Wellington treats neo-Nazi NZNF to warm welcome

The neo-Nazi New Zealand National Front [NZNF] attempted to hold a rally at the [cue Bolt Thrower] C e n o t a p h in Wellington this weekend, but local antifa had other plans. The NZNF — having arranged accomodation with a sympathetic local ‘holiday camp’ proprietor — had gathered in Wellington in order to hold its Annual General Meeting; if nothing else, a wonderful opportunity for NZNF Fuhrer Sid (‘The Squid’) Wilson to wax lyrical about the many virtues of “New Zealand”: to an audience embodying none of them. Plans to hold a rally at the Cenotaph earlier in the day were soon ditched when enterprising antifa staked out their own claim, forcing the twenty or so losers prepared to publically associate themselves with “The Squid” and his gang to meet at Parliament instead.

Asher provides an account of the protest at his blog; three NZ media reports are available below.

Extremists clash with protestors
October 21, 2006

Fairly standard. (Also video.)

Message to National Front: peace, love, spit and shove
Ruth Hill
October 22, 2006

Wrong. Weirdly wrong.

“Anti-racism protesters demonstrated their message of peace and reconciliation by spitting, shoving and shouting at National Front members who marched on Parliament yesterday to mark the 137th anniversary of the New Zealand flag.”

Hmmm. A not-very-subtle juxtaposition of the supposed rhetoric of ‘peace and reconciliation’ versus ‘spitting, shoving and shouting’. Some limited awareness of the fact that anti-racists and anti-fascists have no desire for ‘peace’ or ‘reconciliation’ with racism and fascism renders this particular piece of slander slightly redundant.

On a lighter note, the following is very amusing:

“One day the National Front will be the government and we will be in that building and we will take the country back to where it should be: a place of peace and happiness,” The Squid is reported as having said.

National Front marchers clash
Keith Ng
NZ Herald
October 22, 2006

Also fairly standard reportage, but useful in terms of drawing further attention to:

“…the Hutt Park Holiday Park, where National Front members were staying. The park’s details were posted on the internet, and it is has received abusive phone calls about the National Front’s stay. Others at the park said that they were not told of the group’s presence and some were worried about safety.

Park management declined to comment.”



    Alone you stand – The final parody
    Destined to silence – A memorial to mortality

    Carved in stone – A tribute to the dead
    For nameless victims – Whose litany is unread

    Never forgotten – War’s memory lingers on
    A dark reminder – To mankind’s oblivion

    This solemn image – Constructed with resolution
    A monument – To war’s terminal conclusion


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