BNP ~versus~ Gollywogs

    BNP 1 | Gollywogs 0

God Save the Queen! At the British National Party’s annual Red White & Blue Festival, a group of happy campers apparently placed a ‘Gollywog’ on trial. The doll — nicknamed ‘Winston’ — was found guilty of being black, and duly executed.

They’re a weird mob.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch:

‘They might as well forget democracy altogether’
The Local
August 27, 2009

With the neo-Nazi National Democratic Party hoping to make inroads in three state elections this Sunday, a former member of Germany’s far-right scene suggests how mainstream political parties should be confronting the extremists.

The final stages of the campaigns in Saxony, Thuringia and Saarland have exposed the NPD’s unvarnished xenophobia in recent weeks. The neo-Nazi party hopes to gain seats in all three state legislatures after winning an unprecedented 10 percent of the vote in the last Saxon poll four years ago. Emboldened by that success, the NPD has pulled few punches this time around, including mounting a racist campaign against a black member of the conservative Christian Democrats (CDU) in Thuringia and hanging anti-Polish posters in Saxon border town of Görlitz.

Peter Leveringhaus from the DDP news agency spoke to Christian G., a former German neo-Nazi, to discuss what mainstream political parties can do to contain the spectre of an ascendant far-right. The 30-year old man left the scene behind with the help of the organisation “Exit Deutschland” after several years of involvement with extremism.

Leveringhaus: Are the attacks against the Angolan-born CDU politician Zeca Schall in Thuringia, calling him an “Token Nigger” and telling him to “go home,” really exceptional, or do these fit the pattern of right-wing extremism during election time?

Christian G.: This is exactly the kind of brutal jargon that the NPD often uses these days, especially after the break up its “Germany Pact” with the slightly more moderate German People’s Union (DVU). Radicalising is calculated to lure frustrated, politically irritated and lowbrow voters.

After this particular incident, there was an NPD election tour of parts of Thuringia in which an NPD activist was coloured with blackface makeup, wore a curly-haired wig, carried a banana plant while wearing a slogan around his neck reading “emigrate, don’t immigrate” (“Heimreise statt Einreise”). This is a coldly calculated escalation…

In Australia, the BNP’s closest equivalent is the ‘Australian Protectionist Party’; the NPD’s kissing cousin is the ‘Australia First Party’.

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