Racist Australia and Japanese whaling 白豪主義オーストラリアと反捕鯨

“…and that’s why we should keep the bloody flag the same!”

Tricksy Japanese whale haters have released a YouTube video declaring Aussies are racist. Therefore whaling is good. Among other pearls of wisdom contained in the video is the claim that “it’s impossible to practice [vegetarianism] because of our instinct. Human is the most cruel”; again, the latter may be correct, but the former claim is demonstrably wrong. See Pro whalers launch YouTube attack, SBS, January 7, 2008; Truths hit home, Herald Sun, January 9, 2008 (“LATE last month, Japan dropped humpback whales from its so-called “scientific” whaling program for this year and next, writes Junichi Sato”).

Bruce Ruxton would be rolling in his grave…

See also : Sea Shepherd Conservation Society // whalelove.org // Animal Liberation Victoria // And for no other reason than the fact that I can here’s Venom P. Stinger. Great song. RIP Dugald McKenzie. (Long live dirty three.)

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4 Responses to Racist Australia and Japanese whaling 白豪主義オーストラリアと反捕鯨

  1. mickel reyfeldous says:

    The pot calling the kettle black…

    I don’t see Japan supporting multiculturalism.

  2. mickel reyfeldous says:

    Andy, it’s great to see you have finally stepped out of those anarcho boots of yours and joined forces with me.

  3. YT says:

    I’m Japanese.

    I do not support this kind of way of thinking.

    It is dangerous and unreasonable to connect between anti-whale activists and the racism in Australia, and to make over-generalization.

    And I believe there has not been so many racial activists in Australia as it has not been in Japan.

    I also believe that not so many people support the extreme activists for anti-whale campaign in Australia.

    This kind of videos, including the movies from the opponents which may come, should be deleted, not to make unreasonable confrontation between Japanese and Australian.

  4. daisk5 says:

    Japanese whale fishing is completely lawful.
    And is completely scientific.
    In addition, it is a Japanese gastronomic culture to eat whales.
    You should refrain from the act of denying the culture of another country.
    Watch this video.
    To the person who wants to know why Japan hunts whales:


    [DragonBall] Freezer VS Japanese whaling:



    Why do the media of Australia tell a lie and censorship?
    If doubt me? Post my comment this URL:


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