Boys will be boys…

Manly erupts in violence on Australia Day
Justin Vallejo
The Daily Telegraph
January 26, 2009

…In Manly hundreds of youths draped in “Aussie pride” livery wore slogans declaring “f–k off we’re full” as they smashed up to three cars and ran up the famous Corso. A 18-year-old Asian female in one of the cars was showered with shattered glass, giving her numerous cuts to her arms. She was treated on the scene by ambulance officers. Groups of men jumped up on cars chanting race hate to the terrified passengers within. What started as chants of “Aussie Aussie Aussie” at 1pm had in an hour had developed an ugly overtone. By 3.30pm Manly police called in the public order and riot squad and PolAir in an attempt to control the crowd, made up of a core group of troublemakers estimated by police about 80 drunk teenagers from out of town… By the end three cars were damaged, one 16-year-old boy was charged with assaulting police, two 16-year-olds were cautioned for offensive behaviour and one cautioned for jumping into the water in front of the ferry… [SMH: police “arrested five 16-year-old males before the mob dispersed nearly two hours later.” Further: ‘Supt Darcy said the incident was just “exuberance” gone wrong by a handful of people. “The assaults were not racially motivated and police had observed people of all different ethnic backgrounds walking past this group and not being challenged,” he said.’]

As Manly narrowly escaped the potential of going off like a cracker, police were being called out all over NSW to break up brawls between Australia Day revellers. Police were called to a report of a 30-person brawl on Shelly Beach Road at Port Macquarie while another 30 people were reportedly fighting on Towns St in Shellbarbour. Ambulance crews were called to a fight at Sutherland train station with reports of a 10-person brawl, with a glassing and a female with a fractured finger. One person was taken to Sutherland Hospital while another has been arrested.

…on the other hand…

Manly mob rampages through Corso
Geesche Jacobsen
Sydney Morning Herald
January 26, 2009

Police are investigating reports that a mob of 80 youths ran amok in Manly on Australia Day today, jumping on car bonnets. The youths were seen running up and down The Corso this afternoon. The group of teenagers, many of whom appeared to know each other, ran down the pedestrian street, hitting overhead shop signs as they went. Once they reached the western end, they were seen jumping and climbing over car bonnets near Manly wharf, damaging several cars. They appeared to have been drinking, but it did not seem to be a fight, “perhaps more like high jinx”, a witness said.

That a group of drunken, obnoxious, teenage boys jumped on a few cars, waved flags, and shouted xenophobic and racist slogans @ strangers does not mean that ‘Manly erupted in violence’. Instead, what this suggests is that, given the opportunity, some boys will act like bullies. That an incident such as this took place on Australia Day is hardly surprising. Nor is it unexpected that one target of these ‘youthful hijinx’ should have been an Asian girl.

The Cronulla ‘riot’ has not been re-enacted, and one of the key reasons why is the absence of a campaign to resurrect it on the part of the corporate/state media.

Alcohol + adolescents = dickheadedness. Who knew? Doctor James Saleam thinks their efforts are praiseworthy — ‘Australia First Party Praises Youth For Australia Day Mass Action In Manly’ — but the convicted criminal — ‘Cautions Against Breaking Criminal Law’.

Row Down Under: Australia Day or Invasion Day?
The Associated Press
January 26, 2009

SYDNEY, Australia: An Aboriginal leader named Australian of the Year on Monday said the government should consider changing the date of Australia’s national holiday because many indigenous people view it as celebrating the invasion of their homeland…

As for the Australian Army Southern Cross Soldiers, I think Roger Franklin may have joined Liam Houlihan on their shit-list…

No soldiers in fool’s army
Roger Franklin
Herald Sun
January 27, 2009

THERE are all sorts of words for a group of soldiers – troop, platoon, squad, take your pick.

But not one of them works for the strike force of simpletons that set out from Flinders St station on Australia Day to invade Mordialloc beach.

Public nuisances, obnoxious adolescents, big-lunged buffoons – they all do the trick. But the very best way to describe the self-styled patriots who call themselves the Southern Cross Soldiers is the simplest of them all.

Fools, every single one.

You could tell it would be an exercise in idiocy from the moment the first little troopers arrived under The Clocks and began casting anxious eyes over the Australia Day parade rolling down Swanston St.

Chinese marchers with their dragons, Turkish dancers, new arrivals from Africa – the sort of people your typical Southern Cross Soldier wants to send back where they came from.

But outnumbered as they were, there wasn’t a peep out of these heroes, whose ranks swelled gradually to about 30.

That was enough for the smarter ones to find the collective courage to stand in line and buy their tickets.

The defenders of White Australia behaved themselves on the train too.

And at Mordialloc’s multicultural melting pot, well you just had to laugh. They congregated for a while at the foot of the pier like virgins at an orgy, glancing anxiously down the beach and at all those non-Anglo faces, who paid them no heed whatsoever.

When a couple of brawny Pacific Islanders ambled past, their silence was deafening.

And then, perhaps because even nitwits understand that discretion is the better part of valour, they shuffled quietly back to the station, where the platforms were deserted – where it was safe to be offensive because there was no one around to offend.

They tried singing the national anthem, but that petered out after a few lines.

The pint-sized patriots evidently have a hard time remembering the words, so they settled on a few choruses of “Aussie, Aussie, Aussie – Oi! Oi! Oi!”

When a Herald Sun photographer tried to snap their pictures, that was the moment to demonstrate courage. Fifteen on one, those are the sort of odds cowards like best.

There was a bit of pushing and shoving and lens-blocking, and one big kid struck a boxing pose and offered to punch some heads.

He didn’t and they drifted away on a cloud of obscenity to have another go at remembering the words to Advance Australia Fair.

Then a single, solitary copper strode into their midst and you should have seen them look the other way when he booked one of their members for drinking in public.

When the train came they piled aboard in a hurry to escape that solitary walloper, who wasn’t even all that big.

An army in retreat?

Not on your life. More like a flock of very silly geese.

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7 Responses to Boys will be boys…

  1. princess mob says:

    Of course that first article is by Justin Vallejo, everyone’s favourite tabloid journalist. He was responsible for writing an article after the G20 protests that said the Black Bloc (“a loosely affiliated group of extremists who protest against everything from the death penalty to chicken McNuggets”) had “its victory – attention” when the police murdered Carlo Giuliani.

    Vallejo then hilariously attempted to become embedded with anti-APEC protesters by sending a really paranoid-sounding email. (“If emailing back dn’t use key. Words. Never know.”) For some crazy reason no one wanted to talk to him.

  2. @ndy says:

    “…from the death penalty to chicken McNuggets.”

    Damn! I’ve been busted.

  3. vents says:

    kfc nuggets are better… shit!

  4. @ndy says:


  5. Lumpen says:

    Vallejo is… wow. Just. Wow. I think one of the weird things you discover during your adulthood is just how deeply the myth of meritocracy runs around professions like journalism.
    As for the SCS, it was a predictable outcome. Like all extreme nationalist groups based around personalities and friendship circles, it will peter out until it’s a core of five or so people (a couple of alpha males who will eventually have a falling out, some weaker personalities who can’t make real friends), competing with other weirdos on the nationalist/racist far right for the mantle of the real patriots.

  6. @ndy says:

    Yeah. On Vallejo, it’s a toss-up.

    On the one hand, he won the ‘Best Feature, Community Newspapers of Australia Awards’ in 2003 while writing for The Newcastle Herald.

    On the other hand, Darrin Hodges reckons:

    ‘Justin Vallejo: The lowest form of vermin to have ever slimed out of the sewers’:

    The Daily Telegraph must trawl the crackhouses for their ‘reporters’. In today’s (13/12/08) edition, there is a disgustingly biased smear against [a] fifteen year old boy who was mercilessly gunned down by the filth. And no doubt Justin Vallejo was drooling over his keyboard, spittle flying out of his demented gob, whilst typing the revolting smear before the lad had even hit the deck…

    http://www .

    Harsh criticism from Dazza the media critic.

    Funnily enough, Justin wrote a piece featuring a fella by the name of Rex Gilroy:

    MYSTERIOUS panther-like creatures, long reported to be stalking the outskirts of Sydney, could be moving towards homes.

    With at least 19 sightings reported this year, big cat hunters believe they’re becoming bolder as they search for food and mates.

    Cryptozoologist Rex Gilroy said the elusive creatures – usually reported as fleeting sightings at night, often on lonely country roads – have been reported as far afield as Kenthurst, Lithgow, Penrith and Appin as they find migratory routes around Warragamba dam, linking breeding populations from the northwest to southwest via the Blue Mountains…

    In addition to being a cryptozoologist, Rex is a regular at far right gatherings. In 2006, he addressed Dr. James Saleam’s and Welf Herfurth’s Sydney Forum:

    Another ‘mystery’ speaker was Rex Gilroy, described in publicity material as being “a historian and archaeologist”, he spoke on ‘The Ancient European Contact With Australia And The Pacific’. Apparently Gilroy “has investigated the contacts between… peoples of Eu[ro]pean racial origin from the Near East and Old-Europe… with Australia”.)

    Last Invasion Day (2008), Rex was back.

    Rex’s talk is titled ‘Not The First, Not Alone’ and will apparently “place Aboriginal settlement in a broader and richer context” and reference “New evidence of human migrations”. This new context is indeed much ‘broader’ and ‘richer’ than less intrepid minds imagine. In other words, Rex is of the opinion that conventional history is bunk, and that Aboriginal Australia was preceded by another civilization: Uru.

    What is it like to suddenly realise that you are the discoverer of an hitherto unknown ‘lost’ civilisation?

    Words cannot describe my feelings at the moment I realised I had made such a discovery, and the enormous importance it had for Australian, and World history. I suppose the nearest description one could give of my feelings would be to compare them with the excitement of Heinrich Schliemann, when he discovered the ‘mythical’ lost city of Troy in 1873.

    Pretty cool stuff.

  7. Liam says:

    “for the SCS, it was a predictable outcome. Like all extreme nationalist groups based around personalities and friendship circles, it will peter out until it’s a core of five or so people (a couple of alpha males who will eventually have a falling out, some weaker personalities who can’t make real friends), competing with other weirdos on the nationalist/racist far right for the mantle of the real patriots.”

    I don’t believe the SCS are serious about their nationalism. I think they’re just kids who are attracted to the spectacle of Australian National Identity, but who lack any understanding of the ideologies behind other nationalist groups.
    Basically just proto-racist kids. I know the sort, went to school with many. Will cover their arms in flags and southern crosses, bemoan “wogs” and “asianz” etc, but count many among their friends. It’s bizarre.

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