So who were these nazis anyway? Australia First & Golden Dawn in Brisbane

Approximately 14 nazis attended the failed Australia First/Golden Dawn rally in Brisbane on Friday. Below are photos of those who attended. Three other nazis — sporting nazi t-shirts — also attended, and apparently tried to attach themselves to a union contingent (they were told to shoo). Since the rally, incensed at not being able to goosestep down Queen Street, AF and GD have declared WAR! on the BLF, CFMEU and ETU in Queensland.

Good luck with that.


Above : Iggy Gavrilidis. Based in Melbourne, Gavrilidis is the leader of Golden Dawn in Australia and one of only two or perhaps three GD members to actually attend the rally.

[Photo: Max Riethmuller @]

Above : Jim Perren on right. Perren is a former member of the (now defunct) neo-Nazi ‘White Pride Coalition of Australia’ (WPCA). He briefly came to the media’s attention in 2005. “THE man behind a race-hate campaign in southern Queensland has been identified as a professional kangaroo shooter from the Darling Downs town of Crows Nest.” Perren was later employed as a bouncer at a Toowoomba pub and has been one of two men responsible for the neo-Nazi Whitelaw Towers blog (the other being the Sydney-based Peter Campbell).


Above : Unknown. Presumed member/supporter of GD.


Above : Unknown.


Above : Left: Rachael Cole and two unknowns. Presumed members/supporters of AF.


Above : Unknown. This AF member/supporter got very upset when he lost his flag and proceeded to wave a stick at the counter-rally (much to their amusement).


Above : Michael Cole. is. not. happy.


Above : Old Bearded Man was carrying a sign. Possible great-uncle to ‘Steve the National Socialist supporting Australia First NSW’.


Above : Unknown. Also. not. happy.


Above : Aaron Heaps. AF Brisbane spokesperson and former One Nation Party candidate (Forde, 2004).


Above : Unknown. But possibly suffering from a (political) hangover.

Bonus boneheads!


Above : Three boneheads leave the rally. Behind them is a union escort. Hammered is a reference to the annual neo-Nazi gig held in QLD organised by neo-Nazi groups Blood & Honour and the Southern Cross Hammerskins. (NB. This year’s Hammered festival was held in Newcastle, NSW on Saturday, May 3.) The Hammerskins received some brief media attention in Australia when one of its members, Wade Michael Page, shot dead six Sikhs in Wisconsin in August 2012 before committing suicide.


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I live in Melbourne, Australia. I like anarchy. I don't like nazis. I enjoy eating pizza and drinking beer. I barrack for the greatest football team on Earth: Collingwood Magpies. The 2024 premiership's a cakewalk for the good old Collingwood.
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47 Responses to So who were these nazis anyway? Australia First & Golden Dawn in Brisbane

  1. Andy the facilitator of CFMEU thuggery says:

    Oh for Christ’s sake. I knew you were odious, but Jesus, ‘declared WAR! on the BLF, CFMEU and ETU in Queensland’. That’s not just a lie, but a monstrous, pernicious, and incendiary lie. Not only did you whip up your cohorts to cause a disturbance in Brisbane, but you casually excuse the violence they used, and which you fermented. No member of AF or related protesters committed ONE act of violence. And you position yourself as ideologically sound. Of course, it will spring back on you one day, I guess although you deny it in your more unguarded moments the inevitability must occur to you. Anyway, I’m afraid exposure to your blog is causing me a headache as I simply try to think down to your level.

  2. @ndy says:

    A few points:

    1. AF has made their position very clear. They regard the unionists who attended the counter-rally as either Communist troublemakers or dupes of sinister forces and declared publicly and openly that they’re going to seek revenge on them for their humiliation on Friday. I think it’s silly for them to have issued such a threat but then, they are pretty silly.

    2. I didn’t “whip up [my] cohorts”; I openly and publicly promoted an anti-fascist counter-rally in a calm and polite manner. The event itself was almost entirely peaceable apart, perhaps, from the fact that one or two Eureka flags were re-appropriated from the nazis carrying them. (I think if a nazi attends a rally at which unionists are present and waves a union emblem in their faces, it’s not surprising to find themselves losing it. I mean, c’mon.)

    3. Apart from some minor argy-bargy between the two sides, I don’t believe there was much else going on apart from some shouting, walking about, waving of placards and all the usual things you might see at a political rally.

    4. I think if you stop frothing at the mouth you might begin to approach starting being on my level.

  3. nopasaran says:

    Who gives a fuck if the Golden Dawn supporters ‘weren’t violent’, fascism is to be smashed, not debated! I love when nazis try and appeal to liberal-democratic bullshit to try and show how innocent and ‘oppressed’ they are. Glad they were exposed for the anti-worker fuckwits that they are. All they have now after being supremely embarrassed and humiliated is the futile clinging on to the idea that it was some conspiracy organised by trade-union leaderships and slackbastard, instead of, y’know, workers, anarchists, lefties, Murris, the Greek community and others coming together because fascists need to know that if they rally, they’ll be hated on because what they represent is misery for the people. Love that the Eureka flag was torn out of their filthy hands. In their imaginary world they’re the voice of the people; in reality everyone looks forward to the chance to heaping shit on these grubs.

  4. Also, someone tell the Nazi above that you don’t “ferment” violence. You ferment a barley mash to make beer. You FOMENT violence.

  5. Golden Dawn Fraser says:

    @ nopasaran,
    Yeah but ya didn’t smash ’em did ya Gladys? If the two sides, AF/GD and Antifa had been the only ones present then the march and counter protest would have been the same sad old ritual meeting of the Muppets it usually is. If not for the intervention of the third force the Police would have given the picketers an hour’s grace then escorted them to the bus stop or the train station and sent them home then everyone would still be bitching and sniping at each other on Stormfront and Slackbastard as per usual.
    The CFMEU were allegedly tipped off by a member of the Refugee Action Coalition, (not Antifa) which as we all know is a loose confederation populated by people from all walks of life including both religious and secular groups who otherwise disagree on most other points.
    @ndy’s point about GD and it’s interference in labour negotiations may be valid but if you listen to other hard Left tendencies such as the Trots they make a very sound case against the ACTU and it’s affiliates by leveling at them exactly that same accusation of collusion with management to the obvious disadvantage of workers.
    The picket and counter demonstration were grass roots activism, the presence of the CFMEU and alleged involvement of the RAC however changed the dynamic to a situation where the “bosses” or mainstream, statist political agendas effectively intervened in a minor neighbourhood issue.
    Antifa they hijacked your rally as well, right? To assert otherwise is to admit collusion and solidarity with the CFMEU who until recently were a part of the government and still hold considerable political power while at the same time ruling the roost in the criminal underworld.

  6. patrick says:

    The down under members of Stormfront have continually talked of using violence and now they are having a whinge and declaring others are using violence or threatening violence against them. Typical keyboard commandos, they still have not produced any evidence of the so called old bloke that got hit from behind and then ended up in a hospital.
    I have seen posts by SF members asking for rego numbers and info on others, as well as talk of fixing their little red wagon, lol.
    As for monstrous lies..1 the claim that Jim Saleam is White..2 their claim that anyone outside their little circle supports them.
    Even other Australian nationalists despise the idiots of the AFP and its allies.

  7. Andy the facilitator of CFMEU thuggery says:

    Please tell the Elvira wannabe below that anyone can make a mistake, but ‘the Nazi’ stands corrected. But my mistake is a malapropism, hers was being born. And nopasparan: spoken like a true fascist. Meanwhile, Andy, far from being the usual things you see at a rally, protesters were assaulted by your soon-to-front-a-Royal-Commission union chums at the Red Brick hotel in South Brisbane. A 70-year-old man was left in a puddle of blood, something to excite Vamparella the grammar Nazi below. Police are investigating. Can can [?] high-five yourselves like one-handed seals now. Carry on. Doing whatever you bath dodgers do.

  8. Golden Dawn Fraser says:

    Might is right, yes? Lacking the might one has not the right, you’d think that Nazis would at least appreciate that concept.
    The reason Australian nationalists don’t like AFP, NATALT etc and steer clear of them is precisely because they’re “Neo Nazis”, they can put on a suit and tie but if their Odin rune neck tatts are showing the effect is less than convincing.
    Hey, cards on the table, we don’t have much to work with as it is but the last thing we need is more foreign led interjections into the affairs of the White Australian ethnic group or pseudo Liberal sophistry.
    You’re right, we’re not normal, we’re atypical “Aussies” but for a start we might think about accepting the reality that we actually are an ethnic group among many others, repudiating White Supremacy as a political tool and not indulging European interlopers or perverse, anachronistic American sub cultures.
    But that’s a digression and of no concern to Anti Fascists, I agree with some of your thoughts.

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  10. nopasaran says:

    To the comment above, I just want to clarify 100% that no trade-union ”hijacked” the rally or were invited by one person alone (weird angle to try and discount the rally anyway..); there was a community meeting on the Wednesday beforehand and all were represented and agreed to try and get as many people along as possible.. Also just because workers rock up and happen to be in a union doesn’t mean it was organised by the CFMEU geez.. I came along. I’m in the union. Does that mean that I’m being controlled by some outside force? No. Everyone loves the chance to hang shit on nazi scum.

  11. @ndy says:

    While it’s not a strict requirement to have shit for bRanes in order to be a nazi, it certainly helps. A number of them find it literally inconceivable that unionists might oppose fascism. And as you say, everyone loves the chance to hang shit on nazi scum.

  12. patrick says:

    @Golden Dawn Fraser
    No one gives a rats ass about the odin rune neck tattoos, hell most people would not even know what they symbolize, its the attitude of these hollywood nazis and their enthusiasm for a controlled police state as well as their utter hypocrisy and cowardice that pisses most people off. Since when has a half breed criminal arab been a White Australian?
    Accusing 5/6 different people of being slackbastard over the last decade just shows how little credibility they have, they always just jump to conclusions without any proof, just as they make accusations with no evidence.
    Still waiting to see any evidence of this so called old bloke that was hospitalised on the weekend. If it really happened, then not only are the people who did it cowardly scum, but so are the nazis who saw it happen and yet did nothing.
    The natalt is the renamed national anarchist who are known to have been holding up a sign saying.. we are all tibetans ..well I have news for them, we are not asians and I find it fucking funny that Aus First would side with a group that once talked of abo land rights, trips to laos and supports tibetans. When did they ever support Australia???
    One last thing, many members..jim perren etc of the various nazi groups are members of the Creativity cult that is anti Christian. Don’t you find it hypocritical that they would support Golden Dawn whose members in Greece are mainly Greek Orthodox? Yes, nazis really are hypocritical.

  13. AK says:

    The tall skinny “unknown” guy in the 5th photo is clearly the same guy as you’ve marked in a later photo as “Aaron Heaps. AF Brisbane spokesperson and former One Nation Party candidate”.

  14. Golden Dawn Fraser says:

    @ Patrick.
    You can sum it up with two phrases, “cultural cringe” and “identity crisis”.

  15. @ndy says:


    They look similar but are two different people. (Check the suit and tie.)

  16. patrick says:

    @ Golden Dawn Fraser, yes identity crisis is a great term for it. The nazis will never grow beyond a small outcast group of internet warriors. It must be difficult to convince Australians that grew up in what was until recently a basically all white country that their best hope for remaining white is to join a political party led by a bloke with an Arabic name.
    Why do these idiots want to be nazis? Whats wrong with just being an Australian?
    Who the hell would want to live in a police state other than the delusional morons that worship a dead German coward that forced young White children into the front lines of battle while he sat safe in his bunker?

  17. Andy the facilitator of CFMEU thuggery says:

    Can we just get back to the point that neither GD nor AF have ‘declared war’ on unions. Show any comment, anywhere, where this assertion can be validated. And I made another boo-boo in my previous post. Kind of funny really, given I was responding to a comment about my last one. You guys are sure bringing bad ju-ju down on this Nazi. Frankly, it was triggered when my typing arm went into involuntary Roman salute mode. I was like Dr Strangelove for a moment there and it, you know, caused me to err.

  18. patrick says:

    OK, back to the point, lol.


    Old 05-02-2014, 04:07 AM #31
    “Friend of Stormfront”
    Sustaining Member

    AussieEarlTurner’s Avatar

    Join Date: Oct 2011
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    Default Re: Golden Dawn Picket.
    More information on this CFMEU crew please. I spend my life on building sites and I will fix their little red wagon.

    Preferably the leader, looks, height, name if you have it. Any car rego ?

    All the info you have please.

    I tried to get off work early, but was unable to get there today..
    AussieEarlTurner is offline


    What about the stormfront member asking for any info on the union leader including car rego? What do you think of the statement, fix his little red wagon, was that an offer of fixing the car, lol.
    In a court of law, it could be called conspiracy to commit violence.

  19. @ndy says:

    In the meantime, this anti-Semite and AF member/supporter makes his posi clear …

  20. patrick says:

    Why else would SF members ask for info on union leaders, it certainly wont be for an invite to have a beer or 3. The nazis want to fix his little red wagon, yet deny that is a declaration of war, lol.
    Ok nazis, just what do you intend to do to the union leader if you actually get the info you seek?
    What do the nazis mean by fix his little red wagon?
    Has anyone found any info on the so called old bloke that got king hit by union members whilst the nazis just stood and watched? Still have not found any cctv footage or any info regarding an assault at the pub. Is it just another nazi lie, lol, and they wonder why no one trusts them or why they have no credibility.

  21. @ndy says:

    In any case, in a handful of public statements, it’s true that AF has attempted to make a distinction b/w a corrupt/criminal/Communist/Maoist etc union leadership/officials/delegates and ordinary, decent, law-abiding, patriotic union members who, if they knew THE TROOF, would naturally flock to the AF banner instead of function as mindless dupes for the corrupt/criminal/Communist/Maoist etc union leadership/officials/delegates that mislead them into opposing neo-Nazi groups like Golden Dawn. I think the distinction in this context is BS.

  22. Andy the facilitator of CFMEU thuggery says:

    Nice try. You picked the posts of a couple of excitable members, one of whom IS a union member. Derrrrrr. And this is from the AF leader himself, so, carry on…

    While some ex Maoists from the old BLF and Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist) are playing vanguard-of-the-proletariat while wearing CFMEU garb, the real history of Aussie unionism makes a mockery of them.
    Our comrade Kev McCauley recently edited The Heritage, a pamphlet written by John Curtin and Frank Anstey from around 1930.
    This is our heritage as nationalists. The multiracial proletariat proclaiming it has no country and no ‘race’ while militantly confronting the fascist scourge that it not end free unions [?] – gets no look-in here. Of course, these Mao-oids and the anarchist Antifa know that only too well.
    We were happy to publish the pamphlet on line. It will be put on paper later in the year.

  23. Ben says:

    It makes me laugh when fascists try to appropriate the Eureka flag. Of the thirteen Eureka rebellion ringleaders bought to trial, two were black, one was Jewish, one was Dutch and another was Italian. If AF’s terrified hate-screeds had even a shred of credibility it would be obliterated by the fact they’re stand under the symbol of Australia’s first left-wing multicultural uprising.

  24. @ndy says:

    Dr Jim used to wave the swastika about in his yoof but then the Australian Nazi Party also used the Eureka flag in the early 1970s, as did various neo-Nazi and fascist grouplets in the 1970s and 1980s …

  25. patrick says:

    @Ben, Rational thinking has never been high on the list of abilities required by AFP members or its allies. Look at the hammerskins and their crossed hammers symbol, straight out of the Pink Floyd movie the Wall. The point is that to all of them, its all about image, nothing else. They have built their little fantasy world around images because they have nothing else.

  26. Golden Dawn Fraser says:

    @ Ben,
    Yeah and on their acquittal the Eureka rebels, Negroes included were reportedly carried aloft through the streets of Melbourne by a crowd of thousands of supporters.
    @ Patrick,
    LOL. How long have Greek Australians been “White”? About 18 months I guess, since AF decided to make them “Honorary Aryans”, I guess now they get to go back to being Greek Australians…that must be a relief for them.

  27. @ndy says:

    Dr Jim has written:

    I question Herr Doktor’s credibility. He’s been convicted (1991) of organising a shotgun assault upon the home of an African National Congress representative in Australia. In addition to this crime, in the Judgement handed down by Newman, Studdert and Hulme in the NSW Court of Criminal Appeal on October 12, 1999 (R v Saleam [1999], NSWCCA 342), Hulme notes that:

    “On 28 September 1994 the appellant was charged before Judge Viney:-

    “For that he between 1 June 1990 and 9 July 1990 did conspire with John Rex Anderson to maliciously damage, by means of fire, a motor vehicle, the property of Peter Coleman”.

    3 The appellant pleaded not guilty and the trial, with the consent of the appellant, was by Judge alone. The evidence adduced by the Crown consisted of a number of statements, one by Mr Anderson, one by Mr Coleman and a number by police officers. It also included two affidavits by the appellant and some evidence he had given previously and also included two publications written at least partly by him entitled “We Accuse” and “You’ve Got to be Joking”. There was no cross-examination and no challenge to this evidence. If accepted, it established that the appellant had made an arrangement with Anderson whereby for the sum of $400 the latter would create a “little fire” to cause some damage, but not destroy, Mr Coleman’s car.

    4 The appellant made an unsworn statement in which he admitted committing the offence but said he was trapped into doing so by his former wife and, he believed, a fourth person. Not surprisingly, both on the basis of the information contained in the material tendered by the Crown, and on the basis of the appellant’s unsworn statement, he was convicted on 6 October 1994 and sentenced to a minimum term of imprisonment for six months to date from 29 July 1994 and to an additional term of eighteen months during which period he was to be released on parole and supervised by the probation service. In backdating the sentence his Honour took into account approximately two months pre-sentence custody referable only to the subject offence.

    5 His Honour found special circumstances, in particular that at the time of sentence the appellant was serving a sentence of a minimum term of three years and six months dating from 9 April 1991 and an additional term of one year for offences of malicious injury to property and possession of a firearm. The appellant was indeed on bail for those offences at the time he committed the offence presently under consideration.

    6 The appellant had earlier convictions recorded against him. In 1984 he was convicted of stealing. In 1985 he was convicted of defacing walls. In 1986 he was convicted of possession of a prohibited article and, on appeal, sentence was deferred upon him entering into a recognisance to be of good behaviour for three years. In 1987 he was sentenced to two years’ imprisonment with a non-parole period of twelve months on charges of receiving and obtaining money by a false statement. With this record, the sentence imposed on the appellant was not obviously excessive…

  28. patrick says:

    @Golden Dawn Fraser. Greeks became Aryan when Jim Saleam realized that he could use the Golden Dawn to get free publicity for the AFP. Supporting Golden Dawn also helps Jim Saleam in his never ending quest to be seen as Greek, instead of Arab.
    As we have all seen, Golden Dawn has sweet fuck all support here in Australia among the Greek Australian community. The reason for that could be that Golden Dawn Australia is allied with an Arab which goes against everything that Golden Dawn in Greece stands for.

  29. Andy the facilitator of CFMEU thuggery says:

    @patrick. Has anyone found any info on the so called old bloke that got king hit by union members whilst the nazis just stood and watched?

    I’m waiting to find out. Apparently, he was struck on the back of the head with knuckle dusters, and hospitalized. As much as I hate the likes of Socialist Alliance, and view their rhetoric as dangerous, I have never taken to them with a weapon. I guess those days are over.

  30. @ndy says:

    So … is Dr Jim claiming that “a couple of activists received minor cuts” or that an elderly man had to be rushed to hospital? What’s today’s story? And will it be the same as yesterday’s or tomorrow’s? *rolls eyes*

  31. Andy the facilitator of CFMEU thuggery says:

    Dr Jim wasn’t there. And not all these reports came through AF channels but from those who were on the ground. So, careful with rolling your eyes; if the wind changes you’ll stay permanently cross-eyed.

  32. patrick says:

    @Andy the facilitator of nazi delusions. Oh so now the old bloke was hit with knuckle duster, lol, thats a new one. This story just keeps getting better. Have you actually ever been in a real fight, ever seen what knuckle dusters can do? Hitting an old bloke in the back of the skull would have cracked the skull open. Yet no mention on newspapers or crimestoppers of elderly bloke being king hit with knuckle duster. With the new laws on king hits, this would have been news across the nation. As for your claim of never taken to social alliance with weapons but now you will, lol, bet you would run if a social alliance person stood up to you even if you are armed, coward.

  33. patrick says:

    Over on scumfront, some of the keyboard warriors are claiming victory, believing that any publicity is good publicity. These posters should be stand up comedians.

    Today, 06:28 AM #124
    Forum Member

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    Default Re: Golden Dawn Picket.
    I think it was mentioned that this picket succeeded in showing up the antifa scum and union thugs with a bit of jewry thrown in. I think there will be more to this in the following months. To me this was a success, it showed me how strong Australia First Party and its members are, being decent in public and rallying peacefully against all odds.

    As for Vice, well they are sensationalist media and need i say more.
    “Friend of Stormfront”
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    Default Re: Golden Dawn Picket.
    Damn right it was a success, on various levels.

    The rally gained various media and no doubt bonded the people there; brotherhood under fire? That is good organizationally including cross organizationally if multiple groups are involved.

    Nationalists are so underrepresented in media coverage that to some extent I feel any coverage is good coverage.( I am sure there might be some exceptions to that). Thinking readers will do more than read a smear on a MSM site, theyll move over to say the AFP or GD sites and read there to make up their mind.

    For instance the writer, Lauren Gillin , of the piece linked a few posts back said he/she had never heard of AFP prior to this, will guess what buddy, neither would have scores of others and some of them are now considering joining or at least exploring the nationalist movement and positions..

    Again I reiterate how brave those men and women were on the day whether from GD, AFP or individuals/other groups.

    You just have to see some of the haters video clips to see what these guys had to put up with. Like walking one or two or three through a mob of 30-40

    Any young Nationalist who has never heard of AFP, might have read about them in the Brisbane papers etc, but they would not have been impressed seeing a few wogs and a handful of hollywood neo nazis. If they went any further and read up on the AFP, they would see that it is led by a bloke named Jamahl Saleam, aka James Saleam, aka Jim Saleam. Yes his real name is Jamahl Saleam, not a Anglo Celtic or even a Greek name.

    I can not think of ANY real Nationalist that would do anything other than fall off the chair laughing at the thought of an Arab leading a supposed White Nationalist party.

    The more that comes out in the press about AFP the better, as it shows the AFP to be typical hypocritical neo nazi idiots that are too stupid to even know that a person with Arabic heritage and name is not Greek like Jamahl Saleam claims to be.

    Sorry scumfront members but in your case publicity only shows you to be idiots of the highest order…oh and the leader of Golden Dawn Australia looks a little Turkish according to some Greek friends of mine, LOL.

  34. Andy the facilitator of CFMEU thuggery says:

    @patrick. The information about the old man is what has been relayed to me. Did ANY report about the assaults at the bar reach the news? No, the ‘news’ in all its unbiased glory was only interested in the multicultural anti-fascist narrative and it was only reported locally. If it IS an erroneous report, I’ll be pleased. The ‘king hit’ laws so far as I’m aware are a NSW law, not a Brisvegas thing. The rest of your post about running from the ‘social (sic) alliance’ — that’s the kind of thing a dumb kid would say on the other side of a computer screen. Yes, you write like a child. I’m not a kid, and I’m not a wilting tulip either, like those malnourished pot-smoking, pimply little middle-class wankers who get about living out their atavistic civil rights, protest era fantasies. But you’re entirely without humour or grace, Patrick; without wit or insight; so, I think you should hurry up before the Good Ship Lollipop leaves without you. Plus, it’s a school day and past your beddy byes. And it’s about time you actually told your dad that you plan on becoming a woman. I’m sure he’s very understanding. Or he’s a fag. Which probably amounts to the same thing where your sensitive crimes of passion are concerned.

  35. @ndy says:

    As I see it:

    The KKKlowns on SF are engaging in some face-saving, an entirely predictable (and mildly amusing) response. But however much they pout, the simple fact of the matter is that the event was FAIL: the nazis were unable to rally, march or picket. Despite having months to prepare — and imploring *every* other nazi in QLD to come along — in the end AF/GD were only able to gather 14 losers to their Little Nuremberg. The fascist b0zos who made the ill-advised decision to answer the call were a pathetic sight, lost several of their flags, were subject to some richly-deserved ridicule, and were eventually forced to ESC in a taxi! No amount of spin is ever going to change the fact that the rally will be remembered as a complete wash-out. If they were honest with themselves — and I assume some are, in their private moments — they would admit that Brisbane is at present highly ill-disposed to their prancing about in public and they would to well to reconsider their approach.

  36. patrick says:

    @Andy the facilitator of nazi delusions. Of course the news was relayed to you, and like a good little nazi, you just pass on the crap without checking to see if its true. You and the other nazis have not been able to show any evidence that the assault EVER happened. In the original version given on the weekend, no mention was made of knuckle dusters being used. Still no mention on Stormfront of knuckle dusters, so why are you mentioning it here?
    As for the rest of your post, blah blah blah, grow the fuck up. Did I strike a nerve there boy, got a laugh reading your little hissy fit. Shows the mind and character of a true internet warrior. I have noticed that when put under pressure its the nazis that wilt. Hell by their own admittance the nazis claim to have fled when the old bloke got king hit.
    As Slackbastard says, the event was a complete failure by the AFP/Golden Dawn Australia and the nazis. It seems that the AFP and its nazi allies thrive on constant failure, but what can we expect from a group that worships a dead German lunatic that destroyed his own country.

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  38. Andy the facilitator of CFMEU thuggery says:

    @patrick. They let you out of (special) school early? As they say, twinkle toes, it’s not over till the fat lady sings. That probably describes your mother, but since you’ve forced this to sink into pointless flaming I’ll just attempt to educate your reactionary little being with a famous quote from a revered show from the 1980s called The Comic Strip Presents ‘Mr Jolly Lives Next Door’. It goes: “Never, ever, anything bloody ever…” Now, Patty, I want you to meditate on those words while you scrub your teeth with your mother’s scourer. You may not be the brightest bulb in the socket, but by God I’m not giving up on you. We’ll make a Nazi out of you yet. You know you want to join us, it’s just, you’re afraid of having to cut your dreadlocks. Of course, we’ll have to make a man out of you first, which means no more Dora The Explorer underwear.

  39. Golden Dawn Fraser says:

    My sympathies lie with the MAC roller door, it’s the true victim in all this unpleasantness, I’m surprised it still rolls up with all those coats of paint on it.

  40. patrick says:

    @Andy the facilitator of nazi delusions
    I do not have dreadlocks
    Who/what is dora the explorer?
    Do you honestly think Jamahl Saleam is a White person?

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  42. Violet Trixie says:

    The tall skinny guy pointing his index finger in photo 5 is Joshua Gunther.

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