‘Keep Community Strong’ : 2022 3CR Radiothon

G’day my fellow Aussie patriots,

It’s Melbourne community radio station 3CR’s annual radiothon!

The theme of this year’s radiothon is ‘Keep Community Strong’.

3CR is a dynamic, community hub that has produced radio since 1976.

3CR broadcasters present around 125 radio programs every week, with 20 community language shows in 13 different languages, and 10 hours of Indigenous programming, and listeners can tune in on 855AM, stream live through the web or download podcasts of our shows.

The radio station was established in 1976 to provide a voice for those denied access to the mass media, particularly the working class, women, Indigenous people and the many community groups and community issues discriminated against in and by the mass media.

These last few years Cam Smith and I have been doing a show called Yeah Nah Pasaran! ‘examining, through an anti-fascist lens, ethno-nationalism, white supremacy and neo-fascism in so-called Australia, Aotearoa & around the world’ and during that time we’ve interviewed a range of people . This year that’s included Jock Palfreeman, Haley McEwan, Amanda Rogers, Bjørn Ihler, Sara Aniano, Amanda Moore, Richard McNeil-Willson, Cat Tebaldi, Kelly Weill, Andre Obeler, Stephanie Alex Baker, Mark Bray, Andy Campbell, Anke Richter, Jason Wilson, Hampton Stall, Cameron Wilson, Elle Hardy and Jordan McSwiney.

If you’d like to help keep us and 3CR on air, please consider making a donation.

And thanks!

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