Leave MTR 1377 alone!

Despite a dizzying array of phenomenal talent — from The Angry Dwarf to Andrew Bolt to Jason Akermanis to Sam Newman to Steve Vizard to Chris Smith to Martin King — Melbourne Tory Radio is struggling to attract listeners outside of the male, middle-aged, lower-middle class, right-wing ghetto.

Slow start for third player in radio talkback wars
Michael Lallo
The Age
June 23, 2010

FLEDGLING talkback station MTR 1377 must change its format to succeed, media observers warned after its poor performance in yesterday’s ratings report.

MTR attracted a market share of just 1.7 per cent and an average audience of 10,000, making it Melbourne’s lowest-rating station.

More than 1.5 million people listened to 3AW or 774 ABC during the 10-week survey period, of which MTR was on air for seven weeks, while 145,000 tuned in to MTR and its precursor, 3MP…

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    What part of the Format should MTR change? I have been emailing MTR Programming to saying that they can sign people from 3AW, 774 ABC Melbourne, FoxFM, Gold 104.3, Mix 101.1, NovaFM, Classic Rock 91.5 and Community Radio Stations so as to allowing MTR to gain many more Listeners in Melbourne.

  2. Jason From Boronia says:

    MTR 1377 will be in Melbourne for the long term. This Melbourne Sydney experiment will succeed unlike those before.

  3. Jason From Boronia says:

    Naysasyers for goodness sack
    Your negitivity about MTR is going to make MTR stronger in our determination to be a success in Melbourne

  4. MTR has 8 new listeners Melissa Seadon, Russell Black, Louise Bowler, Victoria Douglas, The Superviser of Chelmsfrd Court Deb and three other staff members Melissa, Jan and Leserley.
    More people I think will change to MTR 1377 just wait and see.

  5. @ndy says:

    thnx 4 keeping the worlde informed about the 8 new listeners jason from boronia

  6. rich says:

    mtr will catch on!
    everyone i have told about mtr now listens to this station—give it time and it will be a winner

  7. Rich
    Why hasn’t Nielson Media Research Australia cottoned on to where MTR listeners came from or are they clueless.
    Yet again Nielson are misled the other Media outlets take the people of Melbourne for a ride.
    I am promoting MTR at the Eastern Region Client Network Meetings that the Knoxbrooke Client Council attend once a month and the results of the promotion of MTR will bare fruit.
    I promote a Business called Royal Donuts at Knox City Shopping Centre on MTR. Yesterday did you hear the Business on MTR?

  8. Johnny says:

    The ratings of MTR are now nearly into single figures. Keep flogging a dead horse…

  9. Johnny says:

    Oops! They are single digits. My mistake – hehehe.

  10. John Williams says:

    If your radio station was a little more middle of the road you might do better. At the moment it’s just liberal propaganda. And I for one, I’m sick of political paid messages for all sides. The sooner you change or leave the better.

  11. JASON & MELISSA says:

    Melissa & I are now 3AW listeners and will remain as such. MTR is on the way out. Already one staff member who used to work for MTR (Ashleigh) Brown saw the writing on the wall and resigned from MTR and is joining 3AW in 2012.

  12. Johnny says:

    MTR – just a memory now… gone and forgotten forever.

    Thank you “Jason from Boronia” for those wonderful little anecdotes – I`m sure they helped MTR`s ratings substantially and I`m sure the three people that listened to MTR agreed with you.

    Now the good news is that the old 3MP is back and alive and kicking. Welcome back 3MP and let’s hope no one tries to change you again. I`ve been listening to 3MP since 1976 and will continue to do so.

  13. @ndy says:

    ”No worries, bye bye.”

  14. Stick to flogging donuts Jason of Boronia... says:

    The fruit that MTR bared were lemons “Jason of Boronia” you poor sad git…

  15. @ndy says:

    It now appears that MTR has committed the ultimate sin:

    Failed radio station in debt to celebrities
    Ben Butler
    The Age
    March 27, 2012

    Failed Melbourne right-wing talk radio station MTR owed more than $13 million to Sydney-based Macquarie Radio Network when it was abruptly pulled from the air earlier this month, documents filed with the corporate regulator show.

  16. MTR has now gone did not work as Management would have wanted it to be Alison Wallace also now works for 3AW as may Christie Kerr

  17. It’s not the old 3MP that was around since 1976 has been back for 2 years the old 3MP did not have Glenn Ridge. MYMP is not in the ratings. Magic 1278 has more listeners than MYMP. 3AW has one former MYMP listener. Do you remember the late Keith McGowan? Did you listen to him when he was at 3MP when they were 3MP? Many 3AW listeners followed Keith to 3AW when he went there in 1991.

  18. Fred
    MYMP is MYMP & 3MP was 3MP.
    Why compare MYMP with 3MP?

  19. Michael says:

    Hey Jason, are you the ‘Jason from Boronia’ that used to call SEN?

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