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Australia was invaded by the English in 1788.

In 2009, English weather robbed Australia of victory in the First Test.


Speaking of cricket, a crazy cat called Hak Mao writes:

BBC cricket commentator Jonathan Agnew tried to get a bite out of his co-commentator (and former Australian captain) Ian Chappell today. Agnew mentioned that John — One Australia Policy — Howard was watching the cricket and asked Chappell if he had ticked the box next to Howard’s name*. Chappell pointedly talked about the action on field. Agnew tried again. Again Chappell pointedly ignored him. Chappell loathes Howard

Goodonya Ian!

Another Critical Animal maintains a blog here: “I’m Scu, this blog is devoted mostly to a discussion of critical animal studies, with a strong emphasis on poststructuralist and decolonial philosophy combined with a strong theoretical analysis of veganism/vegetarianism.” Like a banana, carrot, (honey) and tahini sandwich, it’s much better than it sounds.

A few more crazy peeps are worried about BLACKHELICOPTERS. They want to ambushworldgovernment. Crazy! (But nice.)

Left Luggage is a semi-interesting blog, one of umpteen sites devoted to asking “where next?” for Teh Left (in this case in the UK).

Some crazy person claiming to be a ‘movementresearcher’ (but more than likely simply being someone who hates our freedumbs) has uploaded a rather large number (279!) of ‘Global Justice Movement Posters’ @ Picasa. None are from ‘The Arse End Of The Earth’ (Keating) known as Australia but.

Speaking of Australia, The Australian Heroin Diaries is a blog by Terry Wright, a heroin addict. From Australia. The crazy Unaustralian bastard reckons drugs oughta be decriminalised. All I knows is that Terry is wrogn rwong wrong. And anyways, where would the CIA be without heroin?

Michael Barker is another crazy Unaustralian bastard.

For real.

d00d submitted his PhD thesis… then rejected it, writing that:

Sustaining useful autonomous activist research within universities requires that radical scholars who choose to remain within the system fight to retain vital connections with one another and with activists working outside of the university environs. However, in my view, undertaking such scholarship only lends a fig leaf of respectability to what are at root capitalist enterprises; consequently a purist and more sustainable solution requires that radical intellectuals step out of the university world and work to create alternative, people-powered institutions that can seriously challenge the status quo.

Good luck!

Actually, I was gonna cite Michael’s Swans essay during the course of some concluding remarks on “the intervention”, but nobody else gives a fuck what I think, so fuck it 1 2 3. Instead, read Michael’s essay ‘Dreams Of Social Responsibility: Rio Tinto, Capitalism, and Indigenous Rights’, June 15, 2009.

Finally, Teh Evil Doktor Cam Sexenheimer has some choice words for one particular Aunty:

The Hippie of Deception

…is devolved from the Bluebird of Happiness.

FDB’s immensely overworked Cam Sexenheimer writes:

Dear God, you made many, many hippies.
I realize, of course, that it’s no shame to be a hippie.
But it’s no great honour either!
So, what would have been so terrible if lying hippies didn’t email me?

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3 Responses to Bloggy Monday

  1. Terry Wright says:

    Thanks for the mention, Andy.

    BTW, Terry Wright rhymes with “Very Right”.


    PS. Love the TISM clip.

  2. alove says:

    Hi, Andy

    uh, that was us “crazies” you linked to going on about black helicopters. the header is a joke, as is the url, until we get a consensus on the name of the blog, which will be done in another month. This was just a template so folks in the network could see the finished thing and get a vote on it. we forgot to make the blog private, but need to get on that right now until we are ready to go live in September with the real name and url.

    anyway, thanks for the great blog you update just about every damn day. It’s one of the best resources out there.

  3. @ndy says:

    Youse are crazy alove! So are you Terry! But I, I am the God of hell-fire, and I bring you updates just about every damn day. While wearing Arthur Brown’s crown. And dancing just as he does. In front of my keyboard.

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