how tough they are, it’s weird that their music gigs are always held in closely guarded secret locations.

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  17. Adam S. says:

    “Patrick” you have no idea what prison is like nor do you know what certain prisoners ie. Sweetman and O’Sullivan did to be in the “Bone Yard.” I have been inside and can attest that there are homosexuals everywhere. Sweetman had one cleaning his cell and making his bed, the guy was paid in tobacco a 30gm “Swy” each week. Now I am as anti-Fascist as anyone and was there, I never saw anything take place between Dane and anyone other yet I know some were dirty on him because he kept the guy on a very short leash, meaning he kept him out of trouble and would not allow him to interact with others because they would get this guy into trouble real quick. Effectually he saved the guy from certain drama and in there drama comes fast and often is served with a shiv…knife!

    These so called tough guys dropped notes on Dane to have him moved, seven crims confronted him at his cell. Dane invited them to come through the door but none of them did…no balls! I do not like Dane, he was angry all the time and people were wary of him but I have to say for all the talk of him being a lagger I was yet to then see any evidence…produce it or shut the fuck up because all it does is make you look like an idiot. It is commonly known that the screws locked Dane up and after the “notes” demanding he be moved or killed were read the Govs moved Dane into protection. Anyone at any time can be moved into protection against their will. I was thrown in there because I did not fit in, I just stood out as an Anarchist, I was “too against the system.” People were suss on that and thought I was a “plant.” Patrick was put there because he would have been killed in mainstream, covered in swastikas and with his insane ramblings he would have been sucking brown cock within an hour as the mainstream area is full of Maoris, Aborigines, Lebanese and lost whites heavy into drugs, sad to witness but it is fact.

    As for Ratprick O’Sullivan, I know Dane has attacked him twice, once inside because Ratprick would not shower plus he was an absolute idiot and had to be reigned in or he was in for a stabbing. It is common knowledge that Ratprick informed on Dane against Dane’s knowledge but Dane was given the brief outside and wrecked Patrick outside his doss house in Fitzroy. Patrick informed on Dane, Martin and their other co-accused Shaun Schilling. Nothing came of that though because 4 things happened: Patrick reneged on his deposition. Dane broke the arm of one of the other informers Mick Lloyd in Port Phillip Prison as a warning. The other informer Kenny Holloway and his twin brother Eddy both overdosed on heroin and alcohol. And lastly the Asian person and a white woman they attacked could not pick him or the others out because the skinheads all looked the same and the white woman was so afraid she backed out.

    People need to get their facts right before coming online and telling tales of this and that. All the skinheads/boneheads I have known all looked like trad skins so if that is the “Hollywood” look then what is a real skinhead supposed to dress like? I have seen boneheads that have looked like they have come off the set of Romper Stomper and I have seen boneheads dress like trad skins. I saw a picture of Dane years ago when he was 17 and he and he had a Harrington jacket on and bleached jeans. Not high cut jeans, he was an avid neo-Nazi but dressed like a trad, clean gear.

    Now Patrick O’Sullivan, I was there with you in protection, my real name is Andrew Slomcheski and I was in K42.

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