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Labor’s Left and Right distinctions erased
Mark Davis
The Age
September 21, 2009

Tanner ‘amused’ at Rudd F-bombs
September 20, 2009

Reports that Labor MPs were horrified at Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s use of the F-word are amusing, a cabinet minister says. A number of backbench factional leaders copped some expletives when they visited the prime minister’s parliament house office to object to plans to cut politicians’ annual printing allowances by 25 per cent to $75,000. Mr Rudd said in the presence of three female MPs: “I don’t care what you f—rs think”, News Limited has reported. He later told another senator: “You can get f—-d”…

Beazley, Nelson rewarded
Michelle Grattan
The Age
September 18, 2009

KEVIN Rudd has given Brendan Nelson a new career – just a day after the former Opposition leader trenchantly attacked the Government’s emissions trading policy in his valedictory speech to Parliament. In Mr Rudd’s latest, and most spectacular, example of bipartisanship, Dr Nelson will become ambassador to the European Communities, based in Brussels, where his job will include representing the Government’s climate views…

The base salary for the Washington ambassador is about $220,000, and for the European post about $180,000. Mr Beazley and Dr Nelson retain their parliamentary pensions, although they will be reduced.

September 5, 2009

Grandstand had the pleasure of welcoming Australia[n] Primer [sic] Minister Kevin Rudd into the commentary box prior to the second elimination final between Brisbane and Carlton at the Gabba.

PS. Working families working families working families working families.

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