“Alabama Pride” w/- Coolio & The Snowman!


Alabama Pride promo clip with Coolio and Jeff Monson
Jim Murphy
The SAV SCI MMA blog
November 28, 2009

It may still have a name that sounds more like a Klan rally than a MMA event, but at least ‘Alabama Pride’ has pulled away from the abyss of what would have been the worst MMA card in history. The Tank Abbott vs. Butterbean match-up has thankfully been removed from the card and will hopefully never again be considered for the good of all mankind. DMX has famously bailed from the card as well, reportedly for insisting that the promoters ‘fix’ his fight. Color us unsurprised if that is true. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of rappers in need of a career boost so it’s Coolio [aka Artis Leon Ivey, Jr.] to the rescue–he’ll face Eric Martinez in what is billed as a kickboxing match.

The main event is now MMA’s favorite anarchist, Jeff Monson taking on 13 year MMA veteran Travis Fulton. Here’s the new promo clip for the event:

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