[Polish] Government demands closure of [DreamHost’s] far-right website

IFEX, the International Freedom of Expression eXchange reports:

Français: Le gouvernement demande la fermeture du site néo-fasciste Redwatch

Country/Topic : Poland
Date: 29 May 2006
Source: Reporters Without Borders (RSF)
Target(s): journalist(s)
Type(s) of violation(s): threatened
Urgency: Bulletin

(RSF/IFEX) – On 28 May 2006, the Polish government called on US authorities to shut down the far-right Internet website Redwatch, which is run from the United States, a government spokesman said. The move follows a 24 May appeal by RSF to Polish Justice Minister Zbigniew Ziobro to investigate far-right Polish groups, such as “Blood and Honour”, that are publicised by Redwatch.

A Polish prosecutor looking into “Blood and Honour” had said it was impossible to identify its militants in Poland because the site is hosted in the US.

Since January, the Redwatch-Poland site has carried a list of what it calls “enemy” journalists working for left and far-left groups, with their names, addresses and photos.

A journalist of the daily “Trybuna” is the latest addition to the list, bringing the number of threatened journalists to 16.

But what is IFEX?

As profound violations of the right to free expression continue around the globe, the International Freedom of Expression Exchange (IFEX) has emerged as a strong and growing force of opposition.

IFEX was born in 1992 when many of the world’s leading freedom of expression organizations came together in Montreal to discuss how best to further their collective goals…

At its core, IFEX is made up of organisations whose members refuse to turn away when those who have the courage to insist upon their fundamental human right to free expression are censored, brutalized or killed. Comprised of 72 organisations – located everywhere from the Pacific Islands to Europe to West Africa – IFEX draws together a tremendously diverse and dedicated global community.

What, haven’t they read the First Amendment? According to the brains trust at DreamHost, this Amendment guarantees the company the right to host a site intent on intimidating journalists and encouraging attacks upon Jews. And who on Earth would be silly enough to argue that this isn’t precisely what James Madison had in mind in 1791?

I wonder how many more Jews have to be assaulted before DreamHost acts?

Six million?

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