Richard Wolstencroft & MUFF ~versus~ Those Degenerate Gays

[UPDATE (November 21, 2017) : While it’s true that a majority of folks seem a bit pissed at Richard’s stoopid, for the defence, Ian Nicholson of Sydney Short Film School has come out all guns blazing. Go Ian!

UPDATE (November 20, 2017) : Today Richard issued a garbled apology, announced his resignation from the role of Director, and appointed Frank Howson in his stead.]

Local filmmaker, self-described ‘transcendental fascist’ and, more recently, Trump fanboy and partisan of the AltRight,* Richard Wolstencroft, established the Melbourne Underground Film Festival (MUFF) in 2000 after the Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) declined screening his 1999 film Pearls Before Swine; as one critic wrote of the film: I’ve kind of always distrusted Richard Wolstencroft, filmmaker, Melbourne Underground Film Festival director, and tedious bore, partly because of his avowed fascist tendencies. Now that I’ve paid money for and sat through his fucking film, I just want to beat the cunt senseless.

MUFF — for which Richard is Director-For-Life — is no stranger to controversy. In 2003, he attempted to arrange a screening of The Search for the Truth in History, a 1993 propaganda film by Holocaust denialist David Irving. The screening was eventually cancelled, as several hundred people protested outside the venue, including the Australian Jewish Democratic Society’s Sol Salbe [who] said: “I’m here because my entire family was wiped out in the Holocaust.” Previously, in April 2000, a High Court judge branded Irving a racist, an anti-Semite, a Holocaust denier and a falsifier of history; the legal saga was recently dramatised in the film Denial (2016).

Still, that storm in a teacup took place 14 years ago — and what’s a few million dead Jews to Melbourne’s film community?

Fast-forward to nao, and it seems that Richard’s big mouth has gotten him and his film festival/vanity project into trouble once again. On this occasion, his commentary** on the results of the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey is what done it:

Things only got worse for Richard’s MUFF from this point, with the disgust at his homophobic stoopid leading to several sponsors (both knowing — howler bar — and unknowing — JOY 94.9) withdrawing their support, and one actor — Lachy Hulme — even deciding ‘to officially rescind my MUFF Best Actor award for “Four Jacks” (2001) and terminate any association with his film festival.’

See : Festival director’s “Yes” vote spray ignites backlash, Anders Furze, The Citizen, November 17, 2017 >>> Melbourne Underground Film Fest Director Faces Backlash For Homophobic Post, Maxim Boon,, November 17, 2017 >>> Melbourne’s Underground Film Festival Director Under Fire Over A Homophobic Facebook Rant, Tom Clift, Junkee, November 18, 2017 >>> Same-sex marriage rant on Facebook lands festival director in trouble, Ben Graham,, November 18, 2017.

Still, when all’s said and done, both Richard’s MUFF and the shit that regularly pours from his mouth and keyboard has come into criticism before, to little effect, and while it remains useful to him as a self-promotional tool, it seems likely MUFF will be back again next year, with new(er) sponsors and another crop of yuppie scum to entertain.


* Wolstencroft began contributing to the ‘Alternative Right’ blog in November 2014; its chief editor is Colin Liddell.
** On ‘decadence’, see : ‘Decadence’ by Alex Trotter (Drunken Boat, No.2, 1994).

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5 Responses to Richard Wolstencroft & MUFF ~versus~ Those Degenerate Gays

  1. A. Stalinist says:

    I’m glad Wolstencroft was finally stupid enough to say exactly the wrong thing at exactly the wrong time so everyone in the Melbourne experimental/underground art scene can stop pretending he’s a funny eccentric, continue to patronise his shitty festival and face the fact he is, and has always been, a petit-fascist with nothing of value to contribute either politically or artistically.

    Naturally he’s spinning this as though he’s a victim of the world being against his right to a voice, and decrying everyone in the arts who doesn’t immediately recognise his creative genius worthy of all possible indulgences as an ABC-brainwashed government-funded Stalinist.

    If the arts establishment – conservative, centrist and funded most often by Liberal governments – were actually Stalinist he’d have been executed, fed into a tree shredder and used to fertilise the lawn at the back of Hamer Hall two decades ago.

    A fate which, quite frankly, would have exceeded his expected utility value a hundred fold given the irrelevant shit he’s foisted on the scene since emerging from beneath his shitty pirate VHS collection back in the 90s.

  2. Tony Goodfellow says:

    In a radio interview last year Wolstencroft explained his thinking leading up to the attempt to play Irving’s film. He says that he found Irving to be a “charmer” and that he was “interested” in Holocaust denial himself. He also equivocated on his own position on Holocaust denial, suggesting that the “film industry” is holding him back from speaking freely about his position:

    “I have never made a comment whether I believe any of it [Holocaust denial], and won’t make a comment on that because essentially you can’t in the film industry.”

  3. @ndy says:


    A Black day. The Decadence and Degeneracy of the Bourgeois Elite has been normalized and they will use this to destroy us. The Family and The Nation will be under direct attack. Homosexuality is created often through child abuse and it has been embraced by the Majority of Australians as normal. The Australian public really was fooled, bullied and cajoled in to this decision ruthlessly by the Government and Media Elite. I would also suspect some vote rigging The Elite who wish to advance this abusive and destructive agenda. This is the beginning of the End of our Great Country. – unless we fight back. This is a horrible black day of infamy. The Gay Community have allowed their politics to be weaponized by the Globalists. A Tragedy.


    I’ve kind of had it with these SJW bullies attacking me. I am a controversial figure, stating the obvious. I signal Far Left and I signal Far Right, but I am dialectical. What I mainly do INTELLECTUALLY is be dialectical and practice dialectics (see below). My real position – ask anyyone who knows me is Radical Centrism leaning towards a New Right and Alt Right direction. Some of you may not like that – but that is your business. A lot of things I post I post to rile people up and even prank them. So I also have part of The Joker and Loki kind of figure within me. Again if you don’t like it that’s your business. But I am about finding synthesis between opposites. Which is just fine. And The Thought Police aren’t fully in control just yet! So, until they are, go away and find someone else to bully and pick on. Because this black duck is not going to take it and I am going to fight this bullying, intimidation and thought policing. 1984 is not here just yet and you dullards are not going to enslave the human mind or kill it’s sense of humour. In fact you never will. The Human Spirit is too Strong!


    Statement on my Controversial Comment – I NOT against the Gay Community. I never have been. But I have seen, or Thought I have seen, their politics taken over by an insidious Agenda, emanating from above, in the Elite – and only tried to warn them, as a friend. Perhaps in a way that was a little too shocking. I may be off the mark – I may be incorrect. But essentially this post causing all the trouble is a warning to friends apropos Elite take over of Legit Left and Identity politics. Be careful of the Globalist Elite and Media – when they back your politics. Ask WHAT do they want? It’s NOT your liberation I assure you. Now Peace to all and the Peace beyond understanding.


    You would think I murdered someone. It was a dark and venting OTT the top post I made morning of NO loss. I am fine with a Yes win and am rather dialectical. It was a little shit stir meant only for my FB pals – someone took a screen shot. Bad Timing with day and mood and it went viral.. I totally respect Alex [Proyas] and I apologize to him if I have upset him and I apologize to old friends like Russel Kilbey (dare I say you were my friend…shhhh) that I have offended. Now under the bus I go for now – but I’ll roll with it and I’ll still be around after all this – in new and different ways perhaps. But God forbid any of YOU ever contravene the Thought Police – ever DARE think a Thought or say a word NOT approved by The Big Other. Then you will experience my last 48 hours


    With all this publicity Muff will be packed next year – lol


    I am apologising unreservedly and resigning from the Melbourne Underground Film Festival – at midnight this evening – letter to explain all will be online tonight. Only way to save the festival – it’s rep – and stop Muff friends and associates from being tarnished further . I had to do it – only way to save the festival fully and I spent 18 years building it- but it feels ok – I need a change and I want Muff to continue. New festival director announced this evening, also

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  5. PhantomStranger says:

    http :// artwhorecult . com / culture-talk-richard-masters-aka-richard-wolstencroft / #more-9088

    “No I have un-resigned. I am not leaving the festival. I apologised – but did not resign.
    I have more work to do at ‘MUFF’.
    My critics can get fucked if they can’t handle people say stupid shit sometimes on the internet.”

    “I run the fucking thing and always will as long as it’s around.”

    “I didn’t leave – I thought FUCK those assholes. So I thought I’m staying on – running MUFF as total free speech absolutist event – and so that is that.”

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