Angry Tory! Tory Angry! Angry Anderson fronts Liberal campaign


Following his memorable performance at the 1991 VFL Grand Final, another WTF? moment from Mister Anderson, this time in honour of the Tories.

Angry Anderson fronts Liberal campaign
August 18, 2010

Australian rock legend Angry Anderson has fronted the final Liberal party election advertisement in NSW before the media blackout begins at midnight on Wednesday.

In the television ad, Gary `Angry’ Anderson takes aim at Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s promise for a Parramatta-to-Epping rail line in western Sydney, saying it will never happen…

Angry’s also angry with The Greens:

Onya mate. Presumably, Angry’s own debt is now going to be somewhat lessened following his appearance in a series of Tory propaganda vids.

Angry last came to my attention when he gave evidence at a Senate inquiry about yoof gangs. See : Angry Anderson : No violence?, March 2, 2010. Then Angry expressed concern for yoof, and decried the use of weapons in their occasional street battles. Before giving testimony, Angry took the opportunity to record a song with Sydney band T.H.U.G.. Called ‘Gunnin’ 4 U’, the song recounts the adventures of a recently-released prisoner, intent on gaining bloody revenge on his tormentors. Angry’s lines bemoan the fact that his mate threw away their friendship “for some filthy whore”. The band itself features two members of ‘White Lightning’, a seminal Australian neo-Nazi rock ‘n’ roll band one of whose songs, ‘We Rule’, the band still performs live.

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11 Responses to Angry Tory! Tory Angry! Angry Anderson fronts Liberal campaign

  1. dj says:

    So…the boat phone is going to go through to Angry’s mobile?

  2. @ndy says:

    “Make a stand for your great nation – against the scum who are going to die.”

    We Rule
    White Lightning

    Another offering from the team that brought you Broadsword’s God of Thunder. Yes it’s Aussie Nigel and Taffy Billy with 10 more White Power tunes to delight the most discerning ear. The opener, Australian Youth, is a right corker: “Make a stand for your Great Nation – against the scum who are going to die”. Even Ranting Ron gave it the thumbs up! This CD has a more Aussie feel to it than the Broadsword one, with Australia getting more mentions and Nigel sharing the vocals with Billy on more songs. Some of the lyrics are a little cliched for me (“going down the football…”) – but then, maybe Australia today is like Britain of the early 80’s. Anyway, you won’t be disappointed with this CD. Another goodie!

  3. @ndy says:

    Neo-Nazi distro Pure Impact has this to say about T.H.U.G.’s latest album:

    T.H.U.G. s/t

    Great Australian skinhead rock done by some old-timers of the Oz skinhead scene. It’s classic Aussie rock with a more modern streetpunk influence chucked in. Produced by Steve King of Rose Tattoo and with guest vocals from Angry Anderson that should give you an idea of the quality of this album. 11 tracks of pure rock’n’Oi! and not always the PC kind…

  4. Scrooge McDuck says:

    That has gotta be the best 3 seconds of political rhetoric in Australian history: “If you’re thinking of voting for the Greens, listen to Angry Anderson.”

  5. Benny Rudeboy says:


    I still like “We Can’t be Beaten” but Anderson is a fuckin tosser.

  6. @ndy says:

    I don’t think it’s any mystery why. Remember he’s a pop *, not a political philosopher.

  7. bill bollox says:

    “There’s a law for the rich, and a law for the poor
    I’m just a simple workin’ man, I’m just a simple workin’ man”

    the yuppies of the LNP would just laugh at a cretin like anderson

  8. billy bollox says:

    Please stop… I can’t listen to Rose Tattoo ever again

    ah well Napalm Death are touring – that will have to do

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