Weerheym’s website ‘under investigation’

Racist Perth web site under investigation
The West Australian
Fran Spencer
March 18, 2006WA Police and the Director of Public Prosecutions are investigating a racist website run by a Perth-based white supremacist amid claims it openly threatens individuals and breaks racial vilification laws.

Two blogs operating under the names Patriot Alliance Down-under and Leftywatch, published by former Australian Nationalist Movement recruit Benjamin Weerheym, have been the subject of complaints to State and Federal authorities.

Mr Weerheym was convicted [in 2004] of spraypainting racist slogans on Perth buildings, and received a six month suspended jail term.

While posts on the Patriot Alliance Down-under blog have included references to “oily dune coons”, “sandniggers” and “the Asian invasion”, the Leftywatch blog focuses on publishing pictures and personal details of individuals it claims oppose patriotic activists.

Yesterday, the site contained personal details on four Perth individuals including home suburbs, email addresses and places of work along with calls for further information or photos for publication.

Perth-based human rights lawyer Mark Cox said he had been contacted by several individuals targeted by the blogs, and had written to the WA and Federal police and attorneys-general.

DPP Robert Cock yesterday confirmed his office was examining the site, but no action had been taken.

“It has been referred to a lawyer in my office and I’m awaiting her report… I expect that within a week,” he said.

State Security Investigation Group head Det-Sen. Sgt Ray Butler said police had been monitoring the blogs, and were liaising with the DPP.

“It’s well known to our area and has been for the last six to eight months.”

“We have put up a proposal to the DPP in relation to all the evidence… the initial verbal notification from them is there isn’t enough there at the moment but we are continuing to monitor that and any information that comes in from the public we will pass on,” he said.

Both blogs were recently altered to remove Mr Weerheym’s photo and personal details. The profile section now attributes the blog to Patriot Alliance Down-under, a self-described “number of patriots and nationalists alike from New Zealand and Australia.”

Mr Cox said he had contacted US-based internet giant Google, owner of the company [Blogger] which hosts the blogs, and warned of potentially illegal content.

Google has since posted a content warning on the blogs, but appears to have taken no further action.

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