Thomas found guilty of receiving $3,500, a plane ticket, and having a dodgy visa

Thomas found guilty of receiving Al Qaeda funding
ABC News Online
Sunday, February 26, 2006. 2:57pm (AEDT)

A Victorian man has been found guilty of receiving funds from a terrorist group.

Joseph Terrence Thomas, 32, of Werribee, near Melbourne, was charged with receiving funds from and providing resources to Al Qaeda.

His lawyer told the Victorian Supreme Court there was no evidence Thomas provided himself as a resource while training at the Al Farooq camp in Afghanistan, or that he had agreed to work for Osama bin Laden in Australia.

The jury cleared him of those allegations but found him guilty of receiving a plane ticket home and $US3,500 from the terrorist group.

He was also found guilty of having a Pakistan visa changed to disguise how long he had been in the region.

His lawyer asked that he be allowed to continue his bail until his plea hearing on Thursday, but the request was denied.

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