April 26…

Harry O’Brien has a blog! Alright!

So does Walter Mignolo.

Rick Roderick is dead, but his legacy endures online.

A Very Public Sociologist provides a spotters guide to The Far Left and the 2010 UK General Election here. The Alliance for Green Socialism, Alliance for Workers’ Liberty, Communist League, Communist Party of Britain, Direct Democracy (Communist) Party, ‘Left Independents’, Peace Party, People Before Profit, Respect, Revolutionary Communist Party of Britain (Marxist-Leninist), Scottish Socialist Party, Socialist Equality Party, Socialist Labour Party, Socialist Party of Great Britain, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition, Unity for Peace and Socialism, Workers’ Power and the Workers’ Revolutionary Party have all thrown their hats into the ring.

In Australia, the Revolutionary Socialist Party recently launched its campaign ‘against racism and Labor government’ by way of Van Rudd ~versus~ Julia Gillard in the seat of Lalor. (Come the election, their rivals in the Socialist Alliance will be battling the Australian Protectionist Party in at least one seat in Sydney apparently.)

Finally, Anthony Hayes has some things to say about unions and revolution in the fourth anniversary issue of Mutiny zine (#49, April 2010), a subject to which I might compose a reply, while the second issue of Melbourne Black will be launched at a BBQ on May Day (Saturday, May 1).

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