Hail Red Army! Victory for Sam Wainwright in Fremantle!

After a series of defeats, the Socialist Alliance have won their first match!

Victory for Sam by 100 votes
Sam for Hilton
October 18, 2009

Sam Wainwright won 438 votes (33.44%) – over 100 more votes than Sam’s nearest competitor and enough to put him over the line for the Hilton Ward of Fremantle Council.

Official election results are [below].

At a victory celebration last night, Sam told supporters that this victory was for the whole Socialist Alliance and the diverse supporters of his campaign. He was proud that this campaign had been successful while being fully open about his socialist, environmentalist and unionist convictions.

Sam is the first Socialist Alliance member to be elected to a local government position in Australia.

Sam joins Steve Jolly as being one of two openly ‘socialist’ local council members in the country.


HUME, Dave : 337 : 25.73% [ALP]
SMITH, Bob : 160 : 12.21%
ACOCELLA, Frank : 183 : 13.97%
MOENS, Gabriel Adelin : 192 : 14.66%
WAINWRIGHT, Sam : 438 : 33.44%

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2 Responses to Hail Red Army! Victory for Sam Wainwright in Fremantle!

  1. Run to Paradise says:

    He better keep his grubby atheist Muslim communist hands off my health care and guns. Keep Freemantle free!

  2. Progressive John says:

    Great result! It is time that people on the Left are represented by exactly that, not the Conservatives in the ALP!

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