Francis De Groot Brigade : Update

So I’ve decided to update the Francis de Groot Brigade file. Aside from the inevitable sectarian melodramas and paranoid speculation over who’s working for ZOG, there’s not a great deal that’s ‘news’: the far right remains more or less where it was several years ago. Nevertheless, there have been some developments. Thus in addition to the raft of personnel changes on Stormfront Down Under, and the three-way split in the Australia First Party, perhaps the most significant event has been the emergence of the notional anarchists of the New Right. An attempt to employ ostensibly anarchist rhetoric and imagery in the name of white supremacy, the New Right/national anarchists are a rum lot, whose public manifestations have thus far been confined to three protest rallies. First, the APEC demonstrations in Sydney (September 8, 2007); secondly, the Olympic Torch rally in Canberra (April 24, 2008) and finally the May Day rally in Melbourne (May 4, 2008). No doubt they will be attending future rallies, much to the general bewilderment of the left and the public-at-large.

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