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In a reasonably subtle piece of what used to be called pro-Soviet propaganda, here’s Russian TV channel ‘Russia Today’ on the video “Execution of a Tajik and a Dagestani” by Russian neo-Nazis:

Interestingly, Vladimir Novitsky, the President of the Russian branch of the International Society for Human Rights (and formerly associated with the Moscow Bureau for Human Rights) reckons that the video is most likely a hoax:

Russia Today: Could you comment on this video that has been released on the internet? Do you think that it is real?

Vladimir Novitsky: You know, most probably it is a provocation without any real basis, aimed to agitate the mass media in order to stir up interest in the subject of inter-ethnic relations. We do not know the people being shot in this video. At the moment, as far as we know, there is no information that such a crime took place in reality. As for the possible circumstances of publishing such a material, then surely it is quite possible that this video was published by those who do want to warm up interest to the subject and possibly recruit new members to an existing organization.

So… one presumed expert believes the video in question is a publicity stunt, and possibly contains footage of what is, in reality, a mock execution; police authorities have to this point refused to rule either way; others speculate that the authors are not Russian neo-Nazis but the Russian secret police, the FSB, who wish to manufacture a pretext for further police repression of dissent to Putin’s regime — in this case, coming from the far right.

    Coming soon: interview with an anti-fascist hacker…

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