From the Fox Desert, Glenn Beck Comes

Glenn Beck is


Beck the spotter gives mad props to: AK Press (We Are an Image From the Future: The Greek Revolt of December 2008) & Workers World Party & Socialist Party USA & World Socialist Web Site & Revolutionary Communist Party.

“We are an image from the future”…

(graffiti at the occupied University of Economics in Athens)

…faced with a dark, dark image from the past.

Fascists working with cops run amok in Patras; they stab two in Athens; police shoot 15 times in the air in Palaio Faliro and a flaming car is driven against the police station of Zefyri, Athens. These are what I consider to be the most important events of the day; there’s so many others (more attacks at police stations; tens of demonstrators arrested in cities across the country etc) – but it’s simply impossible to summarise everything here. The most important events of the day are those of Patras. Please read the separate post and spread the news…

See also : [For Dave] Glenn Beck ~versus~ Bald Communists (March 3, 2010) | Glenn Beck : Uncle Rupert’s Gift to The Coming Insurrection (February 19, 2010) | Discover the Networks! (December 6, 2009) | Glenn Beck on The Coming Insurrection (July 3, 2009)…

Listen, Little Man!

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9 Responses to From the Fox Desert, Glenn Beck Comes

  1. butcher says:

    Haha, thanx for the free publicity! lol.
    Does anyone apart from Glenn Beck advertise anarchist texts as heavily?

  2. Dan Murphy says:

    Unhinged, very V for Vendetta or 1984, but effective at some level I’m sure.

    Did you notice at 7.17 on the first one he says “Unions are cutting jobs in Greece” straight after he says “I don’t want to make assertations”.

  3. Lumpen says:

    Mad props from Glenn.

  4. Lizzie in Sydney says:

    Cool to get some coverage on Fox, but what the Dickens does he mean by this?

    “They’re communist revolutionaries. They are not anarchists, but they will use anarchy to their favour. They want communism.”

    Yes, I don’t get it. I am an anarchist and I want communism. What is his assertation about?

    “Get in the street and be violent!”

  5. @ndy says:

    He’s a complicated man/but no one understands him/but his doctor/Glenn Beck.

    Victim In Fatal Car Accident Tragically Not Glenn Beck

  6. "Bagola Masko" says:

    Glenn Beck has been diagnosed with Macular Dystrophy during his “American Revival” tour on Saturday in Salt Lake City.

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