“Fuck off we’re full.” (Of shit.)


Update : Hear also hack on triple j, January 27, 2009 (Reconciliation Flash Mob et cetera).

    Alan, it’s not just a few Anglo bastards on Australia Day, it’s millions. Australia is a very big country and it’s been taken over by this scum. It’s not a few causing trouble. It’s all of them.”

    Caller: “What kind of grubs do we have here?”
    Jones: “What kind of grubs? This lot were Anglo, we’re not allowed to say it, but I am saying it.”

The antics of somewhere between 80 and several hundred teenage boys on Manly beach on Australia/Invasion/Survival Day (January 26) has triggered some inevitable expressions of anguish over Australia, yoof, and the uses to which yoof put the Australian flag. Inevitable too, the drawing of comparisons with the violent racist outburst at Cronulla beach in 2005. In 2009, however, the odds were far less favourable for the young patriots: 80:1 as opposed to 5000:1. Nevertheless, the boys did succeed in wounding a teenage girl (of Asian descent), as well as frightening a lone taxi driver (a Sikh), a few (non-White) shopkeepers, and a number of local families with children.

Enough to make any digger’s heart swell with pride.

Naturally, ‘outsiders’ are being blamed for the troubles — many of the yoof supposedly came from suburbs other than Manly. By the same token, local police are keen to play down the significance of the teenagers’ antics.

However, it may be that the general public is becoming rather tired of the notion that being a (White) Australian and carrying a flag entitles you to act like a complete arsehole — or that having chosen to be born to non-White parents is a moral failing deserving of abuse, ridicule, or even physical assault.

More broadly, draping such dickheaded behaviour in the Australian flag does not bode well for the continued celebration of the Australian nation on January 26 (the day in 1788 that the British Empire landed in Australia), and reinforces calls for a day of nationalistic feeling to be moved to some other date. This won’t happen overnight — PM KRudd has already made that very clear — but it may well be inevitable.

As noted by Chris Graham, at its 44th National Conference (27-29 April 2007), KRudd’s party claimed to be “committed to reconciliation and … encouraged by the initiative of the community and corporate sector in driving reconciliation”. Further: “Labor will implement the recommendations made in 2000 by the Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation and will use the Council’s Australian Declaration towards Reconciliation as a basis for action”. The problem for KRudd is that “…establish[ing] and promot[ing] symbols of reconciliation… would include changing the date of Australia Day to a date that includes all Australians”; an ‘essential action’ with regards the ‘symbols of reconciliation’.

Anyway, here’s what a UK daily reckons:

Violence mars Australia’s national day celebrations
Bonnie Malkin
The Daily Telegraph
January 27, 2009

Each January 26, Australians gather in parks and on beaches to celebrate all that is great about their country: mateship, sunshine, barbecues and free-flowing beer.

But this year, across the country’s most populous state, the day of national pride turned violent when groups of youths rampaged through suburbs targetting non-white shopkeepers in a display of racism that echoed the ugly scenes of the 2005 Cronulla riots.

In the affluent Sydney suburb of Manly, where hundreds of families had set up their picnics for the day, more than 100 shirtless young men draped in “Aussie pride” flags smashed car windows and vandalised shops.

Carrying signs that read “- – – – off we’re full”, they paraded up and down the [seafront] threatening bypassers.

One 18-year-old Asian woman was injured when the gang smashed her car window, showering her in glass and causing several cuts to her arms.

There were also reports that the group attacked a taxi driven by an Indian Sikh and an Asian shopkeeper.

In scenes reminiscent of the Cronulla riots, when 5,000 white Australians congregated in the Sydney beachfront suburb and attacked Lebanese immigrants [sic], groups of men jumped on cars that were stopped at traffic lights and chanted racist slogans to the terrified passengers.

NB. Those targetted for violence in Cronulla on December 11, 2005 were all those deemed to be insufficiently ‘White’ (of ‘Middle Eastern’ appearance). This included presumed Lebanese-Australians, but also a handful of students from Bangladesh, among others, while some police and ambulance workers who came to the assistance of victims were also attacked. “Commissioner Ken Moroney says an ambulance officer was attacked while transferring an injured person and the crowd turned on a woman because of her race. “That woman was saved, literally saved by the police officers and those officers deserve my highest commendation for the way in which they went about their task,” he said.

At one point the gang was reportedly heard singing “lets go – – – – with these Lebs”.

Animosity towards Lebanese-Australians is a trait also shared by members of the ‘Southern Cross Soldiers’. At least 30 members of this volunteer army (according to the Soldiers themselves, as many as 100) gathered on Melbourne beaches to celebrate Australia Day.

Jean Hay, the mayor of Manly, said the youths came from the north-west of Sydney and were not Manly residents.

The unrest was brought under control by the late afternoon. Police charged a 16-year-old for assaulting police and three others were cautioned for offensive and dangerous behaviour.

The violence in Manly was mirrored in the coastal towns of Shellharbour to Sydney’s south and Port Macquarie to the north. Fights were also reported as far north as Queensland’s Gold Coast, where hundreds of teenagers clashed on a popular family beach.

See also : Manly ‘morons’ rampage was racist: academic, Georgina Robinson, Sydney Morning Herald, January 27, 2009

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  1. Moo says:

    F off we’re full?… haha, that’s quite funny Australia Day represents Captain Cook taking over the country, so really no one belongs here but the aboriginals right?

    So i guess who should be wearing those shirts are aboriginals 🙂

  2. john drew says:

    Having travelled on Sydn[e]y trans [sic] that were jammed full of people and having seen most of the people in them being [of] ethnic origin I am convinced that our cities are being swamped by ethnics.

    All praise to those young people who used Australia Day 2009 to protest. Look at the forthcoming web site http://www.patrioticyouthleague.net for a wealth of information about immigration and its deleterious effects on Australia.

  3. @ndy says:

    Last chance john.

    Q. Aren’t you a little old to be a youth?

  4. Zhang says:

    F off we’re full? Gov don’t agree with you. Looks Australia are short of IT, accountant, doc, nurse, train driver and even hair-cut guy and cooker. Australia need these people move into the country and ask them live there to help the country. Why that happened? Because too many stupid Anglo just know drink beer and don’t know how to work. They just show them in the public again. Shirtless-drank young. I say: F off, you’re fool.

    Looks they own the land but it’s not. They said this to aboriginals : “Who was born here not mean he own the land”. I say “You come here early not mean you own the land”.

    US make it. Let’s see the first Asia or Africa PM for Oz in next 20 years.

  5. Aussie Bonehead says:

    Who cares about the government? The government is a collection of puppets of international Zionism. They say what the Zionist Jews want them to say. Basically, people should ignore the Zionist puppets. Haven’t you heard of a little thing called the great financial crisis? The skill shortage is over. So the immigrants should be deported [en masse]. The European whites can stay but the inferior non whites must leave. They are biological crap that has no place in white Australia.
    Heil Hegel!
    Heil Stasse!

  6. Rob R says:

    Jesus wept what a load of freaks. Australia’s one of the least heavily populated places in the world ffs how much room do these people need? Is it just that they’re so obnoxious it’s impossible to fit more than a couple in a square mile without them needing to start a fight?

    Aaanyway Andy you mind if I partially lift this post for the Blog Bites section of Freedom?

  7. @ndy says:

    Hey Rob,

    Feel free to lift anything from my blog, at any time.

    Aussie Bonehead,

    Hegel? Stasse?!? A nationalist and a Bolshevik? You’re a big silly.


    Beer good. Work bad. More beer, less work.

  8. Aussie Bonehead says:

    The National Bolsheviks are very much strong in the former Soviet Union. We are opposed to communism and capitalism. We are of the third position. The NBs stand for a mixed market socialist system. The National Bolsheviks reject internationalism and support socialism in one country and putting the country’s interests first above that of other nations and other people.
    The difference between Bolshevism and National Bolshevism is that the Bolsheviks supported a state owned and run economy but we maintain that private property should be the main mode of production, distribution and exchange and that private property should complement collective ownership. State ownership and control should be kept to a necessary minimum.
    Otto Strasser is our racial and nationalist ideological leader. George Hegel is our social and economic leader.

  9. @ndy says:

    Right. Otto Strasser, not “Stasse”. (He’s dead, btw. So too, Hegel.)

    Strasser was a tosser, who hated The Jew, but also claimed to reject ‘racialism’, or at least of the kind which Hitler used to justify his pursuit of a European Empire (under Nazi control). By the same token, Strasser’s ‘socialism’ did not embrace a vision of a classless society, but a strictly authoritarian regime, in which Good Little Germans — much like himself — dispensed orders.

  10. vents says:

    why bother andy

  11. @ndy says:

    That question has occurred to me…

  12. Aussie Bonehead says:

    The philosophies of Hegel and Strasser go hand in hand with each other. Racialism, socialism and nationalism and the kew policies of the NBs. That’s all that needs to be said.

  13. @ndy says:

    I’m not sure how the residents of Kew will respond, but you’re right about one thing: that’s all that will be said.

  14. MD says:

    What a racist country! This shows how barbarian and narrow minded Aussies are..Education is the third source of income for Australia..Just imagine what would the country be like without Asians and foreigners coming to study in Australia (poverty, economic problems, and more unemployment..congrats)..Where is your brain? If you’re so racist, don’t eat any Asian food, don’t buy any Asian products, don’t travel to other countries, and just stick to your own kind..Australian is a developed country but these racists in the country are so under-developed..People come to study or live in Australia for a short period of time..I’m one of them and I can tell you that I’m only here for one year’s education and I’ll leave as soon as I graduate..Lots of us don’t even wanna be here..When I go back to my country, I will not come back to Australia again..And, I’ll make sure to tell my friends and the public that Australia isn’t such a nice place for education, tourism, or living.

  15. SrNanny says:

    OMG, I had no idea Australia was such a racist country, being as most of them are descendents of criminals from the UK. I knew they had treated their aboringals worse than we treated our First Nations people, but this attacking people on their national holiday is just disgusting.

    I worked with and met some very nice Australians on a tour of South America, so I guess they must have been the hardworking, educated ones who have the brains not to be yobs. Does Australia have ASBO like the UK? Sounds like they need it.

  16. john drew says:

    Where was Kitler on Australia Day?

  17. Dave says:

    ASBO’s??? Are you sure you know what you’re talking about? These are seen as badges of honour amongst the scum that inhabit our cities. Not many people have them anyway as the police are too scared to venture in to most ‘communities’. Not that I blame the police – I wouldn’t patrol Little Somalia (London) or Little Pakistan (Birmingham) armed with just a stick!
    I hope and pray that Australia takes no lead from Britain WRT Immigration. We are so culturally enriched and diversified that most white people want out.
    Finally, your comment about most Australians being descended from criminals just proves what a cretin you are. I imagine you’re a very liberal, kind hearted person who lives no where near a big city.

  18. nathan says:

    oh dear.

    people are so overly one way or the other on this one- It is a matter of difference and integration, but sadly, i can see both sides here.

    by one end or another, there is a mutual closed mindedness where neither recent immigrants or typically white Australians with a bit of a family tree on the island will really have the fortitude to step over the great cultural divide and realize neither are under threat. Consider this cycle: You take a man and drop him off in Australia- He finds the local community of his previous country or perhaps his sponsor in Australia if he is lucky enough not to be a refugee. He is absorbed into said community and life continues in a similar manner to how it was from whence he came. The need to integrate is not an immediate demand, however, by the fact that his small community of countrymen have such diversity and are as an island of their culture in a sea of other things they might not know or venture to discover what lies outside of that specific world; the ways of home become more important, distancing and alienating them from the greater population. Meanwhile your white Australian is seeing more and more of these goings on and wonders, knowing nothing of these people who now are inhabiting to them, what is traditional territory- destabilizing their identity.

    so a pluralized monoculture ensues. both with an ‘Us not Them’ mentality, both having right to the land- through inheritance or policy. It is an easy point to start a competition- which when you are devaluing the other team can quickly go in a Cronulla like direction. Loyalties lie usually on one side of the fence while ignorant bastards from both sides go at each other, making everyone look stupid.

    this is the point where i have to stipulate to the PC watchdogs out there that this is of course not always the case, and whatever else it takes to stop you getting all in a huff about whatever it is you’re caring about this week.

    so lets have a look at the place- we take more people, fine. we have local population growth fine. we have space, sure- but have we enough water? at what point is there enough people? do we have anyone looking into that, i mean, really do we? must we take immigrants at such a rate that it makes integration to the already standing society difficult?

    these are questions i, as your everyday white Aussie from god knows how long back is wondering. And if ignorant buggers from either side will stop fueling the other side to be against them and themselves.

  19. @ndy says:


    Re difference and integration.

    To begin with, I think attitudes towards those of different ethnicities and nationalities vary considerably. For example, a frequent complaint on sites like Stormfront — but also elsewhere — is the mere presence of non-Whites on the streets of Australia; this antagonism is reinforced if the language being spoken by these individuals is other-than English. I think this discomfit is often — but not always — a question of familiarity. Hence younger Australians, on the whole, tend to be less sensitive to such matters than do older Australians; this tends to be the case regardless of their own ethnicity or language capability.

    Secondly, I think issues like difference, integration and assimilation need to be placed in their historical, as well as social, context. Thus Australia has experienced a number of waves of migration, especially (but not only) in the post-WWII period. Over time, and with the gradual abandonment of the White Australia policy, this has meant that the number of non-Anglo-Saxon/Celtic, non-English-speaking migrants has increased (relatively-speaking) — although the largest number of migrants to the country continue to come from the UK.

    In this context, accounts of the actual experiences of Australian immigrants are worth paying attention to, I think. This takes many forms, but one obvious example is the Immigration Museum in Melbourne.

    The Immigration Museum explores the stories of real people from all over the world who have migrated to Victoria.

    Located in the Old Customs House in the heart of the city, the museum re-creates the real-life stories of coming to Australia with a rich mix of moving images, personal and community voices, memories and memorabilia.

    From the reasons for making the journey, to the moment of arrival in a new country, and the impact on indigenous communities, these stories are sometimes sad, sometimes funny, but always engaging.

    The result is a thought-provoking and moving experience.

    One of the most obvious barriers to communication, and hence mutual understanding, is language. The vast majority of Australians, and indeed even many recent immigrants, speak English. Those who do not face considerable difficulties in communicating with members of the society as a whole. In recognition of this fact, considerable efforts are made — and have been for some decades — to encourage the learning of English by non-native speakers (that is, those for whom English is not a ‘first language’).

    More broadly, I think the differences of which you speak are not linguistic but cultural. That is, they refer to ‘ways of life’.

    Almost invariably, ‘cultural’ differences are considered as being synonymous with ‘ethnic’ and ‘national’ differences; that is, there is such a thing as ‘Lebanese’ culture (for example), which is uniform and constant: one Lebanese person pursues much the same way of life (culture) as any other. This is problematic as it obscures differences which are internal to cultures / ethnicities / nationalities (and so on). One of the principal dividing lines between Lebanese-Australians, for example, is religion; some are Christian, some are Muslim, but others are neither. Within these religious categories there are further differences. For example, perhaps half of the population is Maronite Christian; Lebanese-Australian Muslims are for the most part Shia or Sunni.

    In addition to ethnicity, nationality and religion, individuals express and embody diversity in terms of sex, sexuality, gender, class, politics and in numerous other ways which often defy this kind of categorisation.

    In terms of Australian society, for several decades the state has been dedicated to a policy known as ‘multiculturalism’ (as opposed to what you refer to as “a pluralized monoculture”). In most public discourse, this is read as meaning the maintenance of ethnic boundaries (which, as I suggested earlier, are considered synonymous with culture), and little else. However, what is often unrecognised is that this policy was formulated quite explicitly within a political context, and that context is framed by a commitment to Australian institutions. Thus:

    The freedom of all Australians to express and share their cultural values is dependent on their abiding by mutual civic obligations. All Australians are expected to have an overriding loyalty to Australia and its people, and to respect the basic structures and principles underwriting our democratic society. These are: the Constitution, parliamentary democracy, freedom of speech and religion, English as the national language, the rule of law, acceptance and equality.

    Moar later, but briefly: I have a very different understanding of the meaning and significance of ‘Cronulla’; culture; history; assimilation and integration; ecology; politics.

  20. A. Whitman says:

    Don’t let the darkies do to Australia what they have done to America.

    Reenact the whites only policy in Australia. Keep it white so whites can have a place.

    I am an American [blah blah blah whinge whinge whinge].

    Those white youth in Australia are heroes for defending their country from dark hordes.

    You will know the supreme fighting man of the world, you will know the white man. I live in America.


    FIGHT BACK WHITE MAN! RESIST THEIR TYRANNY! IGNORE THEIR MADNESS! NEVER ALLOW THEM TO STEAL AWAY YOUR FOCUS FROM YOUR OWN DESIRES. They need your attention to grow fat, they need your energy…don’t give it to the savages.

    It’s time to fight back white people, take back your world.

    We are just & righteous!

    White pride & power world wide! MUCH LOVE TO ALL WHITE PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD!

    Fight for our common wealth!

  21. Borat says:

    Hello I Borat! Australian you white, brown and yellow know how to make bestfriend. You know Australia is the best country, the most best in the world now for victim of crime. Yes! Your best are the rape and the assault. This make me very sad when I hear this because now you beat my Kazakhstan. So I try to buy my countrymen, my strongmen with big balls more beer and pills for girls drinks but no good we have problem with evolution. But now I must, I must excuse me, nice to meet you. Yakshemash.

  22. Garry says:

    There’s a group on Facebook called ‘Fuck Off We’re Full”. I wonder if people are aware that groups are searchable now. Hmmm…

  23. weez says:

    psssssssst… according to Dazza, the FOWF Facebook group was infiltrated by destructive multiculturalists… and it’s been disappeared.

    Darn it. What an embarrassment. 😆

  24. sarahjade says:

    firstly australians didn’t invade this land, the british did. as a nurse we are [I am] strongly educated on how to better the lives of the indigenous communities and this is personally a field of my profession that i take very seriously. if u want to stereotype the whole of australia as racists then u r are just as narrow minded as you accuse us of being. the people you speak of are ‘CRIMINALS’ which every country have [has] and in most cases are ten times worse than that [those] of this fine land. i am not a racist but i am patriotic. if you don’t like australia then leave!!! don’t live here. find a beautiful place in the world where crime, racism, violence and all the horrible traits you say this country has don’t exist. good luck mate! i don’t in any way support violence against any man [or] woman of any colour or age and it is a real shame that this happens. but i do love the country i live in and i feel it is unfair that migrants come here and expect us to adapt to them when it should be the other way around. you will find that the majority of crime is committed by men of middle eastern or asian ethnicity, that is a fact! whilst traveling to other countries i have managed to uphold a high level of respect, courtesy and cultural sensitivity to all people. it’s a shame you take on a few negative images of dickhead australians (every country grows dickheads) and apply that to all australians. i come from a long line of honest decent hard working people and if you weren’t so busy slagging us off you may actually see that the majority of us are not all racist unemployed yobbos
    kind regards

    [corrected for spelling]

  25. @ndy says:


    1. To whom are your remarks addressed? Myself? weez? Garry? SrNanny? MD? Rob R? Zhang? Moo? Or someone else?

    2. Yes, the ‘British’ invaded Australia, it was claimed on behalf of King George III, and a penal colony was established. In 1901, upon receiving Queen Victoria’s Royal Assent, the Commonwealth of Australia was formed.

    Your point is…?

    3. You claim: “migrants come here and expect us to adapt to them when it should be the other way around”. Which migrants are you referring to, and how do they force ‘us’ to ‘adapt’ to them? What does this mean, in practice? Perhaps you could provide three examples of migrants forcing Australian citizens to ‘adapt’ to their presence, and explain why these adaptations are unfair?

    4. You further claim that: “you will find that the majority of crime is committed by men of middle eastern or asian ethnicity, that is a fact!” Is it? Says who? Which studies of rates of Australian crime are you referring to?

    The ‘Conclusion’ of one 1999 study (‘Ethnicity and crime : an Australian research study’, Satyanshu Mukherjee, Canberra : Australian Institute of Criminology, prepared for the Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs) reads as follows:

    Chapter 6 CONCLUSIONS

    The participation of migrants in crime appears to be an issue of considerable significance in many parts of Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand. People with vested interest in these parts of the world express opinions and make statements irrespective of whether reliable facts to support such opinions and statements exist or not. The issue is also complicated by the fact that in many countries crimes/violations of immigration laws by illegal migrants are combined with crimes by legal migrants. Until recently, systematic collection of data on the involvement of migrants in crime was rare. In the 1990s this has changed somewhat. Although national level statistics on arrest, trial, and imprisonment of migrants are still not available in most countries, fragmentary data tend to show a higher level of arrest and imprisonment of migrants and foreigners. Most European evidence available as research papers does not offer desegregated statistics for different migrant groups or foreigner groups.

    In this report we have presented statistics on the arrest and imprisonment of people born in Australia and some overseas-born groups who have made Australia their new home. The arrest data used in this report relate to the State of Victoria and the imprisonment data relate to the whole of Australia. The arrest data show that proportionate to their population, migrants from nine source countries were arrested, both as alleged offenders and distinct offenders, at a higher rate than those born in Australia. It must be stated, however, that arrest rate of two migrant groups was only marginally higher than that of the Australian-born, for others the rate was substantially higher. It is also useful to state that the arrest rate of eight of these migrant groups was higher than that of the Australian-born for all the five years for which data are available. There is a tendency on the part of some to ignore police statistics as ‘biased’. Police statistics in most countries are found to have limitations, and statistics from Victoria are not immune to criticism. In this sense the quality of Victoria police statistics is as good as, if not better than, anywhere else. The point of importance is that the statistics show some patterns and it is to the benefit of all interest groups to examine these carefully before the situation becomes worse.

    Members of migrant groups, like the Australian-born, are arrested predominantly for property offences. The arrest data for the last five years showed one pattern that requires mention. That is that members of two migrant groups are arrested for drug offences more often than members of other migrant groups and the Australian-born. Currently, about a third of all arrests from these two groups are for drug offences. The 1997-98 statistics from Victoria show that two other migrant groups from the same region of the world also display high arrest rates for drug offences.

    Most arrests of members of migrant groups, like that of the Australian-born, involve young males in the age group 15-24. Arrest rate of this group, with rare exceptions, was found to be higher than any other demographic group. One of the interesting pattern that emerged from the analysis of the arrest data was that the overseas-born as a group displayed lower arrest rate than the Australian-born until age 49. For those above the age of 49 the arrest rate of overseas-born was substantially higher than that of the Australian-born. Migrant groups that display higher arrest rate come from source countries in Asia, the Middle East, and Europe.

    Some migrant groups have a higher proportion of youth, aged 15-24, in their population, but overall arrest rates of members of these migrant groups are not necessarily the highest. Older age arrest rate of members of two-third of the migrant groups examined in this report was higher than that of the Australian-born. These also include groups who migrated to Australia in the 1950s and 1960s and have established communities.

    News about crimes by migrants creates concern, often unfounded, and tends to disadvantage groups that show higher than average involvement in crime. These concerns can often lead to some outlandish claims that some migrant groups are criminal by nature, or that criminals are entering Australia and our controls may not be working. There is no evidence to indicate that criminals are entering Australia by flouting immigration laws and controls. It is also not possible to say who among the overseas-born, i.e. immigrants, temporary residents, tourists, asylum seekers, or illegal immigrants are arrested for crimes. Indeed, there are many more questions and concerns that this report is unable to respond to. This situation is not unique to Australia, almost all the literature cited in this report highlight the fact that the level and quality of statistics on the issue currently available is not adequate for proper examination of the issue.

    This report has not been able to examine the involvement of members of migrant groups in organised criminal activities. Those having access to data can adequately explore this topic. Recent literature from many parts of the world raise concerns about victimisation of members of migrant groups, hate crime and system biases against these groups. This is an area that require detail investigation.

    A question that emerges often in any discussion of ethnicity and crime is the involvement of second and subsequent generations of migrants. It is a matter that no national crime statistics appear to respond to. Most that is known about the participation of second generation migrants in crime is based on special studies conducted in some countries. There are legal as well as practical difficulties in collecting such details of each suspect.

    These conclusions raise questions concerning collection of statistics on ethnicity and crime and research on the issue. As indicated elsewhere in this report, the 1990s have seen a renewed interest in examining the links between ethnicity and crime. Naturally, scholars have searched and examined available statistics. As a part of this process a number of researchers and scholars have questioned whether ethnicity and crime statistics should be collected within the criminal justice system. The issue needs serious consideration. We shall list arguments for and against collecting such statistics momentarily, but for now consider some comments made elsewhere.

    At an International Conference on Migration, Culture Conflict and Crime held in Jerusalem in July 1999, a number of keynote speakers stressed the point that migration and crime will be a major issue in the 21st century. At the same conference, the Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations highlighted the fact that currently an estimated 100 million people around the world are on the move. This will present enormous problems in many countries not only in relation to crimes by migrants but also illegal traffic in human beings and illegal immigrants. It was vital that appropriate mechanisms be established so that this problem can be dealt with effectively.

    At a Workshop organised by the Centre of Criminology, University of Toronto there was a general consensus that race, ethnicity and crime statistics should be collected within the criminal justice system. “Most participants felt that such statistics were not only useful but were necessary in order to determine whether people of varying backgrounds were being treated fairly by the system.” In Germany, “Mansel argues that fear of ethnic minorities and hate crimes committed against members of ethnic minorities are facilitated, even stimulated, by reporting on crimes committed by ethnic minorities.”

    Sampson and Lauritsen make an interesting observation on the issue of race and crime:

    The volume of research has not gone hand in hand with dispassionate scholarly debate. The topic of race and crime still rankles, fueling ideologically charged discussions over competing schools of thought such as discrimination versus differential involvement, cultures of violence versus structural inequality, and empiricism versus critical theory. Some argue that bringing empirical data to bear on the race and crime question is itself evidence of racism (MacLean and Milovanovic 1990). It is thus not surprising that, despite the abundance of empirical data, many criminologists are loathe to speak openly on race and crime for fear of being misunderstood or labeled a racist.

    In Australia, like elsewhere, the main concern about data on ethnicity and crime is not so much about collection but the possible misuse and misinterpretation of such data. This is a sensitive issue and must be treated with care. It would be useful, therefore, to establish a procedure whereby ethnic communities are consulted and informed about collection and release of such data.

    Note: this is an extract.

  26. lumpnboy says:

    Did you know that almost one hundred percent of visa violations detected in Australia are committed by people who aren’t even citizens? One hundred percent! Foreigners are all criminals! That’s just a fact!

    I’m not racist or anything but these people come here and then expect us to put up with them speaking their foreign languages and not having BBQs and footy explorers aussie-aussie-aussie fair-go-mateship don bradman crocodile-dundee-hunter anzacs-gallipoli-diggers-donkey blokes’n’sheilas…sorry, I was wearing an Australian flag as a cape and I got carried away…oh yeah, I’m not racist, no-one in Australia is racist except maybe those black people and those foreigners who drive the taxis and are behind the counter in the 7-eleven and it is virtually racist of you to say that people are racist take that! You say you’re for tolerance but then you’re like all critical of people for being racist, caught you in a contradiction didn’t I? Reconcile that!

    On a less stupid note, if SBS is to be believed Australia’s first swine flu fatality was an Indigenous man in his mid-twenties. What a shock.

  27. @ndy says:


    I am stunned that you forgot football, meat pies, kangaroos and Holden cars — all of which migrants have demanded Australians abandon for jihad / trugo / chess, mee goreng / tabouleh / yams, bears / camels / donkeys, and motor vehicles manufactured in China. Or Korea. Or Eastern Europe. Anywhere but a GM-controlled plant.


  28. lumpnboy says:

    Football was in there (cunningly disguised as ‘footy’ though, since as I’m technically an ‘Aussie’ I’m automatically required to be on a colloquial-name basis with the sport). My forgetting of the rest reflects my ersatz-aussie status, as well as a repressed-memory syndrome about the symbols of patriotism…

  29. @ndy says:


  30. @ndy says:

    I think I better tell ya again!

  31. weez says:

    Very Aussie.

    Aussie as apple pie, even. 😀

  32. @ndy says:


    Chevrolet/Deutsch LA – Baseball Apple Pie and Chevrolet Return in Updated “Love Affair” “Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie and Chevrolet

    Marty Bernstein, The Auto Channel’s Auto Advertising and Marketing editor tips us off to a sequel to the famous and effective 1974 Chevy TV ad campaign.

    The famed commercial had our nation singing in 1974, changing car commercials and automotive branding forever, is back with a modern spin.

    The new spot “Love Affair” was created by Deutsch Los Angeles, and takes vintage footage from the original spot starring the notorious jingle writer Ed Labunski and incorporates new and distinctive characteristics of today¹s American Lifestyle and today’s game of baseball.

    As Chevrolet and Major League Baseball have both evolved and modernized through the decades, it’s only fitting to now hear “Free Agents, Rally Monkeys, Fantasy Leagues and Chevrolet.”

    Below is a Fact Sheet from Deutsch Los Angeles


      Chevrolet, a brand of unparalleled tradition and Americana equity, has mastered contemporary and modern in its new Chevy cars and trucks. “Love Affair” marries the brand’s nostalgic past with its progressive present and future. Because “Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie and Chevrolet” so famously and adoringly captured the unique link between Chevy and Baseball, it was the ideal choice to cue Chevy’s Americana heritage, and while at the same time reflecting the brand’s 21st century outlook.

      The Original Song/Commercial “Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie and Chevrolet”:

      – The song was recorded in 1974.
      – It aired in commercials from 1974 – 1978.
      – Ed Labunski composed the music and appeared in the original commercial “Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie and Chevrolet”.
      – Jim Hartzell, a copywriter with Campbell-Ewald/Detroit, wrote the lyrics.
      – Campbell-Ewald created the spot for Chevrolet.
      – The commercial tied for first place in Car and Driver’s January 2005 Ten Best Car Commercials and is widely considered to have changed car commercials and automotive branding forever.

      Ed Labunski:

      – Born in New York City (1937), Ed launched his jingle career by founding Jingles Unlimited.
      – As a producer and composer, Ed won 28 Clios and his company was the second largest jingle company in New York in the late 1970’s; He died in 1980.

      The Campaign from Deutsch, Los Angeles:

      – Breaking on Saturday, July 1 on Fox and Sunday, July 2 on ESPN, in advance of the All-Star Game on July 11.
      – In addition to the :60 & :30 TV spots, other elements include: print, digital (banners, fan emails, etc), billboards, in-stadium signage, car toppers, windshield clings, mirror danglers, wall signs, coasters, buttons, game programs, flyers and posters.


    Holden & Chevrolet = GM. GM = bankruptcy = corporate welfare.

  33. Fuzzypumper says:

    At the end of the day, FOWF is a load of shit.

    I’ve seen aggies with these stickers on on their utes. What a crock. How much of the world have these people seen. Be insular. Why? Because that’s all they have to fall back on when there is nothing else.

    At the end of the day, I didn’t care who won because at the end of the day, they would both cancel each other out.

    With regards to GM, boganism is big business.

  34. davo says:

    Hi guys. I think that most australians share my view here (well educated ones). It has nothing to do with being racist, its just that we DONT want Australia turning into the overpopulated mess that most other countries have become and with our immigration laws there is just no end to the amount of people flocking to this country because of what we do have (which we wont for long if this continues).

    Another issue with australians is those immigrants who move to oz and live a separatist life and generally rubbish australians. God knows there are some australians that behave in a disgusting and racist way which is usually in poorer suburbs where the racism has been taught from parents to children but most aussies, that i know anyway, are not in any way racist. Be aware that racism can come from both sides and ALOT of immigrants are RACIST against australians.

    For those here who have been the target of racist comments, best way to deal with it is ignore it and understand that these people are the ones who should be pitied but lets not heap everyone into the same boat. Sure there are aussies racists but they are not everyone. Dont judge all by the bad behaviour of some and lets all just try and get along with each other.

  35. Paul Justo says:

    davo, you’re a legend mate and I’m sure you tell people that you’ve got lots of Aboriginal friends.

    facts are cobber, your country is a tiny outpost of anglo-american imperialism on the outskirts of Asia – basically that means you’re fucked.

    you might start trying to save your arse by fucking off the QUEEN of ENGLAND as the constitutional head of state, secondly take a leaf out of KRudd’s book and brush up on your Mandarin.

  36. Gobblet7 says:

    There’s a new Fuck Off We’re Full facebook group that’s well worth checking out — they raise some interesting issues.

  37. @ndy says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, er, we’ve just lost the link, but, uh, what we’ve seen speaks for itself. The Facebook website has apparently been taken over — conquered, if you will — by a master race of giant reptoids. It’s difficult to tell from this vantage point whether they will consume the captive users or merely enslave them. One thing is for certain, there is no stopping them; the reptiles will soon rise up. And I, for one, welcome our new reptile overlords. I’d like to remind them that as a trusted blogging personality, I can be helpful in rounding up others to toil in their above-ground insect farms.

  38. charlie says:

    we took this country form the abos 200 years ago fair and square, n if u think im gonna let a bunch of indians and asians take it from me then ur fuckin wrong. send em back.

  39. butcher says:

    Maybe said asians and indians don’t realise they’re on occupied land.
    It has happened before.
    Pretty easy mistake to make really. Who were those black fellas running round 200 years ago? I don’t know, clearly a case of Terra nullius but.
    Who are these morons wearing stoopid capes on beaches? Don’t know, but again…

  40. Educated says:

    You fucktards. “Aussie” does NOT mean “Anglo”. Nor does “Aussie” mean “Christian”, or any other fucked up stereotype you had in mind.
    Australia is, by definition and by law, a multicultural country. Also, it’s a secular country.
    That means anyone, no matter what religion, no matter what ethnicity, is an Australian if they have Australian citizenship. If you don’t like it, then get the fuck out: YOU don’t belong here because you, legally and ideologically, go against what this country REALLY stands for. I’m proud of my country and I don’t need fuckers like you giving it a bad rep.
    Anyone with Australian citizenship has just as much right to be here as you do. And let’s not forget, plenty of “ethnics” (as you term them) were BORN HERE.
    And also: our country is far from being overpopulated. We have one of the lowest population densities in the world. Don’t like “migrants” crowding “your” city? Then move to the fucking outback in your Holden ute and set up a barbie and chuck a couple of shrimps on it. If you’re so ‘Aussie’ then you should have no problem adapting to the outback, right?
    Sure, I don’t like illegal immigrants coming here and taking jobs and resources. But this isn’t based on their race. It’s scientifically proven that there is no superior race. So get over yourselves, wankers.
    Educate yourselves, bogans. Don’t be afraid of what you don’t understand – it just highlights your stupidity.

  41. Educated says:

    Oh and also; most migrants here are not illegal immigrants. You do realise that illegal immigrants make up a tiny, tiny fraction of the population, don’t you?
    Wait, of course you don’t. You’re uneducated trash.

  42. Lol says:

    Seriously guys, fuck Asians? Hah! Don’t fucking wear those items that were made there. Look at you poor fucks, buying things that is made from Asia. Fuckheads. Might as well, do your own fucking condoms at home. Fuckheads!

  43. @ndy says:

    Seriously Lol,

    The members of now defunct Facebook groups such as ‘Fuck Off We’re Full’ do not oppose consuming items manufactured in Asia, they simply oppose any further migration to the country. Many are also racist, in that they oppose, in particular, non-White immigration, whether from Asia, Africa, the Middle East, or elsewhere.

    And yes: they are fuckheads.

  44. sly says:

    OI im an aussie and proud of it i dont care if some bohgans wanna go attack people i mean there choice but i dont stand for americans and uk people saying shit about my country fuck you america is so far up there own arse they can eat there own heart and uk so far up americas arse there joining in we are a proud country and i agree all you other cunts can fuck offffff!!!

  45. glen says:

    i am white,i am proud,this country australia is a country of england!!!
    this country now is [nearly] fucked cause of all the third world country scum here.
    they dont want to fit in,they dont [assimilate],no speak english,they are taking our jobs,they [wear] [their] crap clothes,shit smelly food,these dumb ass make believe [religions].
    its fucked here,say no to boat people,no [multiculturalism],no to ethics, ” FUCK [OFF] WERE FULL” alrite
    bring back white australia [policy] and NOW……
    thank you

  46. @ndy says:

    On the contrary glen,

    Thank you.

  47. Pingback: 種族主義:多數國家皆有的原罪 Racism: The Original Sin of Most Countries « 《角落》網誌 CORNERED blog

  48. Gary says:


  49. Mahmud says:

    Mixing of race makes a country great in its education, innovation and progressiveness. Take an example of USA, Singapore, Malaysia etc. If Albert Einstein wasn’t migrated to USA, USA would failed get the greatest Scientist of all time! Take to the largest corporation like Intel, AMD and Sun Microsystems. You will find lots of scientists and engineers are from India, China and mainly Asia. USA is progressing in all aspect not because they are proud American but they are intelligent enough to understand the importance of knowledge sharing and diversification. Singapore is a country created by the migrant and it boomed in last 20 years! Same for Malaysia. Lots of people from China, India and Bangladesh is working and investing in Malaysia and contributing to the wealth.

    Now I see some un-educated so called white people are too arrogant for their pale skin and want the non-white people to leave Australia! This is interesting because those white trash don’t understand the meaning of diversification of society and don’t know that it will decrease the average IQ of Australia :-P.

    Seriously, those who against non-white people in Australia (I am sure not all Australians are racist) need some careful education to accept wide range of diverse people. This is the sign of educated society that can accept all sort of culture, religion and ethnicity inside it. But reading several Aussie response, it seems that the young Australian society need much careful nurturing! I live in a third world country and I have been to several other third world countries. But the attitude of some of the white Aussies is much more under-civilised than that of a young group of the third world countries. I don’t why! USA used to suffer this kind of issues late 60s. But nowadays… it is too much to have these filth in the society like Australia!

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