F*** Off, We’re Full (Of Terrie-Annes)

    Update : Terrible news for Terrie-Anne: Indian media have picked up on her racist diatribes, presumably further confirming in the minds of the Indian public(s) — and despite PM KRudd’s assurances to the contrary — that ‘Australia’ — and moreover ‘Australians’ — are, well, kinda racist. Terrie-Anne “was reported to have written extremely rude comments about the recently attacked Indian students in Australia, saying that attacked Indian students were “playing the victim card” and the “shit around their head must do something to their brain”. “Maybe a gun to their head might help them get the hint that they are not wanted here!”, Verney reportedly wrote on one of her Facebook groups.”

    Silly Terrie-Anne!

    NB. “Terrie-Anne Verney is the Sales Manager for 95.1 FM. Contact her today to see exactly what Community Radio can do for you!”

Oh dear.

Once there were keyboard warriors — over 60,000 of them — belonging to ‘The Facebook Special Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics’, aka ‘Fuck Off We’re Full’. Sadly, it was subverted by Un-Australian forces, and so a new group was established, with a very similar name, but this time under the careful stewardship of ‘Australian Protectionist Party’ spokesperson Darrin Hodges and his leading lady Terrie-Anne Verney: Terrie-Anne has a position @ ‘multi-cultural’ community radio station Griffith FM. Further:

I have been writing for many years, and am currently studying journalism.
I write regular newsletter articles for community organisations, and write advertising copy.
I work in broadcasting, at a not for profit radio station, where I am the sales manager/office assistant.
I have varied intrests [sic] and general knowledge in many fields.
I am an accurate typer [sic] and very efficent [sic], with Australian English being my native language.

Some very obvious questions occur at this point:

1. Is Griffith too full of immigrants?
2. Should immigrants thinking of moving to Griffith simply “fuck off” as Terri-Anne recommends?
3. Are all the KKK members Terrie-Anne claims to have met as “intelligent” as those who wear bedsheets and burn crosses on other people’s front lawns?
4. Does the “shit” which Indian students wrap around their heads really damage their mental functioning, as Terrie-Anne argues?

Terrie-Anne is on the air in Griffith every Saturday. This week’s guest is a Canberra mom named Nicole Hanley.

Should be a rip-snorter I reckon.

Multicultural radio presenter linked to anti-immigration Facebook groups
Asher Moses
The Age
July 2, 2009

A presenter for a NSW community radio station that specialises in multicultural programming has been reprimanded after she was revealed to be an administrator of several racist, anti-immigration groups on Facebook.

Terrie-Anne Verney, a presenter and sales representative for Griffith FM radio station 2MIA, was the administrator of the group “F— Off, We’re Full” and had also joined several Facebook groups including “Stop the Islamisation of Australia while we still can”, “Australian Conservative United Party”, the “Australian Protectionist Party” and “Australians against Multiculturalism”.

In posts on the site she ridiculed foreigners who did not have a good grasp of English, claimed the Islamic faith was destroying the Australian way of life and said that attacked Indian students should go back home to study.

She also wrote that groups of immigrants tended to develop a “mob mentality”, claimed KKK members she knew were “intelligent” and that she did not want immigrants who did not speak English or assimilate into “the Australian life” to be allowed into the country.

“If we allow the Islamic faith to continue to grow, sooner or later the Australian way of life will be destroyed,” Ms Verney wrote in one post.

“I can’t even imagine where we start to fix the problems caused by the introduction of this *cough cough* religion and its invasion of our society, but something needs to be done. Before its (sic) too late.”

Of bashed Indian students, she said they were “playing the victim card” and “the shit around their head must do something to their brain”.

“Maybe a gun to their head might help them get the hint that they are not wanted here!!,” she wrote.

Edna Wakley, president of the Griffith Community FM Association and station manager at 2MIA, said in a statement that she was “horrified” by Ms Verney’s affiliations, and that she was unaware of until yesterday.

She said the station did “not condone in any way sites such as these” and would “take appropriate disciplinary action where necessary”.

2MIA prides itself on “multicultural programming” and has several presenters from diverse backgrounds. Ms Verney works there as a sales representative and also presents a music show on Saturday afternoons.

“It is disappointing that this staff member’s actions could place a cloud over the integrity of this Association and all that it has achieved in Ethnic Broadcasting, multiculturalism and the community at large,” the statement said.

When Ms Verney was approached for comment over her Facebook posts, she said it was “unfortunate” patriotism was now regarded as racism.

“As a proud Aussie, I welcome new Australians in the hope and belief that they too, become proud Aussies,” she said.

“This country is beautiful the way it is, and like most average citizens, [I] do not want our society to change to suit others’ needs.”

But after this website approached 2MIA for a comment yesterday, Ms Verney began removing some of her Facebook group affiliations and posts.

In April, a contractor for one of Australia’s largest Defence Department-linked companies was suspended after she was alleged to have been involved as an administrator of the neo-Nazi web forum Blood & Honour.

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45 Responses to F*** Off, We’re Full (Of Terrie-Annes)

  1. Amit Agrawal says:

    The following was sent as a private message to Ms Terrie Anne’s Face Book in response to her comments on immigrants & Indians.

    I just read about you on Age. What a Bitch you are to talk about Anti-immigration & Attack on Indians. Probably, your tongue has grown bigger than your brains.

    Think about it, everyone’s a human being, an immigrant, an Indian, you, your family, everyone.

    To disrespect someone on public radio goes beyond “freedom of speech”.

    If your idea was to act as female Howard Stern, then it was really a pathetic attempt.

    A more positive approach like cursing your brains or watching paints go dry with mouth shut would help better.

    Happy to help if you need one.


    Amit Agrawal.

  2. @ndy says:

    Terrie-Anne Verney receives an award for services to the NSW community radio sector. Sadly, her acceptance speech is spoiled by a heckler:

  3. Darrin Hodges says:

    Um, Amit Agrawal, she did not make comments on public radio, get your facts right before you start slinging abuse, thanks.

  4. @ndy says:

    Griffith is noted for its cultural diversity, with a higher than average number of people of European descent, primarily Italian. Other significant population groups include South Pacific Island communities (for example Fijian, Tongan and Samoan), Indian, Turkish, Afghani, Iraqi, Lebanese and Chinese communities.

    Griffith City Council is committed to providing equitable and accessible services, facilities and activities for the whole community and supports people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds through a variety of projects, programs and partnerships. The more recent arrival of refugee’s [sic] makes cultural and refugee awareness and sensitivity a high priority for the broader community.

    Griffith has a vibrant Aboriginal community and Council fosters strong and positive links with the local community.


  5. Stephen Hawkinson says:

    She has the right to her opinion.

  6. Lumpen says:

    How old is Terrie-Anne? Her racism reeks of the never-actually-met-a-Muslim-or-Indian kind. Oh well.

    Amit: You didn’t do anyone any favours, but I understand the sentiment.

  7. Krish says:

    The people who say that she has the right to her opinion are the same hypocritic idiots who condemn the “Make a Realistic Wish” skit of the Chaser team as distasteful. Where did the right to the opinion of the Chaser team go then?

  8. Grand Dragoness says:

    “who wear bedsheets and burn crosses on other people’s front lawns”

    Bedsheets, yes Andy the items you should wash once a week, not twice a decade.

    Burning crosses, how 80s… there are still fire bans you know.

    As for Terrie-Anne Verney, maybe the best thing that radio has to offer.

    Good work Terrie 🙂

  9. Dr. Cam says:

    I’m sure Terrie appreciates the public support of the KKK.

  10. weez says:

    Cam, you know she does! All the KKK people she knows are rather luverly, cuppa tea, wot wot.

  11. Irfan says:

    Griffith is a gorgeous place. However, even the nicest of places can have imbecile inhabitants.

  12. @ndy says:



  13. Gazza says:

    Bogan trash whose idea of Foreign is probably boozing in Bali and chicken parmigiana down the pub, and for whom “Aussie way of life” means piss-ups, pies and pokies. She lacks the skills or nerve to ever make it as a migrant herself, so no bloody wonder she resents them.

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  15. montydonty says:

    How unfortunate- another closet racist exposed. It’s embarrassing for (the majority of) Australians who are violently opposed to these conservative opinions and who welcome a thriving multicultural society to continually have to confront news about “people” like Terrie-Anne. Ignorance and bigotry disguised as patriotism makes me sick.

    One can be a proud Australian without being xenophobic Terrie-Anne and I would bet that you yourself are no more than second or third generation “Australian” at best. Rather than look to keeping people out of our beautiful country, and resenting those that do come, why not focus your energies on redressing the damage we have done to the original inhabitants of this great land. Why not get involved in activities which might benefit our own indigenous peoples whose abysmal living conditions continue to be an embarrassment to this country? If you don’t like Australian immigration policies, and don’t want to help out your fellow Australians (wherever they might hail from and irregardless of whom they pray to), I suggest you get back on the boat to wherever your grandparents came from – if they will have you back!

  16. san2 says:

    Terrie-Anne Verney – a champion of the grisly lot that are a waste of space. An expected stupid comment from a bigoted fool whose forefathers must have once been immigrants to this great land.

    Indians, Muslims… soon followed by Asians, Italians, Greeks, Kiwis all an import to this country – how many races will she pick a battle against? Surely a wimp like her wouldn’t know to choose her battles.

  17. Beven says:

    Wow, some strong rants form all those who are “defending” us from the evil racists. Thanks for your support, but I think I’ll decide what my opinion is. If you want your opinion respected, then you respect the opinions of others.

  18. it's just me says:

    Griffith Community FM Association have released statements relating to the above. http://www.2mia.dragnet.com.au

  19. Broxs says:


    Look around you, we do not produce criminals and convicts like you do, we are producing doctors, architects and technical people. All you guys can do is drinking, laying naked on the beaches, multiple-monoga[m]y (hah!!! bloody animal kingdom), footy and thats it. Our biggest plus point is that we possess both Western as well as Indian wisdom. We speak your language, we know your culture inside out, we train (and are training good) ourselves with your ‘sciences’. You know nothing about us. All your knowledge about us is based upon 30 minutes programme on BBC or CNN. Thats our plus point. Remember, to kill your opponent, you should know him thoroughly. Today, we are under you but our next generation will be way above yours. Look around you, Asians are already dominating your boardrooms. Now the next wave will come from India. Soon you guys will be depending upon government doles. We don’t need guns and violence (as your KKK brothers need hahahahaha!)…all we need is time, and we are having it very conveniently.

    Your insecurity is because of your acts (your karmas). You captured this land and killed innocent Abbos [sic] and made them refugees in their own land. Now mother nature is hitting you back. (Cycle of karma by the way!!!). You are insecure because you know (it is in your genes) that you guys have killed millions of people around the globe and now it is your turn to pay. Trust me, you guys will pay with a lot of interest. We don’t hate you, like you guys hate others. We never loved you so much that we need to hate you. For you, you can only love yourselves. Forget about us, you hate Italians, Greeks, Lebanese (despite the fact they are all whites and are the fathers of your culture) and you call them WOGS. You hate Asians and you call them “Mongrels” or “Mail order brides” etc. You hate Indians and call them curry. The list is so long that in the end you will find that you love only yourselves.

    You guys clam to be tolerant. Thats fine, but we are “accepting”. We don’t have to tolerate others. We accept everyone as they are. Thats the reason you guys are so vulnerable. You still have time to put your acts in right direction and that is to accept times of changes. Understand one more thing, there are more Australian interests in India as compared to Indian interests in Australia. Indians are just watching things carefully and god knows when they will react. Not all Indians are Gandhi. Often it is seen that when Indians react, they react very severely. Till then all the best. And by the way, there are loads of Indians in Australia too. We love peace, but not at the cost of our pride. Respect everyone and you will have lots of respect in return.


  20. Darrin Hodges says:

    Hey Brox, fuck off we’re full.

  21. Grand Dragoness says:

    First time, I have to agree with Hodges…

  22. Lumpen says:

    Oh, and Ms Verney was sacked/quit according to the radio website.

  23. Raj says:

    You are a racist piece of shit.

  24. Parag says:

    I’m actually really glad that this beeyatch has become the public face of Australia. I have always maintained that Australia is a pretty racist place and Indians are better served by coming to the US. Let the “Aussies” — white interlopers and mass slaughterers of the native population — and the Lebanese duke it out.

    But no harm done in sending abuse filled emails to that white cunt either. It is after all good entertainment on a 4th of July weekend.

  25. Parag says:

    Hey Darr[i]n, go home and look up your dad. He likes curry dick!

  26. @ndy says:


    Gazza: Yeah, maybe. But bogans, like Australians, aren’t all ‘racists’. Piss-ups, pies and pokies are OK; racist bigotry is not.

    montydonty: Like many other angry Whites, Terri-Anne appears to be driven by resentment, not intelligence or compassion. If she were intelligent and compassionate, she might well find better things to do than talk shit about the ‘foreigners’ she neither knows nor understands; whether these ‘foreigners’ are Sikh students who wear turbans or marginalised blackfellas (whose ancestry, unlike her own, stretches back untold millenia on this island she claims to be the property of those deemed ‘White’ enough).

    Beven: Your comment, like the Chewbacca defence, does not make sense. Some opinions — like Terri-Anne’s — are fucking stoopid, deserving of ridicule, not respect.

    Chewbacca DefenseClick here for funny video clips

    Broxs: Australia, like India, was once a British colony, however the establishment of Empire in Australia and India pursued different courses. In Australia, the British embarked upon a series of genocidal conquests. These were largely, but not completely, successful. In India, the British, faced with a massively larger subject population, employed divide and rule.

    Re language: English is the Master Tongue, the development of skill in which is usually necessary to gain access to almost any corridor of economic or political power on any significant scale. The acquisition of proficiency in Hindi, on the other hand, serves different interests and, moreover, has never been part of Australian school curricula. Hence, few Australian citizens speak Hindi. In Victoria, Hindi is taught at only one University: LaTrobe.

    As for the rest… the way I see it, human beings are capable of many things, both marvellous and horrible. The technological capacity of any given society is dependent upon a whole range of factors, none of which have anything much to do with our genetic inheritance (or ‘racial genotype’). England, for example, is often described as having given birth to something called ‘The Industrial Revolution’, and yet the success of English cotton manufacture depended partly on destroying the industry in India, which was at the time much more ‘advanced’. Anyway: racialised competitions are boring and stoopid; culture is global and fluid; the saddest thing about peeps creeps like Terri-Anne is that they’ll never understand that their disparagement of whole populations of other human beings simply denies them access to whole worlds of wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

    Statement regarding Terrie-Anne Verney sent to:
    Asher Moses
    Technology Reporter
    The Sydney Morning Herald

    The Management Committee of Griffith Community FM Association is horrified to learn that an employee of our association has been involved with Facebook Groups such as these.

    Griffith Community FM Association does not condone in any way sites such as these or any other racist activities.

    Griffith Community FM Association is heavily involved with Ethnic Broadcasting in the Griffith area and is a staunch supporter of multiculturalism. We are proud of our ethnic presenters, their programs and achievements. The staff member involved in this controversy is employed as a sales representative and like our other volunteer presenters presents a general music based program Saturday afternoons. This is outside of her commitments in regards to employment with Griffith Community FM Association and to date we have not received any complaints in regards to her program content or the execution of her duties as a staff member. It is disappointing that this staff member’s actions could place a cloud over the integrity of this Association and all that it has achieved in Ethnic Broadcasting, multiculturalism and the community at large.

    Griffith Community FM Association is a not-for profit organisation that over time has developed a good reputation within the entire community of Griffith and surrounds and remains committed to providing broadcasting services for and on behalf of that community.

    Griffith Community FM is currently investigating these allegations and will take appropriate disciplinary action where necessary.

    Edna Wakley
    Griffith Community FM Association

    Statement Regarding Terrie-Anne Verney
    Friday 3rd July 2009

    The staff and Management of Griffith Community FM Association would like to reiterate their complete surprise and horror that an employee of the association has been involved in racial comments.

    It is important that people understand the opinions of Ms Verney were never expressed on air at anytime and the newspaper article is dealing with comments made on a internet site not her activities at Griffith Community FM Association.

    Griffith Community FM Association would like to reiterate that prior to this article the station had not received any complaints in regards to Ms Verney’s on-air involvement, her program content or the execution of her duties as a staff member.

    Griffith Community FM Association is heavily involved with Ethnic Broadcasting in the Griffith area and is a staunch supporter of multiculturalism. We are proud of our ethnic presenters, their programs and achievements.

    It is disappointing that this staff member’s actions could place a cloud over the integrity of this Association and all that it has achieved in Ethnic Broadcasting, multiculturalism and the community at large.

    Ms Verney is no longer involved with Griffith Community FM Association in any way.

    Griffith Community FM Association is a not-for profit organisation that over time has developed a good reputation within the entire community of Griffith and surrounds and remains committed to providing broadcasting services for and on behalf of that community.

    Edna Wakley
    Griffith Community FM Association

  27. Ana says:

    Yes the Indian students are right Australia is a racist backwater and has been since Aboriginal Lands were invaded 1788. Terri Anne is a run of the mill racist twat, good riddance to her & her racist crap.

  28. Bill says:

    I am of Indian origin ( south asian ) and it is sad to see how some of my compatriots are reacting to some very prejudiced racist people. No country is perfect and not all people are the same. There are some very good people, some bad and some are so caught up in the drudgery of day to day existence that they just dont care or couldnt comprehend what is going on. Most Indians do aspire to go to Western countries, or better off countries, since their own country has not been able to provide the standard of living or the quality of life even after so many years of self rule. We got to look at problems within, the caste system, the massive corruption, discrimination and prejudice between various Indian communities before we start blaming others. Let us not paint all Australians with the same brush, and embarrass the ones that are genuinely open, accepting and gracious, of which there is a vast majority. One more thing, I would like to point out is, what is wrong in Australians willing to invite people from all over the world to come to their beautiful country and share its high standard of living and in return expecting people to adapt to their new country like learn its language and follow or respect its culture instead of criticizing it and calling it all kinds of names. Such people bring disgrace to the rest of us. We go there because we want to, and if somebody comes to your house, dont you expect them to follow the rules and customs of your house?

  29. Lumpen says:

    Bill: The flaw in the expectation is not adaptation (which all individuals do with degrees of success and without compulsion) but a demand to accept culture uncritically.

    A country is not a house and a state is not the same as its people. If someone came to my house and questioned why I ate bacon I certainly wouldn’t start a Facebook group and have a cry about it. I couldn’t care less about the cultural practices of my neighbours unless it impeded my freedom or someone else’s.

    As you pointed out, all countries contain a mix of people – good and bad. This is why I do not think “country” is a good measurement for a person’s worth, let alone how to behave. There is no unified Australian expectation of how to act or what culture to follow, as debates amongst Australians on this blog would prove.

  30. Ferox says:

    Here here Lumpen

  31. @ndy says:

    My two cents:

  32. @ndy says:

    And some bonus nonsense — featuring Peter Watson (People’s Socialist News Service)!

    Political persecution by Multiculturalists
    July 7, 2009

    [Donate to the Terrie-Anne Mental Health Fund!]

    In an event that tells us what life is like under undemocratic regimes, a young female member of an on-line anti-immigration group has been targeted by the media due to her views on immigration. Terrie-Anne Verney, who was an administrator of a Facebook group, has been sacked from the Griffith Community FM Association and has received threats from Third World migrants.

    The Sydney Morning Herald newspaper and its “technology reporter” Asher Moses were no doubt well aware that there would likely be negative consequences for Terrie-Anne when they targeted her by contacting her employer (a multiculturalist radio station) to “discuss” her politics. The Sydney Morning Herald has long been a propaganda organ for political multiculturalism.

    The Sydney Morning Herald’s actions against young Terrie-Anne were a blatant example of political persecution by pushers of Political Correctness. We should remember this sort of treatment is normally reserved just for white people and that it is an insipid form of anti-Australian racism. Political Correctness is not an abstract notion, but is an ideology based upon ruthless suppression of individuals, banning dissenting views and silencing freedom of speech.

    Asher Moses is allegedly connected with the FightDemBack organisation, a shadowy hate-filled multiculturalist group which specialises in targeting and attacking opponents of multiculturalism. It has been a tactic of some FightDemBack supporters to harass people at their place of work, in order that they lose their jobs. Political multiculturalism has more than its fair share of such nasty low-lifes, steeped in anti-Australian racism and anti-Western hatred, many of whom can only be described as proto-terrorists.

    One only has to remember the hatred and violence directed at Pauline Hanson and her supporters by multiculturalist activists to recognise the true nature of such people, those who would harass and bash elderly men and women. Blockading people from attending meetings is not a case of demonstrating opposition, but of actively undermining people’s right to participate in democracy; this was done, not only to Hanson’s people, but also to those attending the G-20 summit and even to cabinet minister Tony Abbot[t] at Mebourne University. Whilst we may oppose the views of the latter, we uphold their right to free speech, a concept that is an abomination to many multiculturalists as they pursue their goal of destroying the future of Western nations across the world.

    Political multiculturalism, like the communist and fascist ideologies from which it draws inspiration, has imposed so-called “racial vilification” laws upon Australia to jail or fine their political opponents for expressing free speech on immigration and racial issues. What’s next? Smashing windows and putting people in concentration camps? It should be remembered that traditional Australia never outlawed opposition to its immigration policies; in fact, we were one of the most advanced democracies in the world. Unlike fascist multiculturalism, Australian Protectionists draw inspiration from Australia’s democratic foundations.

    Australian Protectionists have commenced passing around the hat around [sic] to raise money to support Terrie-Anne Verney, as a constructive way of helping her for being persecuted for her political beliefs. This is a practical example of Aussies helping Aussies, not just watching from the sidelines. Donations can be made by sending a money order or cheque made out to “Darrin Hodges” (the Terrie-Anne fund organiser) at P.O. Box 1281, Sutherland, NSW 1499 (or to the PayPal account: [email protected]) by 16 July 2009, with funds raised to be sent to Terrie-Anne on the 17 July 2009.

    Support Terrie-Anne by donating and help fight political persecution.


    Multicultural radio presenter linked to anti-immigration Facebook groups, Sydney Morning Herald, 2 July 2009
    Time to put your money where your mouth is, Australian Identity Forum, 2 July 2009
    Statement regarding Terrie-Anne Verney, 2MIA (95.1FM), 3 July 2009
    Fight Dem Back forces 2MIA radio to sack political dissident, People’s Socialist News Service, 5 July 2009
    Matthew Henderson up to his old tricks, Australian Identity Forum, 6 April 2009

  33. dj says:

    “Political multiculturalism, like the communist and fascist ideologies from which it draws inspiration…”

    This is perhaps the most laughably politically confused comment I have ever read and that is saying something.

  34. @ndy says:

    Pretty cool eh? Darrin once touted Hitler vids on Stormfront; Peter Watson was a teenage Stalinist, then National Bolshevik (I think he got very excited, as teenagers do, when reading about Russian politics), now National Socialist. Then again, I’m an anarchist terrorist Jew, so what would I know? Peter spills the beans:

    The anarchist Jewish led terrorist organisation known as “Fight Dem Back” has finally forced 2MIA radio to sack Ms Terrie-Ann Verney. Ms Terrie-Ann[e] Verney is a political dissident and is opposed to the policies of the capitalist-intelligentsia regime. Ms Verney was sacked as a community staffer at 2MIA radio after a campaign was launched against her by multiculturalists and multiracialists led by the anarchist terrorist group Fight Dem Back. The Fight Dem Back group called Ms Verney’s employers and black mailed them into sacking the young woman. The young nice woman is not the first victim of the thuggish terrorist group.

    Many nationalists have lost their jobs and families because of actions committed by the anarchist Fight Dem Back. FDB does not care about other people and constantly seeks to destroy it’s enemies by any means possible even if it destroys other people’s lives. Clearly, Fight Dem Back, which is a front of the Australian Security and Intelligence Organisation (ASIO), has destroyed the life of this young nice and attractive young [sic] woman. Every one should feel sorry for Ms Terrie-Ann[e] Verney because she is a victim of evil anarchist terrorism which has destroyed her young life. The Stalinist League General Secretary, Mr Peter Watson, called on the Australian Federal Police to arrest the members of Fight Dem Back and charge them with terrorism and criminal defamation. “[Mathew] Henderson[-Hau] and his mob of criminals must pay for their criminal actions,” Mr Watson told the People’s Socialist News Service. “Fight Dem Back are scum who love to destroy the lives of young attractive women” the General Secretary added.

    The criminal Fight Dem Back mob posted an article on their sick web site that criminally attacked Ms Verney. In the article posted on the 5th of June [sic] this year, the terrorist organisation made slanderous and defaming comments about Ms Verney. FDB claimed that Terrie-Ann[e] Verney was a “bigot”, “racist” and that she was “dumb”.

    Fight Dem Back went on to claim that her beliefs were “unacceptable” and that her behaviour was “unacceptable civil conduct under any circumstances”. After nearly a week of being black mailed and bullied, the 2MIA management released a statement saying that they were sacking Ms Verney.

    The actions of Asher Moses and [Mathew] Henderson[-Hau], both members of Fight Dem Back, were an attack on Ms Verney’s democratic rights as a citizen of Australia.

  35. Ferox says:

    The trash spewed out of that peter watson kid makes me want to smash his puny skull against a wall. He does provide comedy relief from time to time however.

  36. Lumpen says:

    I lol’d at “Peter spills the beans”. Peter Watson has taken white-knighting to a whole new level.

  37. [Peter Watson] says:

    @ndy, may I remind you of the fact that, as I have said on many number of occasions, that “National Bolshevism is simply National Socialism dressed up as Bolshevism”. There is no difference between National Bolshevism and National Socialism. I’ve been a NS since January this year and before that I was a communist but I defected. You see, I was only fooling with you and Fight Dem Back when I said that I was a National Bolshevik. In reality, I’ve been a proud National Socialist for a long time. Sucks to be you, anarchist degenerate vermin. As Darwin put it “the strong will rise and the weak will fall”.



  38. dj says:

    So tricksy!

  39. Ferox says:

    The only war you’ll be fighting Peter Watson is with your parents letting you out this weekend with your severe mental disability.

  40. weez says:

    Watson is well and truly off his meds.

    Funniest. Evah. 😆

  41. @ndy says:


    Btw, congratulations on making comment number 10,000 weez!

  42. weez says:

    awright, what do I win?

    Considering the comment had to do with PW, maybe a bag of hammers (and sickles?) 😆

  43. Smithy says:

    It is called “Free speech” and she has every right to have her opinion. If you all hate Aussies so much, why do you come here? Of course, it is the permanent residence, to use the Aussie tax payers system! We don’t mind getting called Bogans, but then you are parasites, who could never achieve what the Aussies have done here, that is why you come here. You want to live in the “west”, without understanding how citizenship works or your civic duties to Australia.

  44. @ndy says:

    1. There is no explicit ‘right’ to ‘free speech’ in Australia, at least as far as the Australian constitution is concerned. If there is any such right, it is argued to be an implicit one, derived from common law.

    2. I have not questioned Verney’s ‘right’ to say daft things; she has that ‘right’, as do you. Obviously, being identified as espousing racism can have deleterious consequences, which for Verney was losing paid (I assume) employment as Sales Manager for 95.1 FM. If she believes that this decision was unlawful, Verney has the right — codified in law — to sue for wrongful dismissal. I’ve no idea if she has or is going to.

    3. Your statement is an exercise in question-begging, and you’re engaged in a form of online shadow-boxing. Whoever ‘you all’ are: I came to Australia when I was born, in Melbourne; I do not require permanent residency, I am an Australian citizen; I’ve been called a bogan, and I don’t care; Australians have done lots of things, some good, some bad.

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