Kyle McKee : An Angry Aryan with BONUS! Bombs

Update #3 : Over a year later, Kyle “has been sentenced to 60 days in jail after pleading guilty Thursday to three criminal charges. McKee, 25, pleaded guilty to uttering threats and possession of a weapon dangerous to the public in connection with an incident on Feb. 13, and for assaulting a woman at a prior party.” (White supremacist gets 60 days in jail for threats, Calgary Herald March 19, 2011). The threats were made to anti-racist activist Jason Devine, who in November last year had his house broken into by five masked men who proceeded to assault him. (The five remain at large.)

Update #2: A teenager has been arrested in Calgary. Also: The Mainstream Media is Starting to Get It, But…, Anti-Racist Canada, November 24, 2009: ‘Neo-Nazis not so harmless: Calgary blast ignites concerns’, Michael Platt, The Calgary Sun, November 24, 2009: “Scorched bricks and a parking lot full of pennies and bent nails. If anything should serve as a wake-up call to the cancer in Calgary’s midst, it’s this: The remnants of two homemade pipe bombs that exploded harmlessly in a northeast parking lot…”

Update #1: We’ve Learned Who Was Targetted By the Aryan Guard, Anti-Racist Canada, November 23, 2009: “Today, we learned who the male and female targets were. And while we will not share the name of the woman, we have no problem sharing the name of the male”: Tyler Sturrup, “a member of the Aryan Guard splinter group, W.E.B. Apparently the split occurred because some Aryan Guard members felt that not enough “proactive” (read: violent) actions were being taken. In most of the pictures of the last “White Pride” march from spring 2009 where racists were seen attacking people, the individuals committing the violent acts are members of W.E.B.”

I am shocked.

Shocked and stunned.

Kyle Robert McKee — the much-loved founder of Canada’s bizarro white supremacist political cult the Aryan Guard — is wanted by authorities in connection to his alleged involvement in a little bombing incident in Calgary on Saturday (November 21). “Investigators believe this was a targeted attack after questioning the occupants of the apartment suite where the device was first found” (Police seek pair after IEDs discovered at Rundle apartments, Metro Calgary, November 23, 2009).

Prior to McKee’s most recent alleged foray into the world of improvised explosive devices, the Aryan Guard was probably most well-known for prancing about on ‘White Pride World Wide’ Day. That is, March 21: a day otherwise known as ‘International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination’.

Who’s McKee anyway? According to some mob in Canada:

The founder of the Aryan Guard, Kyle McKee… originally came to Calgary from Kitchener, Ontario where he had numerous run-ins with anti-racists and police. He lived with neo-Nazi Nathan Touchette and made the news when they flew a Nazi flag from their apartment, much to the outrage of everyone in the neighbourhood. McKee and Touchette made it known that they planned on moving to Calgary. Calgary’s mayor made it known they weren’t welcome. They moved anyways (after trashing the place they had been living in to the point where the house was condemned) though both eventually returned to Ontario (but not before McKee spent some time in jail for assault and possession of a weapon while wearing a mask). McKee eventually moved back to Calgary where he organized a group of dropouts and thugs into a group called the Aryan Guard.

McKee and Touchette have also been members of the neo-Nazi muzak network ‘Blood & Honour’.

The (attempted) bombing comes days after anti-Semitic schmucks in Calgary decided to graf a synagogue, a Holocaust memorial and a Jewish community centre (bringing to mind the batshit antics of the ‘White Devils’ in Perth a few years ago). Writes ‘Anti-Racist Canada’: “Some of the graffiti, in addition to the swastikas, included statements such as, “6 million more” in reference to the Holocaust and “Kill Jews.” Kill Jews? Now where have we seen that before? Oh yes! On Kyle McKee’s shins…”


On the Aryan Guard:

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  1. Lost cause says:

    Props to him!

  2. nos200 says:

    I don’t know if we mentioned it before, but we will now.

    Thanks for the publicity. And thanks for the wit. Right up our alley. 😉

  3. @ndy says:

    Lost cause:


    McKee is a real hero, and a shining example of the Master Race.



  4. ashley says:

    i love him, i think he is amazing <3

  5. @ndy says:

    i agree, kyle has an amazing ability to not avoid police custody <3

  6. hekk says:

    bleu eyes yea aryen race and superior

  7. LATF says:

    bleu eyes white they are aryen race … and we must stay together and anti mixed race white for white other for other

  8. @ndy says:

    other for other white for white race mixed anti and together stay must we and … race aryen are they white eyes bleu

  9. a-better-world says:

    I cant believe the world is still infected with this plague… Seriously guys, I know you have personality issues, very deep ones (its hard to be an “ugly-pale-punk”) rejected by society for being so weird and destructive… find some help, you are sick… find something better to do with your time and lifes… do you actually think you are doing something “good?!” The world doesnt need more conflict than [it] already has, we need positive people, we need to find ways to protect the environment, help the starving children…!!!! Come on people!!

  10. uncle_zio says:

    it’s remarkable to see how far some people will go to hide from their homosexuality. these guys are so deep in the closet they know what they’re getting for christmas.

    …and how hilarious to see how it manifests! i can’t even imagine what this “brotherhood” gets up to behind closed doors.

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