A few things.

1) This fella’s analysis seems especially apt:


See also : New Islamic State Publication Touts Progress in Clash of Civilizations, Murtaza Hussain, The Intercept, February 13, 2015 | Muslims Around the World Condemn Paris Attacks, Adam Johnson, AlterNet, November 14, 2015.

2) Alternative Libertaire have issued a public statement:

Attentats de Paris : Contre leurs guerres, nos solidarités /// Attacks in Paris : Against their wars, our solidarities
November 14, 2015

A wave of deadly attacks took place last night in Paris and Saint-Denis. The French government has been conducting wars in several countries (Libya, Mali, Syria …) for years. These wars today have an impact on the French territory.

We are confronted [by] attacks aiming to spread terror and to stir up divisions within the population. Alternative Libertaire condemns these attacks: killing people at random in the street [with] the sole purpose of frightening is abject. These attacks are the work of a political movement – the Salafist jihadism – whose first victims are the civilian populations of the Middle East and which has already hit Beirut in recent days. This same political movement that continues to wage war against Kurdish progressive forces in Syria.

Following these attacks, we will witness a securitarian frenzy maintained by political forces who use fear to draw us against each other. Already, immigrants and the Muslim minority in this country are beginning to be affected by political statements and are subject to indiscriminate reprisals.

Strengthening freedom-restricting devices will not prevent new attacks. The state of emergency is the suspension of many democratic rights, the legalization of large-scale repressive measures with regard to various layers of the population that have nothing to do with the attacks.

We stand against government taking this opportunity to ban unionist and ecologist mobilizations to come. All this will lead to [division] and strengthen fears and hatreds. All this will only lead to an escalation between terrorist attacks increasingly bloody and security responses increasingly repressive. The answer is neither the withdrawal nor the militarization of society.

The solution will not come from those who have contributed to this situation by their militarist policies, imperialist, discriminatory, hateful. They use this to impose an increasingly police state and a national unity between exploiters and exploited, which we reject and denounce.

The solution requires the strengthening of solidarity, in the neighborhoods and at our workplaces, and through the consolidation of all those and all those who refuse all regimes of terror. Do not remain isolated! Let’s get together to discuss our responsibilities to the situation, particularly in terms of joint actions of all social transformation forces.

[Translation via Workers Solidarity Movement (Ireland).]


See also : Paris terror attacks: France now faces fight against fear and exclusion, Aurelien Mondon, The Conversation, November 14, 2015.

3) The reaction on the part of local fascists has been predictable. A sample of some of the batshit commentary on the ‘United Patriots Front’ page:


4) This cartoon sums it up as far as the reaction of the far right is concerned:


See also : After the Paris killings (Le Monde Diplomatique) #CharlieHebdo (February 3, 2015) | Kurd/Yezidi forces liberate Sinjar from ISIS: reports/photos/video, UndercoverInfo, November 13, 2015.

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9 Responses to #ParisAttacks

  1. Sam says:

    Slack B, looks like 50,000 – 70,000 people in Poland have said no to Muslim immigration. Let me guess … they must be bigoted, neo-Nazis as well?

  2. @ndy says:

    On Poland:


    Poland’s Iron Consensus
    Michal Rozworski
    November 16, 2015


    The Rebirth of Radical Nationalism: Welcome back to the ’30s

  3. Sossle says:

    Trust you Andy to see the murder of 130 people as a vehicle to push your own political agenda and in the same mouthful accuse others of doing the same…

    Funny how you attack people’s response to the terrorist attacks, for fear of them turning to the right, but not a word condemning the actual attacks themselves. Why is that?

    It’s not the Right driving people to the Right, it’s the actions of the terrorists and the continual output of the Left to do exactly nothing about. In fact they seem to be pushing on others their own form of #PorteOuverte for Syrian radicals globally. “Open up, let them in what harm could it do?” Because to do anything else would be “racist” of course. While it’s common knowledge that a percentage of the refugees are radicalised Islamic fighters. What is 1% of 6,000,000, seems like a lot… Maybe if the Left actually seemed to be objectively looking at the issue people wouldn’t be so keen to step to the Right?

    You guys are continually shooting yourselves in the foot and blaming the Right for your inability to recognise a crisis even when you’re being Turkey slapped by it.

    What is the Left offering as a solution again? That’s right your own solution was outlined in the comments section right here on this site – giving the Kurdish Muslims more guns and support. That type of solution has worked out so well in the past…

    Wake up Andy…

  4. Rashid says:

    “Attacks like the ones tonight in Paris are committed to purposely trigger an Islamophobic backlash. That backlash is not an unintended consequence of such attacks, it is part of their logic. ISIS types want an Islamophobic backlash because it lends credence to their narrative that there is a war between the West and Islam. By strengthening and emboldening the xenophobic right-wing in Europe, they strengthen their own worldview as well.” – Nader Atassi.

    Nader is absolutely correct, and he’s simply confirming what ISIS themselves have already explicitly outlined as their end goal – i.e. elimination of what they call ‘The Grayzone’, the (figurative) area occupied by the world’s Muslims, between ISIS and the non Muslim West.

    Note: All explanatory bracketed insertions, i.e. [ ], are my own.


    “The grayzone is critically endangered, rather on the brink of extinction. Its endangerment began with the blessed operations of September 11th, as these operations manifested two camps before the world for mankind to choose between, a camp of Islam – without the body of Khilāfah [caliphate] to represent it at the time – and a camp of kufr [disbelief] – the crusader coalition. Or as Shaykh Usāmah Ibn Lādin (rahimahullāh) said, “The world today is divided into two camps. Bush spoke the truth when he said, ‘Either you are with us or you are with the terrorists.’ Meaning, either you are with the crusade or you are with Islam””

    – Islamic State DABIQ magazine, Issue 7, p 54.


    “As the world progresses towards al-Malhamah al-Kubrā [the apocalyptic great battle], the option to stand on the sidelines as a mere observer is being lost. As those with hearts diseased by hypocrisy and bid’ah [innovation] are driven towards the camp of kufr, those with a mustard seed of sincerity and Sunnah [righteous action] are driven towards the camp of īmān [faith].

    Muslims in the crusader countries will find themselves driven to abandon their homes for a place to live in the Khilāfah, as the crusaders increase persecution against Muslims living in Western lands so as to force them into a tolerable sect of apostasy in the name of “Islam” before forcing them into blatant Christianity and democracy.

    Muslims in the lands ruled by the apostate tawāghīt [Muslim disbelievers/misguiders] will find themselves driven to the wilāyāt [authority] of the Islamic State, as the tawāghīt increase their imprisonment of any Muslim they think might have a mustard seed of jealousy for his religion, or lead them to apostatize by working as agents, soldiers, and puppets serving the banner of the tāghūt [disbelief/misguidance].

    Mujāhidīn [those who engage in jihad] in the lands of jihād will find themselves driven to join the ranks of the Khilāfah, or forced to wage war against it on the side of those willing to cooperate with the munāfiqīn [hypocrites] and murtaddīn [apostates] against the Khilāfah. If they do not execute these treacherous orders, they will be considered khawārij [a breakaway sect] by their leaders and face the sword of “independent” courts infiltrated by the Sufis, the Ikhwān, and the Salūlī sects.

    Eventually, the grayzone will become extinct and there will be no place for grayish calls and movements. There will only be the camp of īmān versus the camp of kufr.”

    – ibid, p 66.

    SOURCE: [SB you may want to censor the link as it does contain disturbing material]

    http : // media . clarionproject . org /files/islamic-state/islamic-state-dabiq-magazine-issue-7-from-hypocrisy-to-apostasy.pdf

  5. ablokeimet says:

    Sam: “Let me guess … they must be bigoted, neo-Nazis as well?”

    If I had to have a stab at it, I’d say YES.

  6. Sossle says:

    Some of this grey area talk is a bit like saying:

    I see you have a black eye, did your husband do it.
    Well you know you shouldn’t have made him mad… Again…
    If you just do what he says and bend over backwards to please him, I’m sure he won’t get mad as much. So when are you going to learn and just stop causing trouble, you will both be so much happier…

    You honestly think that bending over backwards to please Islamic ideals is a way out of this mess?

    Really you’re suggesting we just do the opposite of IS’s own propaganda?

    “Your child was killed by an Islamic extremist for simply wanting to see a rock band. You know what you need to do, go out and hug a Muslim and maybe volunteer to help build a mosque in your neighbourhood. That will show them and you will feel so much better for it. And I’m sure it will never happen again. Well at least for a few months anyways.”

    Really, sometimes I wonder who runs this place.

  7. @ndy says:



    An assertion is not an argument;
    Alternative Libertaire condemns the attacks — as do I, as does everybody outside of Daesh and its supporters;
    To speak of ‘The Left’ as a unitary whole makes about as much sense as speaking of ‘The Muslims’ in the same terms — I speak for myself, not ‘The Left’;
    Pro-tip: if you wish to criticise my views, it would be useful if you actually referred to them.

  8. Sossle says:

    Funny I don’t see any condemning? All I see is promotion of fear of … “Islamophobia” and “racists” being spruiked here. We wouldn’t just want to lump people into broad generic terms now would we[?] So where can I find your article condemning the Paris attacks and the culture that led to it? I couldn’t actually find it myself. Nor one regarding the other 5 [I]slamic extremist attacks that happened since?

    I still wonder who runs this place?

  9. Murvin says:

    The Left’s reaction is equally predictable. Not one mention of Islam in the entire piece. The Left in Australia appear to have had a lobotomy. Just like the right. You should go and see Maajid Nawaz when he comes out late January. He knows the truth, it is in the middle. And Islam does need a reformation!

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