Hitler and The Aliens!


Ex-Nazi scientists continue to develop new flying saucers in secret underground bunkers in the New Swabia region of Antarctica. FACT.

Our discoveries have led us into the production of a number of currently suppressed and sometimes vilified books which are now underground bestsellers. “UFOs–NAZI SECRET WEAPON?” was our first title, now sold out in 5 complete editions. Our second book, “SECRET NAZI POLAR EXPEDITIONS”, is coming up fast and has sold out 2 full editions. Foreign language translations of these books are selling briskly, and it is becoming obvious to everyone that the media-enforced blockade of the truth has now been broken. Three additional books are currently under production and these will round out our Phase I Publishing Program: “THE CIA-KGB-UFO COVERUP”, “THE ANTARCTICA THEORY” and “THE LAST BATTALION”.


This sensational, underground best seller is now in its 5th edition in English and its 2nd edition in German. French, Spanish and Italian editions are now in the planning stages. This is the most talked-about U.F.O. book of the decade! As the center of controversy, its author, Christof Friedrich, has become the subject of much attention and has been a frequently-invited guest on many internationally broadcast TV and radio talkshows which SAMISDAT technicians have recorded on tape cassettes for sale to the UFOlogers and intrigued members of the public. This book is certainly intriguing, for it reveals for the first time amazing plans for Nazi Germany’s ultimate secret weapon: the Flying Disc!


Now in its second, enlarged edition, with many newly-discovered photos and illustrations. This is our latest best-seller. Read for the first time information which has been suppressed by Allied Censorship for over 40 years.

Author Christof Friedrich tears away the veils of wartime secrecy which surround Nazi Germany’s Arctic and Antarctic activities. Read how the secret THULE Society aided Hitler’s plans for Germany’s future. Discover the truth about Rudolf Hess and the secret knowledge which the Allies fear he will tell the world. Delve deeply into Hitler’s hidden teenage years. Discover Hitler’s submarine strategy and his postwar plans. Study the amazing pictures taken from NATO archives which reveal mystery submarines, U-boat designs and secret production facilities. A truly unique book!

I’m not crazy; you’re the one that’s crazy!

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