Melbourne : ALP ~versus~ Greens

Another Liberal Party looks set to face quite a battle come next year’s state election (November 2010). Well, in the inner-city anyways. And ah, against The Greens. Which isn’t bad for the ALP as such, but is kinda bad news for the ALP ‘Left’.

The Gang of Four seats under pressure are Brunswick, Melbourne, Northcote and Richmond. Bronwyn Pike (Melbourne) will fight law-talking guy Brian Walters; in Brunswick, Jane Garrett (a law-talking grrl @ Slater & Gordon) will fly the flag for Labor, while waving a Green one will be some-other-person-whose-name-I-don’t-recall. (Of course, if Phil Cleary decides to throw his hat into the ring, Garrett’s fuct.)

In Northcote, Fiona Richardson‘s cuisine currently reigns supreme, while in Richmond Richard ‘Tricky’ Wynne will be crossing swords with Kathleen Maltzahn. ALP campaign director Stephen Newnham has promised to pull out all stops to stop the watermelons from infecting State Parliament, so we can look forward to all kindsa awesome tricksiness on the ALP’s part.

See also : Bump Me Into Parliament (July 2, 2009).

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