Cracking scene from #antifa rally in Brisbane ~versus~ #GoldenDawn

In this scene from Friday’s rally, two members of The Master Race are given a little lesson in manners by some unionists.

The nazi in the cap and glasses is Jim Perren.

In addition to being one of the authors of the neo-Nazi Whitelaw Towers blog, Perren was a member of the batshit ‘White Pride Coalition of Australia’, a coalition of nazis, KKK members and assorted other fascist b0zos. In its forum he used the handle ‘stug111’. Among many classic lines employed by Perren is this gem (made in reference to a September 2004 article on the neo-Nazi New Zealand National Front):

“Anti-Asian is only a reflection of the [party’s] racist kind of ideology. Today it’s an Asian. Tomorrow it might be the Maori, Jewish or Muslim community.”

Hang on Mr Do Hong Ding Bing Gook Oy what about the Arabs, Sudanese, Islander, Japanese, Race Traitors, Niggers, Commos, Poofs, bugger it any non Aryan. Don[‘]t forget them. I wonder if this gook is being payed [sic] by the Jews. I would say yes. Keep up the good [sic] NZNF we have them in a panic.

Oddly enough, Perren didn’t avail himself of this golden opportunity to ask the various “Arabs, Sudanese, Islander, Japanese, Race Traitors, Niggers, Commos, Poofs, bugger it any non Aryan” unionists if they were in the employ of The Jew …

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I live in Melbourne, Australia. I like anarchy. I don't like nazis. I enjoy eating pizza and drinking beer. I barrack for the greatest football team on Earth: Collingwood Magpies. The 2024 premiership's a cakewalk for the good old Collingwood.
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3 Responses to Cracking scene from #antifa rally in Brisbane ~versus~ #GoldenDawn

  1. patrick says:

    I must say that Perren’s most notable talent is his complete and total hypocrisy when it comes to racial views. Typical nazi scum. Perren claims to hate Arabs, yet Jim Saleam is an Arab as most of Australia knows. Perren has no problem with Saleam claiming to be White, even though Saleam is an Arab name and Jim Saleam’s family came from Lebanon/Syria. Hypocrisy seems to be one of the qualities of the AFP and its nazi allies, the other being drinking lots of grog and acting tough on forums.

  2. jdrmot says:

    Good ol andy… It’s like a DRUGGGG for you isn’t it? *grin* “I wake up… quick reach for my joint and grab my ‘puter… then I’ll make an entry to my blog about the hateful white pride mob… those bogan drongos… those neanderthal knuckle dragging imbeciles. *Entry Finished* Ah now I feel gooooood.” says Andy…

    Andy turns on the news… hmmm… it’s one of those “RECLAIM” rallies… “wait… what’s this? holy batpoo batman their speaker is standing with his Asian wife and mixed children? what the?” Andy goes back to his “Anti White pride/Antifa at any cost” script… Nope, this just doesn’t compute! Damn… I need another joint so it might make some sense.” Puff puff puff…

    The news continues… Poor Andy is shocked and stunned to see… BLACK people at and IN the Reclaim ranks… *shit… this is too much… I better crank the substance abuse up from just a joint to full on crack… and Andy’s eyes glaze over as he sinks into his perennial refuge of an altered state of consciousness… for a few hours at least…

    Cheers mate 0_-

  3. jdrmot says:

    Hey Patrick put DOWN that syringe mate… it won’t do you any good. I mean that syringe of ‘these reclaim people HAVE to fit my bigotry and prejudice or the world just doesn’t make sense’ drug.

    “White” pride people are indeed like the “King James Only-ists” in fundamentalist Christian circles but on the same level sadly, are folks like you who can only see the same old worn out narrative that anyone who sticks up for Australia, you know the oi oi oi mob, by default ‘hates’ all other races and wants a squeaky clean and ‘white’ Australia.

    In some cases you’re probably correct… yawn… what is this? Er… the year one million or something? ie a time when all the science is soundly on the side of ‘organisms see their sole destiny in reproducing and protecting their own genes’ and “humans prefer to associate with those who reflect their own genes”… but humanity is, in my view, much more profound than that usual psychological and biological explanation of existence. So, we are able to lift ourselves out of that quagmire of genetic self interest and realize that there is only ONE race… the Human Race.

    What I find intriguing is that by and large most of the ‘Antifa’ and ‘anti racist’ so called ‘progressive’ types are in fact thorough going Atheists, which leaves them absolutely NO wiggle room to run from the standard Uni courses about biology and psychology as referred to above. Yet they then turn around and for some deep dark implausible adventure into ‘fractured logic land’ they hack into ‘white’ people (but strangely and very inconsistently not into Asian or Black people) like a cane cutter on meth, and serve up a diatribe of all you can eat logical inconsistency that would send a biology professor off for long term therapy in the psycho intensive care unit at Larundel (if it’s still going).

    One of these days, we can all sit around singing ‘Kum ba ya’ as we happily celebrate the true nature of the human race… “many tributaries, one river”. But first you dear folks have to go into philosophical rehab to fix those wonky views about we ‘Reclaimers’.

  4. eva says:

    cracker response to Patrick’s blog love it

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