Peter Campbell // ‘Kromlek of Asgard’ & the WPCA

:: Peter Campbell angrily flees the scene of battle (artist’s impression) ::

As noted recently, Peter Campbell — aka ‘Kromlek of Asgard’ — has announced his retirement from Stormfront (and, presumably, the other white supremacist/neo-Nazi sites/lists he frequents). Peter’s departure is the latest of several from that diseased forum, and is unexceptional in the sense that his decision to retire appears to follow on from (fear of) public exposure. Peter’s departure is more significant than others, however, as he has played a more important role within far right circles, most recently via the (now seemingly defunct) White Pride Coalition of Australia (of which, more below).

Peter himself is an interesting case study as he’s one of the few remaining neo-Nazi militants from an older generation — Peter appears to be well over 40 — who has maintained a relatively high level of commitment to The Cause, despite having other work and family commitments. (Of course, the fact that Peter — unlike many of his comrades — has thus far escaped imprisonment for acts of racial violence is also a factor.) Finally, Peter is significant insofar as he’s one of a number of figures on the far right who seem to have a COMPULSIVE HABIT of issuing THREATS and making MANLY DECLARATIONS made all the more manly BY THE USE OF BLOCK LETTERS.

By Peter’s own admittance, his intimidatory tactics have even extended to paying a visit to one antifa’s house in Sydney (an incident for which the wheels of justice are still slowly turning). In fact, according to Peter — and since confirmed by other sources — “Much mileage has been clocked up… driving back and forth across [Sydney] to physically check the bona-fides of many leads and to confirm information supplied [by] others. I have compiled extensive dossiers and detailed profiles on many of the key players.”

In short, Peter combines some very unattractive features: a history of fascist militancy, a loud mouth, wild ambition, and political naivete. As he sees it, a “Cold War of sorts has been raging in [Sydney] for the past few months[,] primarily between, on one side, the WPCA and [our] immediate ‘circle of trust’,* the [Patriotic Youth League], the Australia First Party, the remains of the old [Australian Nationalist Movement] in WA and, on the other, Fightdemback”.

[*Peter’s (mis-named) ‘intimate circle of trust’ appears not to extend much beyond a handful of other individuals associated with the WPCA: Trevor Lewis, Alex Fogerty, Jim Perren (“Stug111”), Terry Davis (“Whiteprideco”) and of course the human urinal himself, (the Right Reverend) Patrick O’ Sullivan.]

Of course, Peter lays much of the blame for his forced(?) retirement from his open endorsement of neo-Nazi politics at the feet of the seeming victors in this ‘Cold War’: Fightdemback. And in point of fact, FDB — in conjunction with Jeremy Jones, B’nai Brith, ZOG, ‘Tim Heggarty‘ and possibly even renegade members of the Freemasons — has done a very good job in compiling information inre Peter’s involvement in such stupidities.

ding DONG ding DONG ding DONG

“I will NEVER give up on my campaign against this Darp creature until he and his fellow maggots are all deactivated.”

Well, either Peter has a very odd definition of ‘deactivated’ — perhaps in Peter’s parlance this means ‘quite successful’? — or he’s simply failed. Still, the list of threats of physical violence and generally oafish behaviour on Peter’s part is a long one, and has its main focus Mat Henderson-Hau // ‘Darp’, a spokesperson for FDB. Given the cosy relationship that now appears to be developing between open neo-Nazis such as Campbell and (unsuccessful) closet cases such as Jim Saleam, it’s interesting to note that, among other things, Peter has stated: “I personally regard [Mat] as the most dangerous entity to emerge from the ZOG funded Left in years… [he] is… even MORE dangerous to the true cause than Jamahl Saleam!”.

‘Jamahl’ — geddit? Jim’s no Whitey, according to Peter… Well, not until such time as Peter decides it’s in his own best interests to cultivate Jim as an ally anyway. After all, it’s not like other neo-Nazis are exactly flocking to his banner. As he himself once complained:

This Lefty maggot will sneer at us and laugh its fake tits off unopposed because WE cannot muster even a HANDFUL of people, FAIR DINKUM blokes with gonads swingin’ between their legs, to oppose him! What? You people want to bend over, grease up your ring piece and have this filth fuck you up the arse?

Like many others on the far right, Peter seems to have an absorbing interest in men’s rude bits. In one piece of hatemail (again addressed to Mat), Peter begins: “Dear fist-fucking, shit-dick scum… I hope I made you choke on that glass of your lover’s enema water.” He then continues:

…Going to school in Bankstown in the Seventies, I am something of an [amateur] pugilist myself. I relish the prospect of skinning my knuckles on your half-bred head.

You can consider yourself warned that the WPCA lads are an ENTIRELY different prospect and you bring your shit to OUR door at your peril. But hey, you ARE a real hard case ain[‘]t you? I heard you are a boxing instructor who teaches Abos [sic] how to box? THAT’S responsible isn’t it? About as responsible as teaching Arabs the finer points of bomb-making. What? You want them to be able to bash white kids for their lunch money more EFFICIENTLY?

In summary, Peter has openly expressed his hatred for Mat, FDB, queers, Australian Aborigines (“Abos”), Arab(-Australian)s, anarchists, leftists, Jews (“Kikes”), Asians … in fact, pretty much anybody who fails to meet his strict requirements for membership of the human (read: ‘white’) race. Specific targets of Peter’s tirades have included Tom McCosker (Greens Councillor in the Ryde municipality in Sydney); The Toowoomba Chronicle; Mark Copland (of the Catholic Social Justice Council) and The Daily Telegraph. Peter has even openly expressed his great admiration for ‘the (white) people’s revolt’ in Cronulla; even to the point of encouraging violent racists to attend the December 11 rally. In fact, it’s possible that Peter’s level of stupidity is exceeded only by his verbosity:

I would be PROUD to hammer the fuck out of you Henderson-Hau. My conscience would be clear.

He MUST be stopped and he WILL be stopped. We simply can NOT allow such a dangerous enemy to arrogantly strut about laughing in our faces and continue to score point after point on our movement with impunity and IMMUNITY!

…Those that know me well could have, and indeed should have, easily predicted what would happen when someone fucked with my life as Darp and his fellow travellers did. That the fucker would be THRICE fucked by the fuckee and with extreme prejudice.

But revenge, as the old adage goes, is a dish best served cold, and once I recovered from the initial shock and shame at having been so comprehensively outplayed by the Darpists through their superior skills in I.T. technology I settled down to planning and scheming my ultimate revenge. And it will be so sweet as to be sickly. I have become consumed by a (some might say unhealthy) slow burning rage against this vile creature. I think of little else these days. But if it is true that one gets out of something what one… puts in then I am due to reap a bumper harvest indeed. I fully intend to prove to all that it has never been an idle boast when I have said that one does NOT want ME on their case! I can be so single minded, so focused, so motivated, so determined when it comes to the evening of scores. Most of my waking hours have been occupied with researching, writing letters, designing counter-propaganda etc. to combat the aforementioned maggots.

…Consider also that so far it has only been ME, Ben Weerheym… [t]he PYL and, like it or not, Jim Saleam who has really taken the fight TO him with some aggressive responses to his campaign.

…I am trawling the archives of the Red’s websites, scanning phone data bases, digging and digging for self-incriminat[ing] statements from the Reds and writing detailed and lengthy letters to the Darpist[‘]s more mainstream and semi-respectable establishment connections.

D’oh! Talk about being unable to discern one’s friends from one’s enemies! As Mat points out:

Aspiring racist activists take note. Writing aggressive and downright batty letters to our supposed “establishment connections” is an ideal way to lose your anonymity and to draw the attention of people and agencies who are best steered clear of. These “establishment” type folk have access to people and resources that we lowly activists can only dream of. This whole “Kromlek saga” is another perfect example of another “own goal” for the fash. Even more so when you take into account the fact that FDB had nothing to do with the final nail in Kromlek’s coffin. It was all him baby, we just provided an easier means for the people with the hammer to do their background research.

In “conclusion”, then:

MY MATES from the White Pride Coalition of Australia dropped me a line this week over our coverage of their Harlaxton PO Box (which seems to belong to a Crows Nest man).

I should say from the outset the envelope had a return PO Box to Wentworthville, NSW, and was stamped `CONFIDENTIAL’ on both sides. However, anyone who sends me venomous, racist propaganda should be aware that such confidences won’t be respected particularly if the author is too gutless to back up their position with an actual name. Instead, WPCA co-founder `Kromlek’ wanted to set me straight on a few things after we picked on his poor, defenseless branch for distributing race hate pamphlets in our community.

Kromlek opened his note with the assertion that this editor works for a state sanctioned and controlled media and goes on to accuse me of being hysterical on the issue.

“The controlled Media’s handling of this subject matter is almost invariably emotive, hysterical, ill-informed, sensationalised and self-righteous. But the sheer dogged ferocity with which this particular minor episode has been pursued is breathtaking and exceeded only by its incompetence and puerility. But we White Nationalists have refused thus far to be intimidated by the corrupt system. Do you seriously believe your inept efforts will have any lasting impact on the White resurgence? Despite your hysterical (there’s that word again) claims about ‘racists’ and ‘haters’ the WPCA has only ever intended to inform and provoke thought in the minds of White people with the hope they will throw off the hated shackles of Globalism and Multiculturalism. We too have a right to exist as a distinct and separate Racial Cultural entity as much as any other minority group.”

This goes on…and on…and on…but I suspect, dear reader, you get the idea. What I don’t get is the gross hypocrisy [that] accompanies this sort of zealot idealism. If WPCA stands to foster a “White resurgence” does that by its nature not mean non-white races will be pushed asunder? And if WPCA intends only to inform and provoke thought, why did Kromlek enclose one of the group’s brochures showing an African man with a machine gun holding the severed head of another man? This nasty little piece of work was headlined, “Get AHEAD with Multiculturalism. Coming soon to a suburb near you!” Someone pass me a dictionary so I can look up racial vilification.

Kromlek signs off his note [by] reckon[ing that] I don’t have the “gonads” to reply and “If experience with your type has taught me anything at all, it is that we White Nationalists are up against closed tiny minds.”

Well Kromlek, I am replying, I’m doing it openly and I’m putting my name to it.

I believe in tolerance and understanding and multiculturalism. I don’t believe in skulking around internet chat rooms.

I don’t believe in cheap photocopied filth anonymously distributed to decent Australians.

I believe in a better future and also believe it will include the absence of views such as your’s.


Toowoomba Chronicle, [July 2005]

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