“Allahu akbar!” “Free the battery hens!” “Allahu akbar!”

    Gibson: From what I.N.T.E.L.L.I.G.N.C.E has gathered, it would be 9/11 times 100.
    McCarten: 9/11 times a hundred? Jesus, that’s…
    Gibson: Yes, 91,100.
    Driver: Basically, all the worst parts of the Bible.

Sunrise is a TV show on 3news in New Zealand/Aotearoa. A recent episode pits an emerging stand-up comic (and editor of the National Business Review) Nevil Gibson up against straight man (and union thug) Matt McCarten on the subject of spying.

Police spying on unions condemned
December 19, 2008

Unite Union leader Matt McCarten today released emails from police informant Rob Gilchrist to the police spy unit detailing activities being organised by the union as part of their push to abolish youth pay rates and increase the minimum wage. “These emails give lie to the police claim that only potential criminal actions by individuals were being targeted. A wide range of legal actions by unions, political parties and peace and justice groups came under the evil eye of the police. There is no evidence that the actions of Gilchrist were in any way discouraged by the police. “We need a full public inquiry into the actions of the police spy unit whose actions have clearly gone way beyond any legal mandate,” said Mr McCarten.

See also : Moaron Rob Gilchrist (December 17, 2008) | Rob Gilchrist : Police Informant (December 14, 2008)

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