Global Solidarity against the Invasion: Voices from Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia – Against states and the militarization of the planet [Video]

(I ripped this from Enough 14, a blog which, along with CrimethInc, is banned by CrackBook.)

See : Squatters Take Over Russian Oligarch’s London Mansion: ‘You Occupy Ukraine, We Occupy You’, Kate Nicholson, Huffington Post, March 14, 2022.

Below is a vid featuring Salem, a libertarian-socialist in Kyiv and founder of Operation Solidarity; Yana, a Russian anarchist and a participant in The Network support campaign; and Ivan, of the Anarchist Black Cross Belarus. They discuss the current situation in these territories, the response of anarchists and anti-fascists, field questions, and suggest how others elsewhere can express solidarity. The event was co-hosted by the Anti-authoritarian Movement Athens/Nosotros EKX and CrimethInc.

After two dark pandemic years, warmonger States are militarizing the planet, drowning whole societies in blood in order to accomplish their power games. In this online discussion, comrades from Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia speak about how the invasion of Ukraine has impacted their societies and communities, describing the forms that resistance to the invasion is taking in all three contexts and how people elsewhere around the world can raise and support efforts to stop it.

Comrades in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine need our help — here’s a few ways you can offer some:

• Donate here to Operation Solidarity in Ukraine.
• Donate here to OVD-info, an independent news source about protest movements in Russia.

• Donate via Paypal to the Anarchist Black Cross in Moscow: [email protected]
• Donate via Paypal to the Anarchist Black Cross in Belarus: [email protected]

See/hear also : and Anarchist Militant for news and perspectives | Крас – мат // CRAS AIT – KRAS IWA | Yeah Nah Pasaran! #012 w Antti Rautiainen on ‘The Network’, Russia & anti-fascism : April 2, 2020 | Ukrainian Anarchists Mobilize for Armed Defense, Draw Solidarity from Abroad as Russia Invades, The WannabeWonk, Militant Wire, March 3, 2022.

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