Australia First / Golden Dawn defeated 1-0 by Antifa

The Brisbane branch of the Australia First Party (AF) tried to hold a rally, march and picket today in support of their comrades in the Greek Golden Dawn (GD) party. Sadly, despite calling upon every other nazi and White supremacist in Queensland to join them, just a dozen or so racist losers managed to make their way to Musgrave Park … and the rest, as they say, is another embarrassing chapter in the history of AF.

Sincere thanks to all those who helped to ensure that the nazis were unable to rally, march, picket — or do much of anything apart from look like the fools that they are — and that Golden Dawn was treated to a rather bleak morning and afternoon.

See : They came, they saw, they… caught a cab outta there!, Fight Dem Back!, May 2, 2014 | Golden Dawn supporters chased out of CBD, Westender, May 2, 2014 | Golden Dawn supporters clash with anti-fascists in Brisbane, Brisbane Times, May 2, 2014 | Golden Dawn march, 4BC, May 2, 2014.

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I live in Melbourne, Australia. I like anarchy. I don't like nazis. I enjoy eating pizza and drinking beer. I barrack for the greatest football team on Earth: Collingwood Magpies. The 2024 premiership's a cakewalk for the good old Collingwood.
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27 Responses to Australia First / Golden Dawn defeated 1-0 by Antifa

  1. Antifa and their union thugs says:

    Gee, how is it up there on the moral high ground using CFMEU thugs to attack lawful protesters? Well, that’s what your buddies did. Very brave, they are. Thing is, here you are denouncing ‘fascists’ as violent thugs and the only ones committing these acts are your lot. Is this ideological soundness? Beating an old man in a Brissie pub? If this is what anti fascism is, how bad can fascism really be? I see shit like this and it only reinforces my opinion that we are right. You haven’t made mention of the brave attacks though, have you. You, and the state that you represent (Mr Anarchist) make me feel like goose stepping all over the grave of a jew.

  2. @ndy says:

    If my failure to report an alleged assault in the very brief summary above makes you “feel like goose stepping all over the grave of a jew” then I humbly submit that you’re a bit of a wanker. Aside from that, I didn’t use “CFMEU thugs to attack lawful protesters”. In reality (you remember that, right?), a group of unionists from local building sites evidently joined the anti-fascist rally. Unlike yourself, I assume unionists actually have bRanes, and decided — using their bRanes — that allowing a fascist party like AF to rally, march and picket on behalf of a Greek neo-Nazi organisation — one which frequently attacks unionists in Greece, often on behalf of bosses, especially in the shipping industry — was something they wished to oppose.

    And did.

    It’s not my problem if you’re completely ignorant of the long history of union opposition to fascism.

  3. Antifa and their union thugs says:

    I don’t recall saying ‘you’ did use union thugs, but you’ve been exciting those criminals all over the net. And let’s face it, links to bikers, organised thuggery, my — hell, union goons might beat the shit out of old men, but at least they’re not Nazis. What a saving fucking grace. And let’s talk about bRanes, I thought democracy was about accepting the right of different points of view and their parties to rally. I thought opposition to such was, cough, FASCISM. And all that bullshit about the unions pwotecting da poow wunions in Gweece. Yeah, right. Nup. Thuggery. You just condoned violence there, and yet, the Liberal Saturday Paper lauds you. And those ‘unionists’ joined the ‘anti-fascist’ rally because they were organised to do so by those within your sphere of influence and only a bRane-dead cunt would be gullible enough to believe otherwise.

  4. @ndy says:

    I don’t recall saying ‘you’ did use union thugs …

    When you comment on my blog, I think it’s fair to assume that you’re talking to me (and not yr Uncle Adolph).

    … but you’ve been exciting those criminals all over the net.

    Which, translated into English, means I’ve spent some time over the last 2-3 weeks trying to promote an anti-fascist counter-rally.

    And let’s face it, links to bikers, organised thuggery, my — hell, union goons might beat the shit out of old men, but at least they’re not Nazis. What a saving fucking grace.

    Yeah. It’s a Good thing not to be a nazi eh. And I think the union members who attended the counter-rally made that point rather emphatically (LOL) and without ‘beating the shit out of old men’.

    And let’s talk about bRanes, I thought democracy was about accepting the right of different points of view and their parties to rally. I thought opposition to such was, cough, FASCISM.

    You thought wrogn. But the meaning of ‘democracy’ is hardly something I’m going to take the time to explore with someone whose reaction — at my choosing not to write a blog post as he would — is to ‘goose step all over the grave of a jew’.

    And all that bullshit about the unions pwotecting da poow wunions in Gweece. Yeah, right.

    Actually, I think you’ll find that unions understand that they operate in a global context: transnational solidarity is very important, from The Great Dock Strike of 1889 in London to today. And yes, when neo-Nazis attack organised labour in one part of the world, their supporters in other parts of the world shouldn’t complain if there’s blowback.

    You just condoned violence there, and yet, the Liberal Saturday Paper lauds you. And those ‘unionists’ joined the ‘anti-fascist’ rally because they were organised to do so by those within your sphere of influence and only a bRane-dead cunt would be gullible enough to believe otherwise.

    I think you’re beginning to sound a little paranoid. My ‘sphere of influence’ is my writing. I bring things such as the nazi rally in Brisbane to the attention of others and, according to their means and inclinations, ask them to consider taking action. For the record, I’m very glad that unionists took part in an anti-fascist action: unions and workers’ movements have a long history of confronting such bullshit. (And as a student of history can tell you, the actual REAL LIFE! Nazis understood very well that the first obstacle to establishing their horrific regime was organised labour — which is why they smashed it.)

  5. patrick says:

    From what I can read on stormfront, these nazis went to a pub (seems to be their favorite activity) for a few beers and stood by and did nothing while an old bloke was allegedly struck down by alleged union thugs.
    No cctv footage, no photos, no other witnesses, nothing mentioned in the media or by the police. Just the nazi’s word that it happened.

  6. patrick says:

    Another interesting fact is that at no stage do the nazis mention WHICH pub this happened in. The following posts from Stormfront are interesting:

    Forum Member

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    Default Re: Golden Dawn Picket.
    Originally Posted by AWEMC
    Notice the 2 guys in fluro on the right I’m pretty sure under OHS you aren’t allowed to wear board shorts on worksites I would look into them 2 yahoos.
    I was at the rally today & at the pub when the cowardly attack took place, i draw your attention to the two guys to the right of the picture, one wearing a black cfmeu hoodie & his mate wearing a blue hoodie, these are two of the grubs who attacked members of Australia First Party/ Golden Dawn Supporters, they are the same two grubs who thought it would be a wise idea to kick me 4-5 times earlier in the day.
    If anyone wants more photos or info contact me

    Today, 06:50 AM #36
    inno a satana
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    Default Re: Golden Dawn Picket.
    As someone who was there I’ll throw in what I saw. Australia First wasn’t able to get a secure rallying point to set up for the march. Large numbers of unionists were busy shouting obscenities and threats alongside the bedraggled looking freaks of antifa. I was mostly cut off from the core group, and by the time I reached the Greek consulate the police had shepherded us into taxis.

    From there we went to a quiet pub to unwind and drink. After 2-3 hours a group of 6-7 or so unionists ran in and king hit a few of our boys who had their backs to them. Most of us got away pretty unharmed but a few got some nasty knocks, including an elderly Greek man who ended up bleeding on the ground.
    I can’t even begin to voice my disgust over this.

    Once again, no proof that anything other than nazis getting drunk actually happened. No mention of the nazis standing up for the old bloke. No mention of which pub it happened in. Most people have mobile phones capable of taking photos/video footage, yet none of the nazis can produce any proof that they are telling the truth about being hit by antifa/union blokes, not even a photo of the old bloke left bleeding on the floor.

    You would think that if this happened then the nazis would be happily posting every piece of evidence they have, that they would have taken photos to prove that the antifa are thugs. They can not even give details about the so called thugs, no description of height, build, hair colour, nothing.

    Deathblooms claims to have been kicked 4-5 times, show us the bruises nazi, so that we can all see your war trophies.

    As for SF member calling itself inno a santana, did you actually leave an old bloke bleeding on the floor while you and the others got away unharmed? You gutless little turd.

  7. Howl You Butch says:

    I am cracking a massive fat over all the fascist tears. Maybe more white supremacists would have been inclined to turn up if AusThirst was run by, I don’t know, a white person?

  8. Poida says:

    “Union thugs”.
    An empty, baseless bit of nonsense that helped ensure Howard lost the election (and his own seat) in 2007.
    Remember those hilarious ads?
    You’re a dinosaur, pal.

  9. Folwark Zwierzecky says:

    What absolute gutless clowns those fascists and racists are. Proved themselves to be cowards yet again with this latest “protest”. If the anonymous commenter on this page is one of them, I’d say his intellect is fairly consistent with other members of their moronic, amoeba-like “party”.

  10. Golden Dawn Fraser says:

    Nominees in the category of best attempt at street theatre, 2014:
    1. Australia First and Golden Dawn for facilitating the largest Anti Racism rally to be held in Brisbane this year.
    2. Anti Fascist Aktion for outsourcing their activism to the militant wing of the ALP and assisting in the development of Queensland Police’s crowd control techniques.
    Now Delvene, the envelope please…and the winner is:
    Campbell Newman!

  11. @ndy says:

    On Golden Dawn’s super industrial record:

    But perhaps the most revealing instance for Golden Dawn’s “anti-systemic” credentials concerns the long-standing love affair with ship-owning capital. The shipping industry, one of the most prominent sources of capital accumulation in Greece, apart from providing its workers with minimal wages and devastating work conditions, enjoys 58 tax exemptions. When in November 2012 the government made a modest proposal for the ship-owning capitalists to proceed to a “voluntary contribution” of 80 million euros to the state by amending the taxation system, Golden Dawn went on a rampage. Former death metal bassist and anti-semite Golden Dawn MP G. Germenis, had a momentary lapse of his usual pre-linguistic screams, and argued eloquently against the proposal: “The business world is suffering. The shipping industry has repeatedly supported the Greek economy in the past, but [your proposal] seeks to decisively destroy it”.

    A traditional stronghold of Stalinist KKE, the shipyard has seen a number of strikes led by the KKE-dominated union, fighting against existing and proposed conditions. These strikes have long troubled the shipping capital, eager to find ways to undermine this militant union[15]. More recently, GD members were invited by a small number of nationalist workers in the shipyard, who urged them to take matters into their own hand[s] and kick the Stalinists out. And even if one is tempted to understand Golden Dawn’s interference in the docks as an indication of their love for the Greek worker, one look at the video of the meeting is enough to convince where Golden Dawn’s allegiance lies (link here). Keeping their promise, in September 2013, around 30 members of GD (apparently the same assault squad responsible for the assassination of Pavlos Fyssas some days later) attacked a group of KKE members while fly posting in Piraeus. At least 8 people were sent to hospital with head injuries.

    Last but not least, it is worth mentioning another brilliant conception of GD’s political activity. This concerns the creation of job seeking offices (for Greeks only, of course), through which GD propagated its active concern for Greeks finding a decent job. Their main activity was to go around various businesses, factories and workplaces and urge the bosses to fire all immigrants working there (of course they did not do the same in the countryside, where farming is primarily done by extremely low-paid immigrants) and to hire Greeks instead –for the same wages that they gave to the immigrants.

  12. Golden Dawn Fraser says:

    Well from what I can discern neither AF or Antifa had anticipated the response by the militant unionists, it seems the Stormfronters are wrong in linking the small Antifa presence to the larger, more violent group. That said it’s also a foolish move on the part of Anti Racists to be cheering on the CFMEU organisers and casting them as the good guys. They’re not good guys in any sense of the word, trust me I’ve been in building for nearly 30 years, if ordered by their bosses to attack Anti Fascists or immigrant workers for that matter they’d stick the boot in with just as much gusto.
    What do you think can be gained by cheering on an organisation which is about to be put under the microscope at a royal commission and which is known by all in the trades to be inextricably linked with organised crime, drug dealing, stand over, illegal labour rackets etc? I wouldn’t want my name or my activist collective’s name linked with such people, that’s before we even discuss the relationships between the CFMEU, the state and big business.

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  14. Luap says:

    People like this still exist in this day and age!?! IT’S 2014…how the hell do these idiots still believe that they are right?! It’s disgusting…


  15. Ablokeimet says:

    The response of CFMEU members was outstanding. We should give short shrift to anyone complaining about the violation of the “rights” of Golden Dawn or Australia First. They are Fascist organisations and, as such, they are standing conspiracies to murder. Using reasonable force to disperse them is an elementary act of self defence.

    That said, I would make two caveats:

    (a) There should be reasonable steps taken to avoid cases of mistaken identity; and

    (b) A distinction must be drawn between outright Fascist outfits like GD & AF on the one hand, and Right wing populist outfits like One Nation. Although organisations like ON can be infested with Fascists, they are fundamentally different and should be dealt with through political struggle rather than physical force.

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  17. Patrick the ex-Creatard says:

    I love it when Patrick pretends not to be Patrick.

  18. Patrice says:

    I don’t think this Patrick is that Patrick.

  19. patrick says:

    @Patrick the ex creatard and Patrice, no I am not Rev Pat O’Sullivan. I regard Creativity as an anti White cult because its members have an extreme hatred of White Christians. Its members are usually brain dead wanna be nazis who are too stupid to understand that their views on Christianity ensures that they will always be regarded by the majority of Whites as pathetic idiots. Creators claim to be National Socialists and worship 3rd Reich imagery, even though the SS was Christian which just goes towards proving just how pathetic they truly are.

  20. patrick says:

    More lies and accusations are now being spread by the Nationalist Alternative. Like their nazi mates, they are pushing the old bloke hit with knuckle duster story, yet just like their nazi mates, they provide no evidence. No police report, no hospital report and the big one, no eyewitness reports even though it is claimed that other nazis were there when it happened. Is there some reason the nazis etc will not make a statement? Making a false statement is a crime, bullshitting on a public forum is not. Maybe that is why there has been no witness statements by the nazis and their friends
    http://www.natalt. org/2014/05/06/the-battle-of-brisbane-nationalists-fight-them-back/
    http://www.natalt. org/2014/05/05/golden-dawnaustralia-first-rally-ambushed-by-union-thugs/

  21. @ndy says:

    1. Be a nazi
    2. Tell tales
    3. ????
    4. PROFIT!!!

  22. @ndy says:


    So the little fascist twats are dreaming of taking over the unions. Previously (Robert Jackson):


    The Nazi conspiracy, as we shall show, always contemplated not merely overcoming current opposition but exterminating elements which could not be reconciled with its philosophy of the state. It not only sought to establish the Nazi “new order” but to secure its sway, as Hitler predicted, “for a thousand years.” Nazis were never in doubt or disagreement as to what these dissident elements were. They were concisely described by one of them, Col. General von Fritsch, on December 11, 1938, in these words:

    “Shortly after the first war I came to the conclusion that we should have to be victorious in three battles if Germany were to become powerful again: 1. The battle against the working class[.] Hitler has won this. 2. Against the Catholic Church, perhaps better expressed against Ultramontanism. 3. Against the Jews.” (1947-PS).

    The warfare against these elements was continuous. The battle in Germany was but a practice skirmish for the worldwide drive against them. We have in point of geography and of time two groups of crimes against humanity — one within Germany before and during the war, the other in occupied territory during the war. But the two are not separated in Nazi planning. They are a continuous unfolding of the Nazi plan to exterminate peoples and institutions which might serve as a focus or instrument for overturning their “new world order” at any time. We consider these Crimes against Humanity in this address as manifestations of the one Nazi plan and discuss them according to General von Fritch’s classification.

    1. The Battle Against the Working Class

    When Hitler came to power, there were in Germany three groups of trade unions. The General German Trade Union Confederation (ADGB) with twenty-eight affiliated unions, and the General Independent Employees Confederation (AFA) with thirteen federated unions together numbered more than 4,500,000 members. The Christian Trade Union had over 1,250,000 members.

    The working people of Germany, like the working people of other nations, had little to gain personally by war. While labor is usually brought around to the support of the nation at war, labor by and large is a pacific, though by no means a pacifist force in the world. The working people of Germany had not forgotten in 1933 how heavy the yoke of the war lord can be. It was the workingmen who had joined the sailors and soldiers in the revolt of 1918 to end the First World War. The Nazis had neither forgiven nor forgotten. The Nazi program required that this part of the German population not only be stripped of power to resist diversion of its scanty comforts to armament, but also be wheedled or whipped into new and unheard of sacrifices as part of the Nazi war preparation. Labor must be cowed, and that meant its organizations and means of cohesion and defense must be destroyed.

    The purpose to regiment labor for the Nazi Party was avowed by Ley in a speech to workers on 2 May 1933, as follows:

    “You may say what else do you want, you have the absolute power. True we have the power, but we do not have the whole people, we do not have you workers 100%, and it is you whom we want; we will not let you be until you stand with us in complete, genuine acknowledgment.” (614-PS).

    The first Nazi attack was upon the two larger unions. On April 21, 1933 an order not even in the name of the Government, but of the Nazi Party was issued by the conspirator Robert Ley as “Chief of Staff of the political organization of the NSDAP,” applicable to the Trade Union Confederation and the Independent Employees Confederation. It directed seizure of their properties and arrest of their principal leaders. The party order directed party organs which we here denounce as criminal associations, the SA and SS “to be employed for the occupation of the trade union properties, and for the taking into custody of personalities who come into question.” And it directed the taking into “protective custody” of all chairmen and district secretaries of such unions and branch directors of the labor bank (392-PS).

    These orders were carried out on May 2, 1933. All funds of the labor unions, including pension and benefit funds, were seized. Union leaders were sent to concentration camps. A few days later, on May 10, 1933, Hitler appointed Ley leader of the German Labor Front (DEUTSCHE ARBEITSFRONT), which succeeded to the confiscated union funds. The German Labor Front, a Nazi controlled labor bureau, was set up under Ley to teach the Nazi philosophy to German workers and to weed out from industrial employment all who were backward in their lessons (1940-PS). “Factory Troops” were organized as an “ideological shock squad within the factory” (1817-PS). The Party order provided that “outside of the German Labor Front, no other organization (whether of workers or of employees) is to exist.” On June 24, 1933 the remaining Christian Trade Unions were seized pursuant to an order of the Nazi Party signed by Ley.

    On May 19, 1933, this time by government decree, it was provided that “trustees” of labor, appointed by Hitler, should regulate the conditions of all labor contracts, replacing the former process of collective bargaining (405- PS). On January 20, 1934 a decree “regulating national labor” introduced the fuehrer-principle into industrial relations. It provided that the owners of enterprises should be the “fuehrers” and the workers should be the followers. The enterpriser-fuehrers should “make decisions for employees and laborers in all matters concerning the enterprise” (1861- PS). It was by such bait that the great German industrialists were induced to support the Nazi cause, to their own ultimate ruin.

    Not only did the Nazis dominate and regiment German labor, but they forced the youth into the ranks of the laboring people they had thus led into chains. Under a compulsory labor service decree on June 26, 1935, young men and women between the ages of 18 and 25 were conscripted for labor (see 1654-PS). Thus was the purpose to subjugate German labor accomplished. In the words of Ley, this accomplishment consisted “in eliminating the association character of the trade union and employees’ associations, and in its place we have substituted the conception ‘soldiers of work’.” The productive manpower of the German nation was in Nazi control. By these steps the defendants won the battle to liquidate labor unions as potential opposition and were enabled to impose upon the working class the burdens of preparing for aggressive warfare.

    Robert Ley, the field marshal of the battle against labor, answered our indictment with suicide. Apparently he knew no better answer.

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  26. Danielle says:

    Klantifa are racist faggotts who get their soy boy asses beat regularly , bunch of Nazi racist cowards who talk shit and should shower more cos you all fucking stink of hatred

  27. @ndy says:

    G’day mate,

    I’m curious. This post is over 5 1/2 years old. Is there any particular reason you’ve chosen now to angrily mash your keyboard about it?

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