Victory to Terrie-Anne Verney! Indian students finally “get the hint that they are not wanted here!”

Of bashed Indian students, she said they were “playing the victim card” and “the shit around their head must do something to their brain”. “Maybe a gun to their head might help them get the hint that they are not wanted here!,” she wrote.

Congratulations are in order to former Griffith (NSW) DJ Terrie-Anne Verney, as:

Indian students to shun Australia due to attacks
Michael Perry
December 30, 2009

SYDNEY, Dec 30 (Reuters) – Australia’s international student sector, the third largest export earner, is forecast to see a 20 percent drop in Indian students in 2010, costing $69.7 million, after a series of attacks on Indians students in 2009.

A study by The Tourism Forecasting Committee released on Wednesday found that while international tourism numbers were expected to grow by 4.3 percent in 2010, there would be a significant decline in international student arrivals.

It forecast 4,000 fewer Indian students, a fall of 21 percent compared with a 35 percent rise in 2009.

“The resultant loss in economic value to Australia could be as high as A$78 million in 2010 if these enrolments are not filled by other international students,” a statement by the Tourism Forecasting Committee said…

See also : Man fatally stabbed on way to work (AAP), The Age, January 3, 2010: “Police investigating the vicious fatal stabbing of an Indian man on his way to work in Melbourne, are appealing for help from the public. The 21-year-old staggered into a Hungry Jack’s restaurant on the corner of Somerville Road and Geelong Road, West Footscray, about 10pm yesterday and pleaded for help before collapsing. He was taken to the Royal Melbourne Hospital but later died…” | Race link ‘presumptuous’ in Indian killing: police (AFP): “SYDNEY — Australian police on Sunday played down suggestions the fatal stabbing of an Indian student in the southern city of Melbourne was racially motivated. The 21-year-old was apparently attacked as he walked through parkland west of the city on Saturday night. Senior sergeant David Snare said there was no indication the man, who had been studying accounting, was targeted because of his race. “I think to jump to any conclusion like that is presumptuous and may well interfere with the investigations,” Snare told reporters…”

Source : ABC

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  1. lumpnboy says:

    No indication that he was attacked because of his race – like the stab wounds forming the shape of a swastika, I guess. On the other hand, there appears to be no evidence that it wasn’t, and not the slightest suggestion of any other motive someone may have had to murder a Hungry Jacks employee.

    Robbery, for example, has not been mentioned, which it surely would have been if the police could easily have used that as a way to sidestep the question of race, and as a way to save, say, a hundred million dollars of “export income” – an arbitrary but hardly excessive figure meant to symbolize how the state government understands the economic consequences of an Indian on a student visa being regarded as dead because of pervasive, violent racism. The economic consequences for the approx five billion dollar per year Victorian ‘international education industry’ – the state’s largest export earner by a comfortable margin etcetera.

    While almost all the media quoted that cop stating that they had no evidence that the attack was racially-motivated, the ‘Herald-Sun’ alone (so far as I could tell) reported what appeared to be the same police comments as declaring that the police believed the murder was not racially motivated.

  2. @ndy says:

    “The first step might be to have public officials recognise that Australia has a racist history and that they are serious about working to reduce the possibility of a racist future…”

    If that’s the first step, then I think there may be a problem. To begin with, Australia and Australians are Good; racism is Bad; therefore, Australia is not racist.

    Secondly, even if there was racism (which is Bad), it was a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away. Thus, while History books may claim that the first Acts of Federal Parliament were the ‘Immigration Restriction Act’ and the ‘Pacific Island Labourers Act’, that was over 100 years ago, and things that happened 100 years ago have no little or no effect on the present. This is especially the case if they are Bad things. Despite being a Marxist (which is Bad), even Julia Gillard understands this. Thus she is able to observe that:

    The signature values of nations are often defined by the circumstances of their birth… And for us there’s one value above all others that we identify with as truly our own. It’s the value that emerged out of the circumstances of Federation, which coincided with the industrial turbulence of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. That value is fairness. Or as we like to put it: ‘the fair go’.

    The fact that Nitin Garg was not killed in a racist attack is further evidence of this fundamental reality.

  3. redxanth says:

    another viewpoint, minus the hysteria… or the PC hegemony…

    i thought you were more worldly wise… see the below link.

  4. @ndy says:

    @ redxanth:

    I’ve read Jeremy’s post. He makes a number of points, most of which are fairly obvious. Thus: murder is a crime and police are investigating. His core argument, however, is:

    If there’s a problem with knife crime in Melbourne, it’s most likely linked to the closing down and underfunding of mental health facilities over the last twenty years, not racism. (If there’s some evidence that Australia was less racist twenty years ago, I’d be interested to see it.) If Indian students do turn out to disproportionately be victims of those sorts of unhinged attacks, it may well be for very straightforward reasons – the fact that there’s a disproportionate number of them with late-night service jobs who are often travelling in poorer areas of the city in the small hours of the morning, where such attacks are more likely.

    I’d suggest that there are broader political issues at stake, related to the size and scope of the education industry: the financial contribution Indian students make to this industry, the interest the Victorian and Australian governments have in maintaining and growing it, and the Indian government’s own domestic concerns. Of course, even if it’s the case that Indian students are not subject to a ‘disproportionate’ level of violence, and even if this violence is not ‘racist’, it’s still possible to maintain that Australia is a ‘racist’ country. After all, it was only in 1992, after a determined legal campaign led by Eddie Mabo, that the court system conceded that the continent was not uninhabited by human beings when the British Empire claimed it on behalf of a bloke called George.

  5. redxanth says:

    I agree with your assertions re. Australia being a racist country…and not just because of the knobjockeys within it, e.g Cronulla, Hanson’s minions…but because of the institutionalised racism propagated by our governments and media; N.T Intervention, anti-African generalisations, anti-Chinese hype re. a corrupt businessman locked up for breaking the law there, anti-Japanese comments re. the whaling issue (note that the same people don’t howl as loud when Aussie farms torture pigs and chickens).

    The real point I’m trying to get to is this: the more focus given to racist Australia helps give airtime and a platform to those that are racist…more talk back commentary discussing it, more media showing India ‘telling us off’, thus giving more fuel to anti Indian sentiment…yet nowhere is there an outcry re. the crap conditions suffered by temporary residents…Indians and other nationalities…forced to work in dangerous jobs with crap wages…just to pay their way here. If everyone focused more on the class issues, such as slumlords exploiting students, landlords raising rents to obscene levels, employers ripping off people by giving them ‘training wages’, then sacking them before they finish, and less on the race issues, more people of all nationalities would have a better life here, including those that grew here, thus giving less fuel for the far right to use.

  6. @ndy says:


    You have a point. Examining racism in Australia — especially when this examination is performed by the state/corporate media — can sometimes assist racists in gaining a platform, and bring racist ideas to a wider audience. But I think that the issue is more complicated.

    So, with regards talk-back: radio talk-back, especially its commercial arm, frequently allows for, in fact positively encourages, the expression of all kindsa crazy (racist) shit — Alan Jones on Cronulla is but one example. Safely tucked away in his studio and mansion, the squawking multi-millionaire hack boasted that he “led the charge” in December 2005. For this boast, there was no punishment, as Alan Jones is a powerful figure, and hence immune from the law, if not criticism. An honourable mention should also go to the other corrupt broadcaster John Laws (about whom I could relate a funny story, but won’t as I’ll probably get a letter from a law-talking guy as a result):

    Why this sudden proliferation of pansies, I don’t know. It’s a major issue. I mean, it’s all very good and well that Australia tolerates people with varied sexual leanings but I don’t know why we should be celebrating it. Anyway, the sooner this fairy flies out and let’s us judge our own women on our own criteria, the better. So on behalf of truck drivers, wharf labourers, free-thinking, red-blooded Australian men, and me, let’s collectively say, [chorus] “Piss off, pansy.”

    ‘The Intervention’ has received support from both the Working Families Party and the Tories — the only voice of criticism in Federal Parliament has come from The Greens, which has obviously had no effect upon Government policy. As for print media, there’s no shortage of trollumnists making with the crazy talk; on television, tabloid current affairs is little better.

    Re the absence of an outcry over poor wages and conditions for ‘temporary residents’: yeah. But then, there’s a generalised absence of concern over economic exploitation and social inequality, and expressions of concern only rarely emanate from those what make a point of making students from India an issue; on those rare occasions when it does, these will almost invariably be in the context of concern over the likely effects upon social order. That is, economic exploitation is Good; it is Bad, however, when it produces political turmoil.

    Moar later, but in the meantime…

    Move over One Nation, here comes Australia First!

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  7. @ndy says:

    Another victory for Terrie! In Griffith!

    Police identify burnt body by rural road
    January 6, 2010

    Police have identified a partially burnt body found beside a rural road in southwest NSW as that of Indian national Ranjodh Singh.

    Mr Singh, aged 25, had been living at Wagga Wagga and was visiting Griffith at the time of his death. A passer-by found his body on December 29 beside Wilga Road at Willbriggie.

    Inquiries led investigators to a Kookora Street home at Griffith where a search began on Tuesday night.

    Griffith police Inspector Paul Smith on Wednesday described Mr Singh’s death as “horrific” and repeated an appeal for public information.

    “We are reaching out to all members of the Griffith community to come forward, including members of the local Indian community who might hold crucial information that could be the key to solving Mr Singh’s death,” Insp Smith said in a statement.

    “To assist with the investigation we have appointed an Indian-speaking detective as a liaison officer, who speaks Punjab and Hindi, and I would urge anyone with any information no matter how small, to contact us.”

    Police also want to hear from anyone who was in the area near Kookora Street and Griffin Lane in Griffith between midnight (AEDT) on December 28 and December 29.

  8. @ndy says:

    Melbourne not safe for students, India warns
    January 6, 2009

    Gillard dismisses Indian travel warning
    January 6, 2009

    Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard says Australia will continue to welcome Indian students despite a new travel warning from the Indian government in New Delhi.

    The Indian statement warns of increased robberies and assaults in Melbourne and urges Indian students to take extra security measures such as not travelling alone at night.

    Ms Gillard says the travel advisory is a matter for the Indian government but she says Australia is a safe country for all international students.

    “In big cities around the world we do see acts of violence from time to time; that happens in Melbourne, it happens in Mumbai, it happens in New York, it happens in London,” she said.

    “Any individual act of violence is obviously to be deeply regretted and our sympathies go to anyone who is harmed by an act of violence.”

    The advisory singles out Melbourne as a street-crime hotspot and says acts of violence against Indians have often been accompanied by verbal abuse and fuelled by alcohol and drugs.

    It says while most Indian students have had a positive experience in Australia, assaults and robberies have been on the rise, despite the efforts of Victorian police.

    It was issued by New Delhi’s Ministry of External Affairs in response to the killing of 21-year-old Indian graduate Nitin Garg, who was stabbed to death in Melbourne on Saturday night.

    Victoria’s Acting Premier, Rob Hulls, also maintains the state is a friendly place to study.

    “Whilst warnings are entirely a matter for the Indian government, everyone needs to realise that Melbourne is a welcoming, open place that certainly welcomes Indian students and students from all around the world,” he said.

    Market ‘doomed’

    The New Delhi vice-president of the Association of Australian Education Representatives in India, Bubbly Johar, says Mr Garg’s death has further damaged Australia’s reputation as a safe and affordable destination for Indian students.

    He says if the Australian Government fails to act, the Indian student market will fall apart.

    “The market is absolutely doomed. Which parent will allow students to go to a country like this?” he said.

    “The market is 90 per cent down in India and this will continue; it’s not going to stop.”

    Mr Johar says the debate over whether Mr Garg’s killing was racially motivated misses the point.

    He says the most important thing is to ensure the safety of Indian students in Australia and acknowledge the terrible loss for Mr Garg’s family.

    “We do agree that Australia is not a racist country, we do agree that,” he said.

    “But parents have lost their child. Whether it’s racist or not racist doesn’t bother anyone now. Losing the most precious thing in your life, is your child.”

  9. David Innes says:

    And if the attacker wasn’t White, do we change our opinions?

  10. liz says:

    redxanth – what is a class issue and what is a race issue, and how are you making the distinction?

    Is it necessary that non-white people keep quiet about their grievances as they relate to discrimination or racialised violence in order for there to be “class unity?” I agree that we should be talking about the issues you have raised – it’s partly why I co-authored this:

    But I am curious as to where you think that line is.

    And I think the UNITE union are pretty much the only ones doing any consistent work around these issues. Dull orthodox Trots tho many of them are, their walk is so much better than their talk. Check out their 7-11 campaign.

    And no David Innes, the whiteness or not of the attacker does not change for a minute the existence of racialised low wage labour markets and the social and economic impact on those stuck in them, and those who see themselves locked out of them.

  11. @ndy says:

    Fire ‘attack’ on Indian deepens race tensions
    Stephen Cauchi and Josh Gordon
    The Age
    January 10, 2010

    RELATIONS between Australia and India were under greater strain last night after the second Indian man in a week was allegedly attacked in Melbourne.

    Just days after 21-year-old student Nitin Garg was murdered in West Footscray, 29-year-old Essendon man Jaspreet Singh was allegedly set alight in the street by four attackers about 2am yesterday.

    Mr Singh, believed to be the father of a young child, is living in Melbourne on a spouse visa while his wife studies. He remained in a stable condition in The Alfred hospital last night with burns to 15 per cent of his body, including his face, arms and hands…

  12. @ndy says:

    We’ve known for two years about Indian attacks: Overland
    The Age (AAP)
    January 20, 2010

    Victoria’s top cop has admitted police realised two years ago there was a problem involving crime against Indians.

    Indians are over-represented in robbery statistics and there is a racist element to some attacks, Chief Commissioner Simon Overland says.

    “There is no question, regardless of the motives, Indian students have to a degree been targeted in robberies and that is not okay,” he told ABC radio today.

    “We recognised this problem a long time before it hit the public.

    “We have known for two years that there has been this issue and we have been working away, at a number of levels around engaging with students, trying to make them understand the risks and how they keep themselves safe.”

    Mr Overland said police had detailed data on attacks involving Indians and said that while Indians were over represented when it came to robberies, the same could not be said for assaults.

    About 50 per cent of assaults on Indians occurred in their workplace, mostly involving taxi drivers and convenience store clerks, he said.

    Mr Overland said some of the attacks were racist.

    “I have said from day one undoubtedly some of these attacks have a racist motive or there is racist elements to these attacks,” he said.

    “Regardless of who they are, what they are, what colour they are, what occupation they are, my job is to make the state as safe as I can for everyone.”

    The comments come after a number of attacks on Indians, including the stabbing murder of student Nitin Garg in Melbourne earlier this month.

    In the latest incident, an Indian taxi driver was bashed in Reservoir on Saturday.

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