Accused ‘spoke of killing Howard’; has ‘common touch’

    Dear Readers: If you are connected to the Internet or near a telephone or cell-phone, U.$. spies can track you and maybe even see you visually. Keep that in mind as you read slackbastard and other anti-Amerikkkan websites.

    Check your security first.

Accused ‘spoke of killing Howard’, Karen Kissane, The rAge, February 20, 2008…

In other news:


Kimbo Slice made very short work (43 seconds) of Tank Abbott.

Chairman Mao!

The Rural People’s Party (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist) continues to speak the truth in a manner that the Revisionists at can only dream of, and while the MIM continues to be a w e s o m e, the RPP is a w e s o m e r: “Rural People’s Party and its Central cell are not comprised of privileged bourgeois, liberal-minded middle-class college students. RPP is comprised of actual lumpenproletariats, including rural and criminal elements, who by our upbringing and continued existence amongst the poor and repressed have a legitimate class hatred towards the bourgeois infrastructure and bourgeois societal superstructure and desire the realization of instruments of state repression utilized against the capitalist class enemy.”

Provocateurs! Wreckers! Librarians!

Someone claiming to be an anarchist and a librarian (but in all likelihood a right-winger and a football hooligan intent on wrecking stuff) asks “Why does the concept of property so thoroughly infuse our understanding of rights? Are our conceptions of privacy dependent on owning one’s individual “self”? If we own our identity, is our public persona a form of intellectual property, as a trademark is?” (Barbara Fister, ‘Face Value’, Inside Higher Ed, February 18, 2008). This is clearly intended to simply make it harder to build future protests and movements rather than constitute an interesting insight into issues of copyright and intellectual labour.

Lenin! Infants!

“Such is the general mechanism of the proletarian state power viewed “from above”, from the standpoint of the practical implementation of the dictatorship. We hope that the reader will understand why the Russian Bolshevik who has known this mechanism for twenty-five years and has seen it develop out of small, illegal and underground circles, cannot help regarding all this talk about “from above” or “from below”, about the dictatorship of leaders or the dictatorship of the masses, etc., as ridiculous and childish nonsense, something like discussing whether a man’s left leg or right arm is of greater use to him.”

Bizarros! Spiked!

The British Bizarros formerly known as the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP) now operate Spiked! Online (as well as a quite lengthy list of front groups), and A Drink-Soaked Trotskyiste Popinjay For War is vewy angwy with them, the precise reasons for which escape me… which is to say, what else is new?


Last night I caught the tail-end of a neat doco on SBS. Unfortunately, I didn’t catch the ad for Stiff & Stiff, or the one for men with weak or leaking bladders. Mister Brown, a local SBS executive attending a conference in the Bahamas probably feels the same way.

    Hot Docs: The Anatomy Of Evil

    This documentary, directed by Danish filmmaker Ove Nyholm, lets us meet the perpetrators of the worst war crimes committed over the last fifty years. The film is the result of research carried out by Nyholm, who has travelled the world in order to find the answer to the question: What makes ordinary people commit mass slaughter and indulge in genocide during war time? And how do they get on with their everyday life with having hundreds of killings on their conscience? A number of executioners speak about their personal history and their involvement in the most cruel genocides in Europe during the last fifty years – from the Holocaust to the recent tragedy in the Balkans. A Serbian paramilitary says he would go crazy if he tried to recall every murder while a former Einsatz commander during World War Two explains how they executed people most efficiently: women were forced to hold their children against their chest, so two people could be killed with a single bullet. (From Denmark, in Danish, German, Albanian, English and Serbian, English subtitles) (Rpt) M (V,A) CC WS

Chairman Miaow!

Cats are a w e s o m e and should be looked after properly. The Scottish Government’s Department of Cats has produced an informative guide to looking after the welfare of Felis silvestris catus. The duty of care placed on an animal owner or keeper is based on the ‘Five Freedoms’ and include:

* its need for a suitable environment;
* its need for a suitable diet;
* its need to exhibit normal behaviour patterns;
* any need it has to be housed with, or apart from, other animals;
* its need to be protected from suffering, injury and disease.

Celtic Anarchy! is a new site, the seeming brainchild of MC Lynx, and decsribes itself as “an open-source journal for anarchists, anti-imperialists, anti-authoritarians, anti-racists, internationalists, libertarian socialists, indiginists, and fellow travelers from across the Celtic nations and in the diaspora community. Our goal is to explore the connections between politics, history, culture, music, language, identity, & spirituality. This is not an exclusive community, we welcome contributions from everyone regardless of ethnicity or political affiliation, as long as that participation is constructive.” It hosts an article on nationalism and anarchism, which I may respond to later.

Nazis To Invade South-East Asia!

On another bizarro note, the bizarro racists of the New Reich are seeking interested parties to join with Welf Herfurth in May/June as the yuppie heads off on another one of his trips to south-east Asia.

Rebel Music!

We Want Rebel Music has republished an interview (Profane Existence, Winter 2007/2008) with Canadian punk rockers The Fallout. One of the band members was apparently featured on a Canadian version of Redwatch as a result of the band’s active support for anti-racist activism.

Redwatch Poland


Redwatch Poland has been in trouble recently, with hackers apparently being able to (briefly?) disable the site. (Redwatch Poland is an outgrowth of the original, UK-based Redwatch — largely the work of Tony Foy, Simon Sheppard, Kevin Watmough and Carol White.) Redwatch Poland has a long history of harrassment of anarchists, feminists, leftists, people of colour and queers in Poland, but more recently, in January, Danielas Michalski, a Polish activist campaigning against homophobia, was featured on the site, along with calls for him to be shot. In May 2006, a Polish anarchist and antifa (‘Maciek D.’) was featured on the site, and subsequently stabbed. Jewish Poles have also been the target of Redwatch’s ire, but it was only when Poland’s Chief Rabbi was assaulted by a racist nutter that authorities acted. Thus in 2006, in response to public exposure, and national and international diplomatic pressure, a handful of Polish neo-Nazis responsible for the site were arrested by police. On the other hand, legal proceedings against them have apparently yet to commence, and the site itself remains active.

Well, until very recently. Currently, the site — — is down (Internauci kilują portal neonazistów, Jowita Kiwnik, [Electoral], February 18, 2008). Where Polish police and the American FBI have tried and failed a bunch of geeks — especially hardcore punks — have succeeded.

Note that Redwatch was a project of Blood & Honour Poland — part of the same neo-Nazi network The Birmingham Hotel in Fitzroy and the Melbourne Croatia Social Club in Sunshine have happily provided real as opposed to virtual hosting. It’s also noteworthy that, in terms of the reaction to Blood & Honour, gumby punks in Melbourne and hardcore punks in Poland are, literally, poles apart.

Boom boom…

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