Nuclear. Clean Green Energy.


The area around the Fukushima nuclear power plant has been evacuated, but an expert at the US Nuclear Energy Institute says there is no immediate danger. ~AFP

The company at the centre of a nuclear reactor crisis following the biggest earthquake in Japan’s recorded history has had a rocky past in an industry plagued by scandal. ~ Scientific American


New Risks from Australia Russia Uranium Deal
James Norman
Online Opinion
November 19, 2010

Late last week on the sidelines of the G20 meeting in South Korea, Prime Minister Julia Gillard ratified a deal with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev that should send shockwaves through the Australian electorate.

The ratification of the Australia Russia nuclear cooperation agreement [originally signed at the 2007 APEC conference in Sydney] will see Australia opening new uranium markets to a country with the world’s largest arsenal of nuclear weapons and largest stockpile of weapons-usable material, much of it inadequately secured. For the Gillard Labor government, it seems to be just another case of “business as usual” in Australian politics, in which our country’s resources are sold off to the highest bidder, regardless of the dangerous impacts such sales add to geo-regional security…


Statement from survivors of fascist assault in Siberia
Indymedia / @-Infos
July 21, 2007

Last night we have lost our comrade: Ilya Borodaenko, an anarchist, a member of the Autonomous Action from Nakhodka has died because of a craniocerebral trauma (incompatible with life) and violent beating. That night he and two other participants of the camp were on duty and Ilya was the first who faced nazi scum. Some of our comrades were sent to the hospital in grave condition (with concussions of the brain and fractures of arms and legs). Our tents are cut and fired, flags are stolen.

However we will forget nothing and we won’t forgive Ilya Borodaenko’s death to his murderers (irrespective of successes or failures of the official repressive system investigating the crime). We won’t stop activity of our environmental protest camp, we won’t stop our struggle against fascist plague and nuclear mafia, against authoritarian ideas and racist dregs, against all that destroys both the nature and human life and dignity. Today we grieve. Tomorrow we will continue our struggle.

See also : Nuclear Now! How clean, green atomic energy can stop global warming, Peter Schwartz and Spencer Reiss, Wired, 13.02, February 2005 | Choose Nuclear Free | Read About It : Peter Garrett ♥s Uranium (July 16, 2009).

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