Greek anarchists do what Greek anarchists do be do be do… in styleee

Australian corporate media think Greek anarchists are very stylish:

“GREEK riot police clashed with stylish anarchist youths in Athens today, turning the city centre into a battleground of billowing smoke for hours. The youths hurled hundreds of petrol bombs at police, burning four cars and one shop. Police retaliated with several rounds of teargas that choked up the capital’s streets” (Police clash with anarchists, ‘Correspondents in Athens’ a/k/a Reuters, The Australian, January 18, 2007).

According to a fuller and — presumably — more accurate account than the Reuters report that The Australian (and the Fairfax and Murdoch press generally) have relied upon, the Athens News Agency claims:

…Shop windows, including a cafeteria and a bank, were smashed and four cars were torched along Fillelinon street during collisions between protestors and riot police, while police responded with use of teargas.

The fires were attributed to firebombs lobbed at a car belonging to the Bosnia-Herzegovina embassy by masked anarchist and extreme-left elements, which frequently incite confrontations and clashes with police at protests and demonstrations in Athens. The fire then spread to three adjacent vehicles and a nearby cafeteria.

Fire-engines stationed nearby responded immediately and quickly put out the blaze, while traffic and the protest march were interrupted during the fire-fighting operation.

Minor clashes with police also occurred in the main body of the rally when protesting students attempted to break through a police cordon around Parliament but were repelled with limited use of teargas.

Wednesday’s rally had been organised in advance to coincide with a planned second debate on Article 16 in Parliament, which did not finally take place as the debate was wrapped up on January 10…

Violent incidents, in which riot police officers briefly caught fire when attacked by firebombs, also occurred as the masked protestors withdrew from Syntagma Square and Panepistimiou toward the Athens Metsovian Polytechnic, where they barricaded themselves into the university grounds and threw stones and fire-bombs at police.

Students and workers in the Greek education sector are pissed off by the Greek government’s plans to introduce private Universities (quite a contrast to Australia eh?), and organised a demo — of somewhere between 3,000 (BBC) and 9,000 (The Australian / Reuters) people — in Athens (and other cities, including Thessaloniki) to protest. AP expresses concern over the possibility of previous militancy having ‘spilt over’ into the student demos, simultaneously demonstrating massive ignorance over recent — and not-so-recent — Greek political history (Cars burnt as clashes in Greece make student protest against education sabotage, International Herald Tribune, January 17, 2007).

Both the statist reactionaries currently occupying the Greek parliament, and their ‘Socialist’ opposition, support the proposed sabotage of the higher education sector (quite similar to Australia eh?); ‘reforms’ requiring an amendment to (Article 16 of) the Greek constitution: “The final vote in Parliament is expected in late February. If approved as expected — the reform is also backed by the main opposition Socialists — the change would come into effect after 2008.”

Local Australian ‘socialists’, meanwhile, have placed the blame for the ultra-violence squarely at the feet of approximately 40 or so jet-setting psychotic Kiwis — possibly acting in close co-operation with football hooligans from either England or Germany or Sweden — and demanded that governments the world over initiate an immediate crackdown on border-crossings by such crazed political malcontents.

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8 Responses to Greek anarchists do what Greek anarchists do be do be do… in styleee

  1. Robert says:

    Mistranslation, perhaps? They might have bungled “self-styled anarchists”, which is the usual construction.

  2. @ndy says:

    (Pssst, Rob… it’s me being mischievous… but don’t tell anyone, ‘K?)

  3. Robert says:

    Ah… right you are. So it was a mistranslation of sorts! Carry on then… 🙂

  4. TS says:

    For years students in Germany have been protesting against neoliberal reforms in higher education as well.

    Every week there are protests and demonstrations taking place in various cities in Germany.

    In the coming months students in England want to resume protests against tuition fees as well.

    Students in various countries need to work together and work on establishing a network to organise simultaneous protests in various countries.

    Thousands of students recently protested against tuition fees and the privatisation of education in Vienna as well.

    United we are stronger!

    We are a group of students in Germany working on international networking to organise international protests.

    If you are also struggling against neoliberal reforms in the education sector and want to help us organise international protests, then do contact us at: brainwashed.dude[at]

    ~GlobalSolidarity & Peace~

  5. @ndy says:

    Cheers TS,

    The ads suck though.

  6. Clemence says:

    Yo guys I think this is a great idea that needs to be put into action.

    However we still need to enlighten and educate the world about socialism. I agree that the political will the world over is counter-productive and anti-developmental humanistically [speaking] (if that is a word). Most of the people however dont know that they are being exploited. How do we mobilize support in our own local district? Many people are also aware of the political injustices, but how many are willing to rebel, stand up and fight for their rights?

    We need a strong campaign to unite and inform seriously before anything happens. Currently there is still divided attention and split allegiances all over the world.

    The movement as a revolution is more advanced in Latin America though. We need to take lessons from Chavez and the Venezuelans. They are currently the forerunners, IMO. China and Russia are different, however the Venezuela story can be aplied to other developing nations. Imagine 3 years runnning with plus 10% economic growth. This must be a revolution. Remember Chavez has a huge base of student support also.

  7. Stu says:

    Who are these “Local Australian ’socialists’,” you speak of? You really should be more specific…

  8. Joey says:


    Why on earth would a government-controlled planned economy give any individual any kind of freedom? fuck socialism.

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