slackbastard ~versus~ Australia First Party, Daily Stormer, Reclaim Australia (etc.)

So anyway, Sydney-based Australia First Party (AFP) member ‘Nathan Sykes’ has written an article for US-based neo-Nazi website Daily Stormer complaining about my blog.


You may remember Daily Stormer from such online hate campaigns as that directed at Australian Muslim lawyer Mariam Veiszadeh — see : I will not be silenced: Australian Muslim fights Twitter ‘troll army’, Hilary Whiteman, CNN, February 28, 2015; NSW Police hate crimes unit ramps up its efforts to protect communities, Rachel Olding, The Sydney Morning Herald, February 19, 2015; Woman charged over online abuse of human rights activist Mariam Veiszadeh, The Guardian, February 18, 2015 — and Jewish Labor MP Luciana Berger (see : Neo-Nazi gave out internet abuse tips in campaign against Luciana Berger, Marcus Dysch, The Jewish Chronicle, October 30, 2014).


Titled ‘Slackbastard AKA Andy Fleming: Portrait of an Antifa State Stooge’, the AFP member and Stormfront user (‘Great Australian Bite’) accuses me of all sorts of things, but the Jew-hating author is particularly upset that I’m able to operate a Facebook page, recommending that other neo-Nazis, fascists, and White supremacists do their utmost to shut me up. The anti-Semite also commends Shermon ‘The Great Aussie Patriot’ Burgess‘s flying monkeys for mass reporting my page in order for it to be removed. He further recommends the neo-Nazi ‘Whitelaw Towers’ (WLT) blog to other Jew-hating creeps as a good source of information on ‘slackbastard’.

It’s worth noting that the principal author of WLT is Peter Campbell. The Sydney-based neo-Nazi briefly came to public attention back in 2006:

Neo-Nazi ‘circulated bomb-making manual’
Greg Roberts
The Australian
September 15, 2006

A POLICE anti-terrorist taskforce is investigating detailed bomb-making instructions distributed to Australian [boneheads] by a prominent neo-Nazi.

The Victoria Police security intelligence group has been told the material was distributed by Peter Campbell, the national head of the White Pride Coalition of Australia.

Mr Campbell is a senior sales representative with Melbourne electrical parts group Heinemann Electric – the company at the centre of a row over the Howard Government’s workplace laws. Material given to police includes bomb-making instructions published in an article titled “How to build a David Copeland special”. Copeland, a white supremacist dubbed the Soho bomber, was responsible for a series of bombs in London in the late 1990s.

The instructions include advice to keep nails and other projectiles, which are packed in bombs, in horse manure so that “when embedded in the burnt flesh, the shit will poison the blood”.

The instructions recommend bombs be disguised by placing them in traffic cones.

Muslims are referred to in other material being examined by police.

One document includes this rallying call: “Kill, murder, burn and butcher our enemies and become a hero!”

Some of the documents under investigation by Victoria Police were used in the successful prosecutions in London last year of five neo-Nazi British men for inciting racial hatred.

Mr Campbell declined to comment when contacted by The Australian yesterday.

He sells installation products made by Heinemann subsidiary Slegers, a job that gives him access to items mentioned in the bomb-making instructions.

Mr Campbell uses the WPCA pseudonym of Kromlek of Asgard, which is derived from figures in Viking mythology.

Another alias he uses is ZyklonB, the poisonous gas used by Nazis to kill Jews in the Auschwitz concentration camp.

In a posting on a WPCA website, Mr Campbell referred to Jews when he said: “The sooner we White Men are rid of these vile, loathsome bloodsuckers, then the sooner we can get on with the task of re-establishing White homelands for our people that are free from contamination!” Mr Campbell said in another posting: “We White Nationalists must be physically armed as well as ideologically and spiritually prepared!”

Cam Smith, a campaigner with the anti-racism group Fight Dem Back, said the WPCA should be outlawed as a terrorist group.

“These are people who openly promote the use of violence against minority groups they don’t like,” he said. “Thugs like this should not be allowed to promote their messages of hate in a civilised society.”

The WPCA has been implicated in race-hate campaigns against Sudanese refugees in western Sydney and in the Darling Downs city of Toowoomba in Queensland.

Heinemann general manager Richard Ross said Mr Campbell was a good employee, and he knew nothing of his background that suggested he should not have been hired.

Heinemann is at the centre of a row over the federal Government’s industrial relations laws for docking a week’s pay from 46 workers who stopped working overtime.

The Australian revealed this week that WorkSafe Victoria has issued eight notices instructing Heinemann Electric to improve health and safety standards.

Three final points:

1) It’s quite possible that racists of one sort or another — anti-Semites, Islamophobes, neo-Nazis, fascists, White supremacists et al — will succeed in kicking me off Facebook, eventually. But I’ll continue to blog, to write and to tweet as I’m able.

2) In hopping into bed with anti-Semites and neo-Nazis — whether ‘Squadron 88’ (see : slackbastard | Online Hate Prevention Institute) in Sydney or ‘Nationalist Republican Guard’ in Melbourne — ‘The Great Aussie Patriot’ has exposed himself as a racist of the lowest rank.

3) Anti-Semites, Islamophobes, neo-Nazis, fascists and White supremacists have all flocked to the ‘Reclaim Australia’ banner and will be present alongside other ‘patriots’ on April 4. If you’re opposing these groups and individuals, as Jerry Springer says, please take care of yourselves … aaand each other.

A note on Facebook (esp for Strayan #antifa) …

Note : The Facebook profile ‘Astrid Ezard’ is a fake nazi account. Treat accordingly.


If you use Facebook and are in any way involved in expressing opposition to racism and fascism then there’s some possibility you will be targeted by the far right. The more active and vocal you are, the more likely you will come to their attention.

As a general rule, it’s a good idea to only publish personal information which you are happy to be made public. Further, do not accept friend requests from people you do not know unless others you know and trust can vouch for them. Fascists have established a number of fake profiles on Facebook which are used to either troll or to befriend and obtain information from targeted individuals. Many of these profiles make a special point of appearing to be ‘anti-fascist’.

There are various means by which to limit the amount of information users make available on Facebook. Facebook privacy settings allow users to moderate the public availability of this information — this feature is especially useful for older accounts. Periodically checking these settings is a good idea, both because Facebook has glitches and because its policies and practices change over time. If your account is used to share photos with family and friends, remember that while your own account may be secure, this doesn’t mean information shared with family and friends can’t be accessed via these other accounts.

Finally, note that fascists are happy to publish information regarding a person’s name, address, photo, description and other personal details including workplace. They are also happy to target a designated person’s family and friends, irrespective of whether or not they share the views of those targeted in this manner.


There are three main sites that neo-Nazis use to publish information they obtain about their real or alleged opponents: Stormfront, Whitelaw Towers and Anti-Antifa Australia.

Based in the US, Stormfront is the world’s leading neo-Nazi and White supremacist/nationalist website, run by convicted terrorist and former Klansman Don Black. Whitelaw Towers is a blog jointly written by Peter Campbell and Jim Perren. Anti-Antifa Australia, another blog, was established by Chris Smith. Campbell, Perren and Smith are supporters of the Australia First Party and work in close collaboration with them. Any information obtained by these individuals will be shared with AF and a range of other groups and individuals on the far right as well as with the general public.

Peter Campbell is a middle-aged, Sydney-based neo-Nazi who was one of those responsible for establishing the White Pride Coalition of Australia (WPCA) in 2002, a coalition which brought together neo-Nazis and White supremacists from the Australian Nationalists Movement, KKK, (New Zealand) National Front, National Socialist Party of Australia and World Church of the Creator. The WPCA dissolved in 2004 but in 2014 was revived as a Facebook page and organising project. In 2006, Campbell was responsible for republishing a Combat 18 (C18) document for local distribution called ‘How to build a David Copeland special’ (‘White patriot’ denies violence, Andrew Fraser and Greg Roberts, The Australian, September 16, 2006). David Copeland was an English neo-Nazi responsible for conducting bombings directed at London’s gay and immigrant communities in April 1999. Three people were killed and hundreds more injured as a result of the bombings. (C18 continues to eke out a marginal existence in Australia, largely by way of Creatard Patrick O’Sullivan‘s stickering campaign in Melbourne: a recent sample from Richmond below.)


Jim Perren is a Queenslander, originally based in Crows Nest outside of Toowoomba (where he worked as a shooter and bouncer) but now apparently living in Brisbane and, presumably, continuing to work in the security industry. Now in his late 40s, Perren has attended Australia First Party events and is also responsible for helping obtain jobs in the security industry for other neo-Nazis, including members of the Hammerskins.

Chris Smith is a bonehead from Penrith, Sydney now based in Brisbane. He has a criminal record for assault and robbery, having been convicted in late 2010. In addition to publishing the Anti-Antifa Australia blog, Smith is the chief organiser of the neo-Nazi skinhead group Volksfront (VF). VF was originally established in Portland, Oregon in the early 1990s but grew rapidly in the US and established a presence in several other countries. The group was declared dissolved by its founder in September 2012 after the mass shooting at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin by Hammerskin and former VF intimate Wade Michael Page. The Australian branch is the only VF branch still active.

Nationalist Alternative throw their former Führer under the bus #antifa


Back in June 2014, Melbourne-based neo-Nazi groupuscule Nationalist Alternative (NAlt) underwent a schism, with NAlt’s leader apparently being deposed and control of the group’s Facebook page assumed by some of his underlings. Since then the page has published various, often quite bizarre material rubbishing their former Führer. In addition to publishing a conversation in which the Führer apparently sent an image of his penis to a young woman (which I won’t re-publish here in the interests of good taste), they included the following images (also since deleted):


Established in 2009 and with origins in anti-Muslim agitation in Williamstown, NAlt — derided by Dr James Saleam as “just a bunch of students from Melbourne” — has published analysis and produced agitprop (racist leaflets and stickers etc.) but generally avoided taking to the streets. The one major exception to this rule was their attendance, along with a handful of other neo-Nazis and nationalist yoof, at an anti-Muslim rally in September 2012. Beyond this, the only real media reportage the group or its members has received was in February 2014 when one of its members, Neil Luke Erikson, “avoided jail for abusing a Melbourne rabbi in a series of racially-motivated phone calls he tried to explain as a prank”.

As well as providing leadership to his fellow neo-Nazis, the Führer was also very active as one of two moderators, along with ‘Sporran’, on Stormfront Down Under, where he posted as ‘White_Australian’ (join date: December 2005). (The pair replaced Paul Innes, the previous moderator, some years ago. See : Stormfront Down Under Circus : 2008-2013 (w/- BONUS! Derek Black), July 24, 2013.) As White_Australian, The Führer naturally expressed little love for The Jew:


Indeed, so enamoured of the Stormfront project was the Führer that in 2012 he even travelled to Tennessee in the United States to take part in political education and training conducted by convicted terrorist and Stormfront owner Don Black & Co. This week, however, for reasons best known to himself — but presumably not unrelated to the betrayal by his former kameraden — White_Australian’s account has been ‘Temporarily Disabled by Request’.

Whether or not Mark Hootsen chooses to permanently disable his neo-Nazi and White supremacist political career remains to be seen. In any case, props to the (other) boys in NAlt for spilling their guts.

Anti Antifa Australia, Chris Smith & Volksfront Australia

A number of people have contacted me today expressing concern regarding the publication on the image and video hosting website Photobucket of an album containing photos of various presumed anti-fascists. The collection has been published by ‘anti-antifa’ and promoted on Stormfront.


For anyone who cares, ‘anti-antifa’ is the creation of a neo-Nazi skinhead named Chris Smith. Smith is the leader of a tiny grouplet called Volksfront Australia and sells sea shells by the sea shore neo-Nazi muzak via his distro ‘Heathen Noise’. Formerly based in Sydney, Smith is now in Queensland.


While he elected not to attend the failed rally organised by Australia First in support of Golden Dawn a few weeks ago, Smith is obviously upset at the result, and publishing photos of those who expressed opposition to the rally — along with their partners, friends and children — is seemingly his way of lashing out.

Silly bugger.