G20: Sixth protester charged

An oldie but a goodie: police have arrested and charged an individual attending court in support of a friend.

Alleged G20 protester caught at court
The Age [AAP]
December 11, 2006

Police have arrested another alleged G20 protester today after spotting her in Melbourne Magistrates Court, where she was supporting a friend.

Julia Dehm, 24, of Brunswick West, was arrested outside court and taken by police to be interviewed, while her friend, alleged G20 protester Danya Bryx, 22, made a successful bail application.

Bryx, an arts-law student at Monash University, is facing two charges of rioting, two of affray and two of reckless conduct endangering injury [/person?].

Police allege that as part of the protest, Bryx threw and pushed barricades at them, charged towards them and threw a metal pole.

Taskforce Salver Detective Senior Constable Paul Topham told the court that although Bryx was not charged with injuring anyone, she was there when a police officer’s wrist was broken.

He said Bryx wore a bandana over her face during the protest, and he gave a picture of a woman he claims is Bryx, to the court.

Bryx’s lawyer Gerard Lethbridge said his client would fight the charges, and that her identity would be an issue.

Magistrate Sarah Dawes released Bryx on bail on the condition that she live with her parents in Caulfield North and not leave the state or the country.

The court heard Bryx had been due to begin a scholarship overseas next year.

A police spokesman said Dehm was expected to appear in the same court this afternoon, charged with the same six offences [Hmmm. Seems to be a pattern: riot; affray; reckless conduct endangering persons].

She is the sixth person arrested in relation to the protest in Melbourne’s CBD on November 18.

The protests occurred on November 18 in streets surrounding the city’s Grand Hyatt Hotel, which was hosting the G20 summit of finance leaders from 19 countries plus the European Union.

Other protesters facing charges over the riot include Aki[n] Sari, 28, David Vakalis, 19, of East Brunswick, Rosalie Delaney, 19, of Parkville, and Dominic Richardson, 24, of Brunswick.


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