Wadeye : Where they take their footy seriously

…maybe a little too seriously…

Footy riots follow final
Emily Watkins
Northern Territory News
September 30, 2009

A RIOT that lasted three days broke out in a Northern Territory town after Collingwood beat Adelaide in a footy final this month, a court has heard.

Darwin Magistrates Court heard warring Wadeye tribes had been supporting opposing teams playing in the AFL semi-final.

Luke Parmbuk, 20, pleaded guilty to engaging in violent conduct for his part in the riots on September 13 – two days after the game.

Aboriginal legal aid lawyer Callum Dolman said the entire community had watched the game, and the fighting started after one tribe, supporting Adelaide, took exception to the celebratory noise the other tribe was making over Collingwood’s win.

Parmbuk had been supporting Collingwood, and two days after the win, he was one of 30 people outside a house at Wadeye, throwing rocks.

He was holding a steel bar, hitting it on the fence.

Prosecutor Sergeant Justene Dwyer said the offence needed to be met with a harsh penalty.

“Children are afraid to go to school, people are afraid to go to work in case they get caught up in this ‘chest-puffing’ between groups” she said.

Chief Magistrate Jenny Blokland said his role in the Wadeye rioting was “of some significance”.

Parmbuk was sentenced to two months in prison.

[‘Good Old Collingwood Forever’ sung in the general direction of Jamie-R.]

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2 Responses to Wadeye : Where they take their footy seriously

  1. Jamie-R says:

    Obnoxious Collingwood fans finally set some folks off, who knew? The thing I love about my fellow Territory Crows fans is that unlike many chardonnay sippers around here, they did some heavy lifting when provoked (arguably goon bag assisted), and I couldn’t be more proud. Also wouldn’t be surprised if the Wadeye Piemen think about the spray before they say next time around. Or maybe not! We’re talking Collingwood fans here! But good to see some Croweaters finally gettin’ some back. Here here I say!

  2. Jamie-R says:

    Man this Fevola situation, have to say, what a way to screw a guy and your own team! Guys that can kick 100 goals in a season are rare sorts. And Kernahan’s one to moralise about drunken antics, his can be found on you tube singing into the mic then pouring beer over his head. But I guess he never called Judd a f***ing poofter who’s f***ing s**t, but if your teammate runs away from helping your drunken antics… maybe you should call him that!

    Then again, Andrew ‘This is an opera in Antwerp and I expect the decorum of 17th century European gentleman’ Demetriou is running the show. It ain’t the ’80s anymore…

    I would watch, every week, a show where Big Fev is handed a carton of beer and told to talk about the week’s issues in footy uncensored. That’s first class entertainment!

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