G20: ‘riot suspects unmasked’

Identifying crazy, ultra-violent, hostile, abusive, threatening, ultra-sectarian, provocative, fascist-sympathising, foreign fucking football hooligans: a game the whole family can enjoy (even revolutionary Marxists)!

1) Fairfax Corporation:

G20 riot suspects unmasked
The Age
January 18, 2007

Police have released images of 28 “people of interest” as they tighten the net on rioters wanted over the violent G20 protests in Melbourne.

A police officer’s wrist was broken and several were bitten* and injured by broken glass when mobs of protesters clashed with police outside the G20 summit in central Melbourne in November.

Police are reviewing thousands of hours of video footage and more than 10,000 images of the riots as they hunt those responsible.

Images of 28 people, some wearing face scarves, were released today with police calling on the public for help.

Detective Superintendent Richard Grant of the Salver Task Force said 26 people had been arrested and charged with a range of offences including assaulting police, rioting, affray and criminal damage.**

“Victoria Police respects the rights of individuals and the community to protest and express their opinions lawfully, however the right to demonstrate doesn’t given individuals licence to assault police and damage property,” he said.

The Age: G20: Most wanted photo gallery

* The ‘biting’ incidents allegedly took place not during the course of the day’s “riot” but during the course of arrests later that night outside Parliament.

** As mentioned previously, only 10 (see below) or possibly 11 names (if one includes Drasko Boljevic) have been released of persons alleged to have committed crimes (as indicated — riot, affray and criminal damage for the most part), so presumably this total includes both those arrested during the course of the day’s events as well as a number of other arrests that have taken place subsequently (and for a range of alleged crimes either directly or indirectly related to G20).

2) News Corporation:

New faces in G20 hunt
Matthew Schulz
Herald Sun
January 18, 2007

POLICE have released a gallery of “persons of interest” as they continue their hunt for rioting protestors involved in Melbourne’s G20 mayhem last year.

Police are continuing their hunt for protestors who attacked police, destroyed a police van and damaged buildings in a city riot in November.*

So far, 26 people have been arrested on a string of charges linked to the protests.

Among them, a Caulfield North woman, 39, and a Carlton man, 37, were charged today with riot, affray and criminal damage.

Police were bitten and suffered broken bones, every window in a police van smashed and barricades and other objects thrown at officers during the riots in the city on November 18 last year.**

Others had invaded buildings during the mayhem.

Protestors had converged at an anti-globalisation [sic] rally in the city while the world’s financial leaders met at the Grand Hyatt hotel.

Today, a special taskforce released 28 fresh images of people at the protest, including six who they believed could assist police reach further breakthroughs in the investigation.

So far, police had been unable to identify those “key people” associated with the protests, and investigators had given the group nicknames including “balaclava man”, “red tutu lady”, “blonde boy”, “camo man” and “red dress man”[!].

Police would not say whether any of the people they wanted to speak to had broken the law, or were just witnesses to the violence, but most were from Victoria.

Tasforce Salver Det Supt Richard Grant said police continued to review thousands of hours of video footage in the hunt for perpetrators.

“We respect peoples’ right to demonstrate, but the level of violence is unacceptable,” he said.

“The general public were appalled by the anarchy and the violence by some at the demonstration.”

Witnesses with mobile phones and video cameras had so far helped with the investigation, and he urged others with records of the riot to approach police.

He stressed the taskforce’s focus was on “high-level” criminal activities including serious damage to property and attacks on police.

“I would encourage those people (identified in the photographs) to consider their options and contact the Salver Taskforce.

“The taskforce will go for as long as necessary to identify the key perpetrators and bring them before the courts,” he said.

“We’re in this for the long haul,” he said.

* The police van was not “destroyed”; according to initial reports the damage to the van — consisting largely, it seems, of broken windows, but presumably extending to some further damage to the body of the vehicle — was estimated at $1,000. By the same token, there have been no reports thus far of any damage to any buildings as a result of the protest.

** Inre ‘biting’, see above. And that’s one broken wrist, not broken bones.

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