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Labor Lefty Lindsay Tanner Socialist Alliance Alternative Anarchy Situations

0. A slightly random assortment of links and lamentations partly prompted by Landeryou labelling this blog as lefty inre Gerry Hand (and Lindsay Tanner). 1. “[Lindsay Tanner’s] predecessor in the federal seat of Melbourne, Gerry Hand, spent decades denouncing Indonesia … Continue reading

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#BobHawke trolls the ACTU : ‘Solidarity Forever’

*hic* ‘Solidarity Forever’ was written by Ralph Chaplin (1887–1961), a member of the ‘Industrial Workers of the World’ (IWW). In Australia, the IWW (‘Wobblies’) frequently battled the ALP for the hearts and minds of the working class. They lost, and … Continue reading

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The Mad Monk and direct action, The ALP and direct democracy

The Mad Monk claims that the Tories want to embrace direct action — as a means of responding to an environmental crisis he doesn’t believe in. John Faulkner invokes direct democracy as a necessary response to a Labor Party in … Continue reading

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Workin’ Class Men

“News”: Labor’s Left and Right distinctions erased Mark Davis The Age September 21, 2009 Tanner ‘amused’ at Rudd F-bombs AAP September 20, 2009 Reports that Labor MPs were horrified at Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s use of the F-word are amusing, … Continue reading

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Bump Me Into Parliament

“I don’t mind having battles, but let them be battles about policy and ideas not battles on negative campaigning… We’ve got an extraordinarily highly educated community … you can’t resort to simple slogans.” ~ Carlo Carli “My job is to … Continue reading

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