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Economic Yearnings of India for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Australia

Demonstrating conclusively that hers is ‘not a political party that shirks hard decisions’ (Julia Gillard), at its national conference this weekend Labor took a bold step and in The National Interest™ approved the sale of uranium to India. This is … Continue reading

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Nuclear. Clean Green Energy.

zero The area around the Fukushima nuclear power plant has been evacuated, but an expert at the US Nuclear Energy Institute says there is no immediate danger. ~AFP The company at the centre of a nuclear reactor crisis following the … Continue reading

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Whatever would Peter have said to his God?

“I visited the shrine at Hiroshima. I know the history of Maralinga. And I’ve witnessed the struggle at Jabiluka. I have long been opposed to uranium mining, and I remain opposed to it. I am unapologetic about this. In fact, … Continue reading

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Read About It : Peter Garrett ♥s Uranium

Above : DOA, ‘The Only Thing Green’ (Alternative Tentacles, VIRUS 131, 1993). Formed in the same period as Midnight Oil (the late ’70s), Joey Shithead is not yet the Minister of the Environment in Canada. In fact, the band continues … Continue reading

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