anarchist notes (Samhain, 2022)

• This Sunday, November 5 at Victorian Trades Hall, Anarchist Events Victoria has organised some ‘Summer Seminars’, consisting of presentations by several speakers, including:

10.30am : ‘Australia is a Crime Scene’ with Robert Thorpe
12 noon : ‘COVID, Convoys & Constitutional Recognition: How Australia Cooked It’ with Roxley Foley
1.30pm : ‘Decolonising Solidarity’ with Clare Land
3.00pm : ‘Workplace Organising Basics’ with Dave Fregon
4.30pm : ‘Spanish Anarchists in Australia’ with Vicente Ruiz (hijo)

Entry is free/by donation. For more infos, please see Summer Seminars 2022.

• Anarchist historian/historian of anarchism Spencer Beswick recently published a presentation on ‘Prefiguration or Dual Power? Infoshops and Revolutionary Anarchism in the 1990s’ which is interesting (and to which I may add some thoughts in response in the near-future, who knows?).

• Lula has narrowly defeated Jair Bolsonaro in the election for President of Brazil. You can read a recent ‘Interview with a Brazilian Anarchist on Lula, Bolsonaro, and Social Struggle’ here.

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