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Have a sausage

Brumby ‘surrounded by B-grade sycophants’ Paul Austin The Age December 4, 2010 SAVAGE recriminations have begun over Labor’s shock state election loss, with a former insider launching an extraordinary attack on John Brumby and the ALP hierarchy. George Droutsas, who … Continue reading

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I For One Welcome Our New Tory Overlords

If they win. As for the rest… The Socialist Party’s Steve Jolly done well: 2,395 votes and counting — almost 10% of the total. This is moar than the totals of the five Socialist candidates combined: the Socialist Alliance’s Mitch … Continue reading

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This is lucky Phil Cleary…

Yeah I know. ‘Whoever you vote for, government wins’. Also: ‘Don’t vote: it only encourages them’ and ‘If you think it’s humiliating to be ruled, how much more degrading is it to choose your master?’ and ‘A change of rulers … Continue reading

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I like Stephen Newnham‘s dirt unit. I like Pike.

LOL. From the people who brought you Senator Steve Fielding comes Brian Walters, the State Member for Melbourne. Srsly. Much to the (presumed) chagrin of Bronwyn ‘I like Stephen Newnham‘s dirt unit’ Pike. Green candidate Brian Walter’s ‘dirty work’ for … Continue reading

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Socialism @ the 2010 Victorian state election

The Victorian state election is being held on November 27, 2010. Labor’s gonna win, with a reduced majority. So: business as usual. Mostly. Apart from Labor’s stranglehold on the inner-city being broken by the Greens. In 2006, only a handful … Continue reading

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Stephen Jolly for Richmond

Update : Socialist sets up Vic election battle for Richmond, Andrew Crook, Crikey.com, October 3, 2010. Yeah. Stephen Jolly of the Socialist Party — one of only two Socialist councillors in the country — is gonna be contesting the seat … Continue reading

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Melbourne : ALP ~versus~ Greens

Update : Party uprising puts heat on Brumby, Paul Austin and Sarah-Jane Collins, The Age, August 25, 2009. Another Liberal Party looks set to face quite a battle come next year’s state election (November 2010). Well, in the inner-city anyways. … Continue reading

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