Victorian Trades Hall Council adopt motion on #ReclaimAustralia

First, they came for the Muslims …

On June 12, the Victorian Trades Hall Council Executive passed the following motion:

Reclaim Australia and Boycott Halal Movements


That the VTHC celebrates the contribution to our community from Victorians of many cultures and faiths. There is no place in Victoria for discrimination or racism and we deplore those who would demonise any group by reason of their faith, race or culture. Affiliates pledge to work alongside groups and organisations representing our many faiths and communities to counter those that oppose multiculturalism and in particular those individuals and groups that are currently fostering anti-Muslim sentiment.

~ Victorian Trades Hall Council Executive Council minutes (June 12, 2015).

Apart from a statement issued by Unions WA (and the position adopted by Australia Asia Worker Links), this is the only statement I’m aware of by a union body on the subject of Reclaim Australia. It would be a useful and productive thing if union members in Victoria made inquiries of their union to ascertain what it’s doing in order to ‘work alongside’ of anti-racist and anti-fascist groups and projects. This is especially so in light of the July 18 ‘Reclaim Australia’ and ‘United Patriots Front’ rally — a public exercise in racial and religious vilification.

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