Boys will be boys (Part 666 in a never-ending series)

‘Horrific act of cruelty’: cat survives 13 shots in head
Thomas Hunter
The Age
September 22, 2009

A cat shot 13 times in the head has survived to return home three days later in what police have dubbed an “horrific act of cruelty”…

“This is typical of a whole range of attacks on animals, whether it’s the city or the country,” RSPCA national president Dr Hugh Wirth said.

Bow-and-arrow attacks on cats and shootings of larger birds like swans were on the rise, he said.

He said there was a “well-established link” between cruelty to animals by young people and harm to other adults later in life.

Police have launched a local investigation into the attack.

Anyone with information can call CrimeStoppers on 1800 333 000 or go to

With AAP

Whenever any of these animals dies, they wrap its carcass in fine linen; and beating their breasts in lamentation, they take it to be embalmed. There they treat the body with oil of cedar and sweet-smelling substances that can preserve it for a long time, then they bury it in a consecrated grave. Anyone who intentionally kills one of these animals is put to death. But should someone kill a cat or an ibis, whether purposely or accidentally, his doom in either case is sealed; for the people rush to the spot and dispose of the offender in fearful measure, sometimes without a hearing. And through fear of these consequences, anyone who sees one of these animals that has died draws afar back and cries out with horror, bewailing the deceased and calling to witness that he has found it already dead. And so deeply has superstitious awe of these creatures sunk into the minds of the populace, and so unalterably disposed by temperament is every man to respect them, that when a certain Roman chanced to kill a cat, a mob quickly assembled at his house, and neither the officials sent by the king to intercede for him, nor even the widespread fear of Rome, was able to save the man from being massacred, notwithstanding his act had been inadvertent. This happened even though, at the time, Ptolemy the king had not as yet been designated “Friend” by the Romans, and when the people, sparing no pains to appease the delegation from Italy, in their anxiety were straining themselves to give no cause for complaint or for war. And we relate this incident not from hearsay; for we saw it happen during the time we spent in Egypt.

~ Diodorus Siculus, late 60/early 59 BC (Edwin Murphy, The Antiquities of Egypt: A Translation, with Notes, of Book I of the Library of History of Diodorus Siculus, 1990).

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  1. Bron says:

    Yeah, saw that. So bloody disgusting. Poor kitty.

  2. weez says:

    Yep, I popped $25 to the Vic RSPCA.

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