Protest Australia First Party, Sydney, Saturday, May 24

Update : Sadly, it appears that Blacktown City Council is happy to provide a platform to racists, fascists and neo-Nazis. You can let Council know what you think of their decision to facilitate racial vilification via their Twitter account here and Facebook page here.

Golden Dawn pictures

On Saturday, May 24, some locals in western Sydney have organised to protest a public meeting of the Australia First Party. The meeting features the powerful oratory of Dr James Saleam, the leader of AF; Iggy Gavrilidis, the leader of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn in Australia; and Julie Head. The meeting is taking place at Doonside Community Centre, 38 Hillend Rd, Doonside, NSW 2767; (02) 9839 6000.


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I live in Melbourne, Australia. I like anarchy. I don't like nazis. I enjoy eating pizza and drinking beer. I barrack for the greatest football team on Earth: Collingwood Magpies. The 2024 premiership's a cakewalk for the good old Collingwood.
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  1. patrick says:

    If you really want to upset them, just hold up large posters showing Saleam’s real heritage and ask why the Australian neo-Nazis take orders from a half-breed Arab that has convictions for fraud and who lives on welfare payments

  2. Australian Anthony Biggs says:

    Bring them in by the ship load, not boat.
    Fly them, charter flights to get as much of the third wold population we can, they can live with you or you pay for thier housing, medical, dental, food, send them to your kids school and you pay for that, and give them free university placed as well, and TAFE.
    It the long run you want want to pay for it, and we will be stuck with generations living on state welfare, problem is your on welfare and we can’t send you back. Truck! Natural Salecton.

  3. @ndy says:

    I don’t think you understand how the economy works Australian Anthony Biggs.

  4. patrick says:

    @Australian Anthony Biggs, Would you be happy to have Saleam bring his Arab relatives into Australia? I can not understand how a Party that whinges about immigrants has a leader whose family lied its way into Australia during the White Australia Policy years. It proves that everyone involved with the Australia First Party are hypocrites. Just how stupid does a person have to be to not know that Saleam is an Arabic name?

  5. Mr Haha Caughtyouinacontradiction says:

    Ok Patrick, it seems a bit of an odd way to contest racism and fascism, but here goes: “Hey! Hey you Australian fascist people! You in the Australia First Party! You can’t even find yourself a white Hitler to follow! Ha! Your leader isn’t white! Also that Iggy guy from Golden Dawn is Greek! How do you like that?! He isn’t even white either! Or actually… do Greeks count as white? I’m not sure… But James Saleam, that guy, he isn’t only not-white, not white, you know, not really white, he’s got an Arab-sounding name! How do you like that, you scum? Ha!”

    Oddly enough I seem to have annoyed only the most idiotic of nationalist-racist types and made myself look like a right dickhead, while all of my friends are now looking at me funny… I’ll have to go explain it was all a clever tactic…

  6. patrick says:

    @Mr haha. It is not only Arab sounding, but Saleam IS an Arab name. Jamahl Saleam is a half breed Arab. The nazis whinge about the lebos in Sydney and Melbourne yet they have a leader with Arab blood. This may be news to you, but Arabs and Palestinians are Semites, that means Non White. Saleam can claim to be Greek all he wants, but I do not see any Greeks backing his claim.
    As they say, there are none so blind as those that refuse to see. There is evidence all over that Saleam is of Syrian/Lebanese background, the more the nazis claim otherwise, the more stupid they look.
    People are entitled to know the truth about the Australia First Party. I notice that although its members claim Saleam is White, they can not prove it. Australians deserve to know that the Australia First Party is led by a lying delusional criminal and that its supporters are nothing more than a bunch of hypocritical idiots that do not have the balls to speak out against a lying criminal Arab.

  7. Mr Haha Caughtyouinacontradiction says:

    Ah Patrick, this may be news to you but the definition of ‘White’ people changes over time because it isn’t about some inherent ‘race’ that trained scienticians might detect, or about skin colour. So whether ‘Semites’ count as white in anyone’s eyes can shift as much as whether Irish people count as white. In this country these days, for instance, I think a lot of people would probably say that Irish people and Jews count as ‘White’. I suspect that you think that they somehow ‘really’ are not. Because you’re, you know, a bit of an idiot. Or, I don’t know, a non-hypocritical racist – well done you.

    The kind of idiot who thinks they are making a really sharp point over and over again when they keep telling people that “Australians deserve to know” that Saleam is really “half breed Arab”, that he has “Arab blood”, and that the Australia First Party “do not have the balls to speak out against a lying criminal Arab”… Let me guess, Patrick: you don’t like Arabs? You want everyone to admit that “Arabs and Palestinians are Semites, that means Non White”?

    Are you a trained racial scientician?

  8. patrick says:

    @Haha, are you a member of Australia First Party? According to the rules of the White Australia Policy, semites are not White, no matter what they look like. Unfortunately many nazis have a look White is White attitude. Then again, many are members of Stormfront, which is run by a criminal who attempted to install a Negro into power while he was Grand Dragon of the KKK and whose wife works for a company helping Cuban and Afro Americans.
    I do not agree with many of Slackbastard’s views (he is a Collingwood supporter) but I have no wish to live in a police state run by the likes of Saleam, or his idiotic supporters.
    Hopefully the Australian Electoral Commission will bring in the new rule requiring Parties to have 1500 members. The Australia First Party will then become just a bad memory.

  9. Mr Haha Caughtyouinacontradiction says:

    Patrick, “according to the rules of the White Australia policy” – is this the authority you think we should all live by?

    “Unfortunately many nazis have a look White is White attitude.” Because they should adopt the definitions of the White Australia policy, you mean?

    Do you have any criticisms of anyone that aren’t based upon people being, or being associated with, people who are not ‘White’?

    And no, I am not a member of the Australia First Party. You really think the things I’ve been writing are in line with AFP views?

  10. patrick says:

    Yes, they claim to be Australian after all, so therefore they should live by Australian standards, not worship a dead German politician that left Europe in ruins
    Who can tell what the views of the Australia First Party truly are. They are led by a lying deluded Arab that accepts any psychotic idiot into his party just to make up numbers. The leader before Saleam was a self confessed Jew

  11. Mr Haha Caughtyouinacontradiction says:

    Patrick, a serious question: what is your problem with Jews?

  12. patrick says:

    The jews are the biggest liars swindlers and hypocrites in the world. They push multiculturalism on White countries, demanding that we accept non Whites, demanding that we accept other cultures. Look at Israel, its basicly all jew, they even tried the other year to force Australia to accept niggers that Israel did not want. The jews claim that we are racist, yet their attitude towards anyone that is not jewish can be seen by the way they not only treat the Palestinians whose farmlands towns etc they have stolen, but also by the way they treat the Ethiopian jews. To the israelis, ethiopian jews are just lying niggers.
    If the holohoax actually happened the way the jews claim, then why is it illegal to question the hoax in so many countries. The number of dead at Auschwitz has fallen by a third, the plague listing the number of dead has been changed, but the jews still carry on about the 6 million. How do you explain the fact that the red cross never mentioned any gas chambers at any of the camps? How do you explain what was used as fuel to fire the crematoriums that the jews claim were used to destroy the bodies? If a jew commits a crime in Australia and manages to get to Israel before getting caught, Israel will not deport them. There are a few jews wanted in Australia for molesting children. Israel refuses to send them back. Israel is protecting jewish rock spiders. As far as I am aware, the only jew that was never allowed sanctuary in Israel was Meyer Lansky, the criminal terrorists who led Israel at the time possibly did not want competition.
    To this day Israel still attempts to prosecute former 3rd Reich army soldiers for war crimes, yet no Israeli has ever been charged with war crimes and Israel has committed its fair share of war crimes over the last few decades

  13. Mr Haha Caughtyouinacontradiction says:

    “claim we are racist”

    Claim Patrick?


  14. Keep it real says:

    OK, I love the last Patrick’s comment, but I do not believe they are the thoughts of the Patrick that they’re aimed at discrediting. As amusing as it is, this kind of crap isn’t right. We WN can stand by our own views, by our own names, and not do what the enemy does and lie. We will not lie. I don’t think it’s cool to attempt to attribute views to those who clearly do not hold them for the tacky interests of confusing those few who might be following the narrative. Honesty IS a good policy.

  15. patrick says:

    @ Keep it real, you say that we WN can stand by our views and our own names. Please produce a copy of your birth certificate proving your parents named you Keep it real, lol.
    Please tell us who you think is being discredited.
    If honesty is such a good policy as you claim, then why is it that Australian WN crack the shits every time Saleam is proven to be a delusional half breed Arab?
    Why do Australian WN post on a forum (Stormfront) run by a bloke whose wife helps non whites and whose only son denounced the WN movement?
    The real Australian Nationalists are sick to death of you little hollywood nazis which is why you have fuck all support among the population, you are a fucking joke and a hypocritical sick one at that.

  16. Indira Devi says:

    We are chose to come to Australia for better opportunities, lets embrace the Australian way of life and respect their culture and still follow our own. Why are we degrading one another. This is a peaceful country lets be happy about that. One of the most important thing is we must learn and acknowledge some else’s views and opinion. Take on board if you agree if not leave it and ignore it. That is a better person.

  17. Keep it real says:

    @Patrick. You and Andy can show your birth certificates. Andy has a lot of people who want to say g’day to him. He’s happily ‘outed’ those who’re guilty of nothing more than holding views him and the great herd of cultural pedos don’t share. Jim Saleam denies Lebanese heritage and been that I’d buy him a beer and stab you in the neck with a fork on about a million general principles that answers that. Don Black makes you piddle boys weep because he has the thing going and your little wimp blogs are just ant shit in the shadow of Stormfront. Speaking of ant shit, we’re looking forward to you and Andy’s true details, Pat the twat. Wink.

  18. @ndy says:

    Who have I ‘outed’ ‘Keep it real’? When and where?

  19. patrick says:

    @ keep it real
    It is you and your friends that out people. So far you have tried to out 5 different people as being slackbastard over the years and have been wrong everytime. When/if you finally get it right, no one will believe you because like the boy who cries wolf, you are known to be full of shit. You are as discredited as a witness that keeps changing its story.
    I notice you say Saleam denies being Lebanese, but can he prove it? Saleam is an Arab name you idiot.
    As for your juvenile threat of stabbing me in the neck with a fork, LOL, you whinge about the antifa and violence, but have no problem acting all tough online with petty threats, you really are a joke.
    As for Don Black, ever wondered why no one on Stormfront ever mentions Operation Reddog? If they do, they get banned. Don does not like it when people bring up that the reason he went to jail was for attempting to take over a country and install a n*gg*r into power. Nor does he like it when people bring up the reason why he was shot when aged 16. Attempting to steal funds as well as the mailing list from a White person. Don Black is a career criminal that has never worked in his life. The house he lives in was actually his wife’s parents house. Chloe works hard helping Cubans and n*gg*rs, while Don takes in all those donations Stormfront members hand over, $13,000 last month was it not, not bad for sitting on ya arse doing nothing.

  20. patrick says:

    @keep it real,
    Take a good look at post 12, click on the images and read them, then tell us if you still believe Jamahl Saleam is White

  21. Damien Thorn says:

    So much for the Greeks and their claim to ‘whiteness’. The fact that Golden Dawn members had to ‘ask’ Faresh Damlaki the poor Syrian refugee where he came before they attacked him seems totally ludicrous to me. Go to 7:05:

    Speaking on that subject, how ethnically compatible are Greeks with National Socialism when the push does come to the shove?

    During the Third Reich deputy Fuehrer Rudolf Hess was half Greek on his mother’s side. Can’t say I’ve ever read any accounts of this ‘half-wog’ being second in command from the Fuehrer as an issue at the time. However, in April 1941 Germany invaded Greece. Is it a coincidence that Hess made his historic flight to Scotland the month after? This possibly being another contributing factor of his abandonment of the Nazis and where his loyalty stood. It was well known that Hess was not in favour of how the war was going especially the conflict with Britain. Hitler viewed Hess’ flight as an act of treason and privately ordered him to be ‘shot on sight’ should he ever return to Germany.

    John Patler (nee Patsalos) the man responsible for the assassination of George Lincoln Rockwell in the US in 1967 was another case. Rockwell was trying to employ a pan European membership to the American Nazi Party (later named National Socialist White People’s Party), but other members who had Nordicist views namely Matt Koehl and William L. Pierce (the latter who became the author of The Tuner Diaries), had differing views. They shunned Patler referring to him as a ” swarthy greasy Greek”:

    Rockwell’s murder was partially due to him not defending and sticking up for Patler enough. Patler ultimately had an awakening realising that he was the son of immigrants and faced discrimination when growing up and realised the errors of his ways.

    Greeks and Maltese were among those whom during the early Nordicist period of the White Australia Policy, were deemed as ‘semi-coloured’ and thus had restrictions placed on them entering:

    This brings me to the subject of Jim Saleam, and a question I have for you Andy. For an anti-racist campaigner I find it weird; Why is it that you have made an issue of Saleam’s ethnicity time and time again on this blog? Instead of spending more time shunning him being a hate monger and racist?

    Do I consider Saleam a contradictory hypocrite? Yes, but no less than brown skinned Iggy Gavrilidis who runs Golden Dawn in Australia. I’ve never seen you comment on him.

    In regards to Lebanese and ‘whiteness’? This is an interesting topic. Anthropologically Jim Saleam is fully Caucasian regardless. He is not phenotypically a ‘person of colour’. He would have been accepted as ‘white’ in South Africa under the apartheid regime and would currently be classed as white in the US Census, by law and their government institutions:

    He would also be identified as white in most Latin American countries.

    Australia’s census does not identify the population in terms of race let alone the usage of ‘colour metaphors’ to define race. Hence there is nothing in Australian law that says he cannot identify himself as such. Lebanese are a drop in the bucket number wise in this country and not even in the top 10 migrant groups who come here. What is so specific about them? We have become an international laughing stock:

  22. @ndy says:

    Speaking on that subject, how ethnically compatible are Greeks with National Socialism when the push does come to the shove?

    Fully compatible: national socialism exists in numerous varieties.

    This brings me to the subject of Jim Saleam, and a question I have for you Andy. For an anti-racist campaigner I find it weird; Why is it that you have made an issue of Saleam’s ethnicity time and time again on this blog? Instead of spending more time shunning him being a hate monger and racist?

    Do I consider Saleam a contradictory hypocrite? Yes, but no less than brown skinned Iggy Gavrilidis who runs Golden Dawn in Australia. I’ve never seen you comment on him.

    First, the issue of Jim’s ethnicity has been around for some time. To supporters of Jack van Tongeren (Australian Nationalists Movement) Saleam was ‘The Mad Arab’; in turn, Saleam’s supporters dubbed van Tongeren ‘Java Jack’ (on account of his Indonesian ancestry). Otherwise, given that Jim is boss of a political party that seeks to cleanse Australia of non-Whites, it’s ironic, I guess, that his own status as a White is questionable. Besides which, I think I have actually spent a good deal more time on other matters inre his party and politics.

    Secondly, inre Gavrilidis, I’m not sure what commentary you think is warranted. I would have thought that the stoopid involved in a Greek immigrant in Australia campaigning on behalf of a foreign anti-immigrant party alongside an anti-immigrant Australian party was kinda obvious. In any case, I think you may also be collapsing the distinction between skin colour and ethnicity, nationality and race.

    In regards to Lebanese and ‘whiteness’? This is an interesting topic. Anthropologically Jim Saleam is fully Caucasian regardless. He is not phenotypically a ‘person of colour’. He would have been accepted as ‘white’ in South Africa under the apartheid regime and would currently be classed as white in the US Census, by law and their government institutions.

    Er, what? I think you’ll find most anthropologists have a very different take on race, including the applicability of notions like ‘Caucasian’ or the ideas of Blumenbach and his ah, ‘quaint’ classificatory system to contemporary societies. As for the US Census, yeah, it has quite a history …

  23. Damien Thorn says:

    Hi Andy,

    I do see a couple of your points however did you see my links above? Here are the definitions of Caucasian from two dictionaries which do include Middle Easterners, Mediterranean Africans and South Asians:

    Yes I am aware of the context that the word can be used interchangeably with ‘white’ and that in practise it usually excludes non-European Caucasians. However take into account that different countries have different social constructions with race. In Australia, ‘Caucasian’ generally does not include people who do not look, have a similar phenotype or origins to people from North-Western Europe. Hence neither Saleam and Gavrilidis would likely be considered white or Caucasian by mainstream Australia for at least one of those reasons.

    In regards to my comment about Greeks and their compatibility with National Socialism, I am not just singling out Greeks but also other Mediterranean Europeans and even Slavic peoples considering the history of the Second World War. In the Anglo-Germanic world historically, Southern Europeans have often been viewed as ‘off-white’ or ‘not white enough’. German National Socialism advocated Nordicism and in the 1920s and 30s the Klan were also anti-Italian. If the Iranian neo-Nazi Party ‘Sumka’ had a rally as Golden Dawn did in Australia I wonder what the public reaction would be?

  24. @ndy says:

    Hi Damian,

    A few things.

    1. As I understand it, as an ideology national socialism has wider application than National Socialist (Nazi) Germany. That being the case, it’s possible for there to be a Greek or Australian or … version of national socialism. In which case, there’s no necessary contradiction between being of, say, Greek nationality and espousing national socialism (broadly understood).

    2. The Nazi regime commanded support from a range of subjects, including of course ‘non-Aryans’. Nazi teachings on race existed in tension with the geopolitical realities that the regime had to contend with in seeking to dominate Europe; political compromises of one sort or another were sometimes judged necessary in order to achieve broader goals.

    3. You wrote:

    “In regards to Lebanese and ‘whiteness’? This is an interesting topic. Anthropologically Jim Saleam is fully Caucasian regardless. He is not phenotypically a ‘person of colour’. He would have been accepted as ‘white’ in South Africa under the apartheid regime and would currently be classed as white in the US Census, by law and their government institutions.”

    I disagree. That is, I think there’s very important differences between anthropological and legal — whether Australian, South African or US — understandings of race. Within anthropology, ‘race’ is generally regarded as a highly dubious means of understanding and describing human complexity. What does it mean to be ‘Caucasian’ and how did it come to be synonymous with ‘whiteness’? Why is race commonly understood to refer to skin colour as opposed to some other quality? As I’ve previously indicated, I think Nell Irvin Painter’s book The History of White People provides a really interesting examination of such matters, especially (but not only) as its writing was prompted by precisely these questions.

    PS. I don’t consider myself an anti-racist campaigner: my opposition to racism and fascism proceeds from my anarchism.

  25. Damien Thorn says:

    Er… Your point being what exactly? Painter has simply reiterated what I have been saying about how the racial status of ‘white’ has been historically used in the US. From exclusively people of north-west European descent (the contemporary Australian standard), to including people from the Middle East and North Africa. Hence the status of Saleam’s and Gavrilidis’ “whiteness” is subjective.

  26. patrick says:

    @Damian Thorn
    The concept of White Nationalism is that in order to be classified as White, you need to be of wholly Eureopean heritage. Jamahl Saleam is of Arabic heritage on his Fathers side and British on his Mothers. Under the 3rd Reich he would have been classified as Non White.
    Saleam claims to be of Greek heritage, but Saleam is an Arabic name, not a Greek name and no Greek person in Australia backs his claim. In fact there have been interviews with various people who have known him when he was younger, they know his family and they all say Saleam is a half breed Arab.
    It shows the hypocrisy and low intelligence of the Australia First Party that they continue to defend Saleam. Many of them have an attitude of looks White is White. In that case I am sure John Safran will be their next leader as he is blond with blue eyes, maybe they will overlook the fact that he is Jewish

  27. Damien Thorn says:

    Thank you Patrick, just a few things. Racial purity does not exist hence no one is technically of “wholly European heritage”. As I stated before BY AUSTRALIAN STANDARDS neither Lebanese nor Greeks are considered ‘white’ in this country. I have added sources for that. White nationalism has many facets some would include Lebanese people:
    Secondly Saleam’s status in Nazi Germany is another thing. I have heard numerous stories of what his ethnicity is. One claim is that his father is of Levant Arab ancestry (i.e. Syrian or Lebanese) and his mother is an Australian of German descent (possibly explaining his attraction to Nazism). There were Jewish ‘mischling’ who managed to get ‘Aryan’ certificates like Field Marshal Erhard Milch. The Nazis’ primary concerns were Jews and people with Jewish ancestry. I cannot remember what colour triangle white looking half-Lebanese inmates had to wear in concentration camps.
    As a person born and raised in Northern Europe and lived half my life there and in Australia respectively I must say:
    This may come as a surprising shock to you but there are people in Europe who do not consider anyone not European as being ‘white’. That includes so called ‘white’ Australians and ‘white’ Americans. Just like when many Australians think of New Zealanders the first thing that comes to their mind is Maoris. Well there are people in Europe whom when they think of Australians, they immediately identify them all as Aborigines.

  28. patrick says:

    @Damian, do you consider Jamahl Saleam to be a White person? or do you consider him to be mixed race?
    As for Europeans considering Australians to be Abos, fuck off liar, this may surprise you but shitloads of Aussies have close relatives living in Europe, so we know that the average European does not consider us to be Abo.

  29. Damien Thorn says:

    @Patrick, I consider Jim Saleam as Australian as you are and as Ernie Dingo is. All Australian!

  30. Damien Thorn says:

    BTW Patrick, do you consider the five Golden Dawn members pictured at the top of this article to be ‘white’? All could pass for your dreaded ‘Lebs’ that you despise and the one on the far right looks like a Guantanamo inmate. If your answer is yes then your opinion deviates from what the majority of ‘white’ Australians would consider ‘white’.

  31. Damien Thorn says:

    PS. Apologies for this 12+ month delay in comments. For the record, Rudolf Hess was NOT half Greek, he was fully German. Hence if Greeks are “fully compatible” with National Socialism then by this logic @ndy, Jim Saleam is compatible with “White Nationalism”. White nationalism also exists in many varieties too. Pan-Aryanism is one of them.

    You stated “I don’t consider myself an anti-racist campaigner: my opposition to racism and fascism proceeds from my anarchism”.

    I think what you really meant to say was “I do not consider myself an anti-racist” – period. Sometimes I cannot see who the bigger haters are. Please leave the “Leb-hating” and “Leb-baiting” to the likes of “Patrick”. That is their fight, not yours. Focus on Jim Saleam’s politics, not his genealogy. Thank you.

  32. Allan Ritchie says:

    Every party is entitled to their own opinion thats democracy at work it wouldnt help if every party thought the same but it seems you and the people here want to change the outcome of elections even before they start isnt that what Hitler sought to do let every party put their point of view and let the electorate vote I lost all of my mothers inheritance at Canaccord genuity will you or any of the other repliers help me?

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