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Skins ‘n’ Sharps–original, tough, colourful and at times controversial. A Melbourne-based youth culture in the 70s like no other. Skins ‘n’ Sharps symbolised an exciting time for me as a teenager growing up in suburban Melbourne. Youth in the early 70s began to create their own significant look. They designed their own tailor-made clothes and handmade shoes, then combined them with off-the-shelf clothing to create their own individual look…

The song playing is ‘God’ by The Wild Cherries (feat. Lobby Loyde [1941–2007]):

See also : Blackburn Sth Sharps! (September 12, 2006) | Tomorrow is Today: Australia in the psychedelic era 1966–1970 by Iain McIntyre, Arts Hub, December 20, 2006 | Wild About You by Iain McIntyre and Ian Marks:

When the subject of 1960s Aussie garage-punk/R&B/psych music comes up in conversation, most aficionados of the genre will grin knowingly, nod enthusiastically and immediately rattle off a list of their personal fave raves. A list that inevitably includes: the Missing Links (Wild About You, You’re Driving Me Insane), the Purple Hearts (Early in the Morning, Of Hopes & Dreams & Tombstones), Toni McCann (No, My Baby), the Throb (Black, Fortune Teller), the Wild Cherries (That’s Life, Krome Plated Yabby), the Black Diamonds (I Want Need Love You, See the Way), the Elois (By My Side), the Atlantics (Come On, It’s a Hard Life), the Moods (Rum Drunk), the Pink Finks (Louie Louie), the Morloch (Time Machine), the Running Jumping Standing Still (Diddy Wah Diddy, My Girl), the Lost Souls (This Life of Mine) and a hundred others besides. Not a bad gallery of legendary names and awesome recordings, hey?

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2 Responses to Sharpies

  1. Robert says:

    Cheers @ndy. That first clip is tops.

  2. @ndy says:

    Cool. The film was by Greg Macainsh (Skyhooks). Greg was also reportedly involved in the Free Store in Collingwood

    This is my city
    This is your city
    This is our city now

    Well I’m back in the land of second chances
    And rock ‘n’ roll shows where nobody dances
    Back in the land of chicken and chips
    Mars Bars and roadside tips

    And if you don’t like it
    Then that’s too bad
    Cos it’s the only city that we’ve ever had
    So when the man says
    That you gotta pay
    You gotta cancel the cheque and you gotta say…

    Well I’m back in the land of cheap incense
    Where the favourite sport is sittin’ on the fence
    Back in the land of pie and sauce
    Drinkin’ flat beer with no third course

    And if you don’t like it
    Then you gotta fight it
    And you gotta fight it now
    Ain’t no time
    For walkin’ the line
    Somehow the cream’s gone sour…

    Back in the land of subtle hints
    Where the artists are busy painting Picasso prints
    Here in the land of all time lows
    You can make it big and get your own quiz show
    And if you just hate it
    Then that’s too bad
    Cos it’s the only city that you’ve ever had
    So when the cop says
    Get outta town
    You gotta get it together gotta stick around

    This is my city
    This is your city
    This is our city now

    I got it
    You got it
    We got it now

    This is my city
    This is your city
    This is our city now

    ~ From the album Straight in a Gay Gay World (Mushroom, 1976)

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