Ungdomshuset vs. Christian Gentry

UngdomshusetThe Youth House Stays!

As part of the city authorities’ ongoing campaign to further gentrify and socially cleanse Copenhagen, right-wing Christians in Denmark are determined to evict the squatted social centre Ungdomshuset (‘Youth House’), established in 1982. 1,000 or so pissed-off Danes took to the streets on December 17, in protest at the state’s recent endorsement of the Christians’ plans, and were attacked by police.

A few pushed back…

Danish police detain 300 protesters
The Age [AP]
December 17, 2006

Police fired tear gas and detained about 300 people when an unauthorised [sic] demonstration in Copenhagen turned violent [sic], witnesses and officials said.

About 1,000 demonstrators had gathered in the Danish capital to protest against court rulings ordering a group of young squatters to leave a downtown building and hand it over to a Christian congregation that bought it five years ago…

Copenhagen’s bourgeois calm broken by riots over eviction of squatters

Stephen Castle
The Independent
December 18, 2006

The Danish authorities were clearing up yesterday after Copenhagen’s customary calm was broken by riots which forced [sic] police to fire tear gas and arrest 300 people after a weekend demonstration…

BBC Video (by some bloke with a suspiciously Aussie-sounding accent) | *sigh* So Much Hate

Ungdomshuset stays – evict Town Hall!

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